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  1. Why would they have to do that? They're going to be MEPs, not MPs. So no such obligation what-so-ever. I too hope they win en masse. How smart you're all going to look like, as an electorate
  2. Not as much as he will be yet, when his sanction to repay his misused MEP expenses gets confirmed (...like Marine Lepen's sanction, for identical misuse of EU expenses, was today: that'll be €300k to back pay, 'ta very much! no EU pension for you, Ma'am ) Couldn't happen to nicer people
  3. L00b

    Euro Elections

    I see the hostile environment is alive and well, through design or ineptitude regardless. Am I surprised? Am I ****! Ain't you left yet?
  4. I’m reminded of a chat with my kid this past weekend, about her old schoolmates in Retford (she met with them briefly, when visited the U.K. the week before Easter), and how she’s doing now, academically and in herself, compared to them. Anti-intellectualism runs strong in British schools, wherein bullying, self-harming, truancy and many other psych & peer group problems seem rife.
  5. L00b

    Euro Elections

    After this weekend, safe to say you can discount Liverpudlians from that 30% potential vote for UKIP/BNP/weeTommy 😂
  6. L00b

    Euro Elections

    Given that you'll have your contingent of MEPs (useless ones to be sure, because they'll be UKIPpers and the like), the EU will grant you a multi-year extension, conditional upon budget payments continuing post-2020 (a solution preventing a no-deal crash out, which MPs and the UK government will be only too happy to entertain). Business will continue as usual, not as good as it could be for the UK but not that badly (i.e. like currently), but for the voluminous amount of feathers spewed over it by true Brexit believers.
  7. Anna means well (I mean that)...but she was taken in by Farage & Co. hook, line, sinker and fishing trawler ages ago. You'll have quite the uphill struggle, getting some objectivity about the EU out of her
  8. Without a shadow of a doubt, for the sake of putting the Brexit genie firmly back in its populist box. Notwithstanding that, legally speaking, there's nothing in the EU statutes for the EU27 to use against the UK (as a 'never-actually-left' returnee) to begin with. But by all means, feel free to enlighten me about that 'boot' you are on about, as you seem to know better.
  9. I'd quote ANGELFIRE1 here, but the irony of it would explode the SF servers I see that, in the meantime, you've studiously avoided any explanations for your claim that the EU was a "personality cult"?
  10. Champagne sales have never been higher. Not the first time I've suggested you broaden your news sources, and won't be the last. From that, the consequence of Brexit looks to be that it's become too expensive for Brits....but most probably not for Johnson, Davies, Fox, Raab, Grayling,Nigel & mistress(es), etc. Means more champagne left for us (it is fairly cheap here, plenty around under €10 a bottle, and some aren't bad at all). Brexit consequence? Brexit dividend, more like. More, please
  11. Sour grapes, much? You'll have to explain how the EU is a "personality cult".
  12. Like all successful personality cults
  13. The Brexit "Party" is not a party - it has no members. It only has "supporters", who contribute money and/or volunteer their efforts, but have no role in organising or running the party. Farage has confirmed that it is run as a business enterprise, not as a political party. Basically, the Brexit "Party" exists solely to advocate a no-deal Brexit in the interests of its wealty but anonymous backers (...though one strongly auspects that Crispin Odey is one such backer). Farage is merely its marketing device.

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