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  1. “Levelling up”: Mafia-grade pork barrel politics, more like. Conservative voters must be feeling so proud these days 😏 Can’t wait for what Tory story breaks out tomorrow. Forget your soaps, X factors and other dancing-eating celebs, this is entertainment crack 😆
  2. The grapevine says that Tory backbenchers are currently pulling their letters from the 1922 Committee on the back of that announcement. Johnson’s issues have been known to all since long before his accession to the Tory leadership, tbh. He’s still their best option, on whom to pin the consequences of the ongoing binfire and to kick out just before the next GE.
  3. Now that Johnson has just announced the removal of Covid mitigation measures, they could and they’d likely walk it(-ish) yet again on riding the feelgood factor. If that still doesn’t work, Johnson probably has another couple of bridge projects to sell the electorate 😉😏
  4. They’re still asking? 😳 Only 6 years too late 🙄
  5. David Davis to Johnson at PMQ just now: “In the name of God, just go!” 💣🔥 Brexiters be like 🤯 😂 Respect where respect is due: he did call Patterson a **** to his face.
  6. The problem is that inflation is running at such a clip in the UK, that it is outpacing wage inflation borne from labour shortages.
  7. Perhaps Oxfam should. Why don’t you suggest it to them, since the BBC and other news outlets maybe didn’t. Let us know how you get on?
  8. https://www.bbc.com/news/business-60015294 All over the media, in the UK and abroad. Can’t be that many, who haven’t heard about this by now. Of course, there’s no helping those who don’t want to hear. Edit: I don’t see where Anna limited her rich list to the UK, btw.
  9. Start here: https://commonslibrary.parliament.uk/research-briefings/cbp-7886/ (before anyone accuses me of bias 😉) It’s a safe bet that the UK government’s spending on Covid ate it. And vastly much more (I mean, £37bn <not a typo: bn> on track-and-trace alone 😳). And then the £4.3bn Sunak just wrote off today.
  10. What’s “it”? How or whether what pans out? On whether the NTBs will continue to impact UK businesses negatively or not, there’s no point, because they will continue to do so - whatever the UK does by then, short of rejoining the EU (-which won’t happen in a month of Sundays). The UK does not set customs and procedures, no more than the US, China and the EU does. The country’s status relative to each trading partner country, determines how thick or thin the NTBs with that country are: that’s what FTAs are all about, why there are ‘grades’ of FTA (FTA, DCFTA, group membership à la NAFTA/CPTPP/EFTA) and why SM membership is the Rolls Royce of FTAs for eligible countries. And in terms of the UK ‘doing’ insofar as trade with the EU is concerned, then with respect to the 80 seat majority currently enjoyed by the Tories and the political weight which the ‘ultras’ are still wielding, Truss is just as snookered as Frost was, and Raab before him, and Davis before him.
  11. The problem is, that a good year on from actual Brexit, and 6 years on from the referendum promises, it keeps getting worse and worse for those who pay for it all. One in three UK business owners fear their company won’t exist anymore in a year as Brexit onslaught intensifies ‘Twas always thus, which no amount of ‘getting behind Brexit’ could ever change, because such is international trade outside the Single Market, in all its mind-numbing minutiae of red tape’d rules and regs.
  12. Don’t bother rising up to it. I’ve had Checkov and a couple more posters on ignore awhile now, don’t know which post that is, and couldn’t give 2 *****. The site is much more enjoyable now 😉😘
  13. Brinksmanship (of the opposed legal teams, and of their respective instructor according to their attitude and exposure to risk).
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