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  1. Sure. I'm not dissenting. I'm contrasting, based on personal experience. But in the absence of previous (no warning lights/misfires ever, and no earlier fills at the location, in my case), it'd be rather hard for you to dismiss an inference of causation out of hand. Lest you believe in coincidences, that is.
  2. As interesting as that would to watch (from afar, in the same Brexit-perving kind of way as currently)...it ain't ever happening I'm afraid. If Johnson calls his anticipated GE as media noises would have us believe, FPTP will make it a completely unpredictable free-for-all everywhere but the safest seat (of which there won't be many), and it is doubtful in the extreme that the resulting coalition government would have Corbyn at its head. If Johnson doesn't, the effects of Brexit biting by the time of the next GE, or the enduring saga of Brexit if it still hasn't happened by then, will weigh down Labour and the Tories at the ballot box in equal measure. If Corbyn hasn't had the heave by then, which is a big enough 'if'. Better get used to the idea soon, if you don't want to hurt too much.
  3. I've certainly experienced 'dodgy fuel' at a UK supermarket forecourt before. Morrisons Bramley, had filled up the Impreza on 98Ron, engine misfiring by the time I hit the A57 between Anston and Worksop, and carried on doing that (irregularly) until tank was half-full (I topped up then). It was many years ago, admittedly. Car had never done it before, nor since. Which is why I'm never quick to dismiss 'dodgy fuel' stories/claims, notwithstanding the objective fact of single-source good quality supply.
  4. To keep it ever less electable, at least whilst Corbyn helms it? The fundamental problem (as I see it), is that Corbyn is not a modern politician. His leadership style (never mind his ideas/visions) is unfit for purpose in this day and age. That made him, and continues to make him, and therefore Labour, an easy target for his detractors. Now we've all amply seen in the past few years, what influence relentless biased media has on populations. Labour itself saw it at the coalface under Miliband, even before Corbyn arrived at the helm. Corbyn needed to tackle that fact of modern political life head-on from the get-go, with strong, outspoken and equally-relentless messaging. He hasn't, sticking to his affable allotment-tending type, exhibiting about as much fight in him as a wet lettuce. And now he and Labour are where they are. Electorally obliterated, trailing 4th in by-elections barely ahead of the Monster Raving Loony Party candidate. Lord knows I've never had much time for the traditional left and old/new Labour (I'd badge myself "centre-centre-right"), but I'll confess to gradually having it in for Corbyn over his wilful dereliction of opposing duty for political opportunism. He's no better than all the other opportunist politicians, in fact I'd say he's worse, for managing to lose at least as much of Labour's political capital over the past 3 years as the Tories, without doing anything at all!
  5. Well, since forecourt tanks' contamination is such an impossibility, one has to wonder how a dedicated servicing industry could possibly survive.
  6. I don't know, but it would be nice if it could. It would save Brits the embarassment of antics like this: https://mobile.twitter.com/JMcCawberMEP/status/1150842771432988672 I've seen toddlers with better manners than this group of MEPs. Still, delighted to see their frothing at Van der Leyden's election with 51% of the vote. There's rarely been a better occasion to remind Brexiteers that she won, so they should get over it You might not know the half of it (<- and that's just for immediate starters).. ...then again, you've had 3 years to sort it out one way or the other, and patience is running thin on the Continent. 106 days left, including any days taken up by the Conservative/Premiership race and appointment, Parliamentary holidays and recesses, any suspensive motions on the back of Johnson's expected attempts to prorogue, etc. Tic-toc-tic-toc-...
  7. I'm very happy to let thread readers be the judge of that. Your own Post 3546: Your own post, your own opinion, your equivalence of social nuisance with serious crimes in the specific context of foreign-born people (highlighted for convenience). Own your <removed>. What does your parentage have to do with it? Let me guess: you're trying to claim the moral high ground with it? I am an immigrant myself, it is a very well-known fact to older posters, whence the relevance of your joining date.
  8. Your posts and mine about this are plain and clear, only a couple of pages back: you equated social nuisance with crimes in the specific case of foreign-born people (rather than limiting yourself to foreign-born criminals), as justification for telling them to go back to their country. I called you out about it. You've been trying to distance yourself from your opinion ever since, just like in this latest post of yours. As for my "prejudices", even if your joining date did not feature under your user name, it's quite clear you've not been here long. Bless.
  9. Ah yes, saw that earlier. It was disappointing, actually: I was expecting the full "18 year old Brits on the Costas" experience, complete with drunken rants, fisticuffs and vomiting in the Parliament aisles Maybe these MEPs are too old. Or still holding back
  10. Ah, well, given that state of affairs, I'd call their non-selection in EP committes a failure to deliver on their electoral promises to their electorate. Question: can BP voters start calling their MEPs traitors yet, then? (I'm not up on Brexiteer procedural timescales, I still haven't seen that limited company's disciplinary procedures)
  11. Standard obfuscating tactic, as used by JamesR123 yesterday: make up a strawman with the aim of accusing the poster objecting to the latest hard right dog whistle (Trump's tweet, here), of being a racist because (according to the strawman argument-) they're using or condoning a racist term.
  12. Numerically speaking, how many of the people that participated in the vote and voted to Leave indeed, voted to Leave without any form of agreement with the EU27? Same hair-splitting as whole population vs electoral college, m'Lord Trump and Brexit supporters don't believe in anything other than 'winning at all costs', and consequences be damned. That is, fundamentally, the problem with current polarised politics: they leave no room whatsoever for reasoned and consensual politics. It's also how and why politicians such as the Brexit Party MEPs, Grayling and so many others, manage to get elected or appointed to such important roles, when really they should put their knife-sharp intellects away, lest they accidentally butter someone's toast with it.
  13. The worse problem, is that othering politicking as used by Trump & co. eventually gets self-perpetuating (i.e. that particular downward spiral always accelerates): they have to double-down ever worse, ever more frequently, to maintain the momentum of the political gains they make with such messaging. The more that particular genie comes out of the proverbial bottle, the faster it comes out, and the harder it becomes and the longer it takes to put it back in.
  14. There is a silver lining to Farage's incohetent rants in the EU Parliament, and to his fellow BP MEPs' inane propaganda posts on social media: BP MEPs are not getting into any Committees
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