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  1. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2021/oct/13/just-20-uk-visas-issued-to-foreign-lorry-drivers-government-admits (yesterday’s Guardian) I doubt that it will be forgotten as early as 2023/24, because Brexit is making much of the Covid-induced supply shock in the UK to be a permanent feature. Think of it this way: so the 127, 27, 20 or even the full contingent of 5000 HGV drivers come over next week, work and then get kicked out on Xmas Eve or New Years Eve…so what happens to GB logistics on 1st January? And what about the balance of 40.000, 60.000 or 95.000 HGV drivers allegedly missing in GB in the meantime, and from then on?
  2. It certainly helps to keep a conversation going with you. And a bonus is that we all get to see your prejudices loud and clear, in case there was any doubt. Sorry RJRB, but GB will not be getting EU27 butchers, anymore than it will get EU27 drivers, nurses, vets, (…) Very many workers, bar probably the seasonal type, have families they want to be near/with. Which worker is going to bother shifting their family to GB for 3 or 6 months? To take up jobs that pay no better than equivalent jobs in the EU with zero strings attached? In a country now long and widely painted on the Continent, as run by xenophobic clowns who enjoy popular support? (PolPot Patel’s project of an extra-judicial amnesty for HMBF staff accidentally killing boat people during pushbacks, went down really well on this side of the Channel). GB has been written off from that perspective, I’m afraid. Which explains the 27 HGV applications (since confirmed as translated into a grand total of 20 actual drivers).
  3. Sure, West, sure. Oh, riddle me this, then: now that Brexit has been done…why does the UK still have a Brexit Minister like Lord Frost? 🤔
  4. Brexiters don’t do details, they are self-sentencing to remain forever confused about what line to take, whereby they track the latest propaganda line for emotional safety. Right now, the NIP proposals represent a humiliating concession by the EU, hence total victory for the government. In due course, rest assured that these latest NIP proposals shall be deemed insultingly inadequate, as addressing none of the key issues. Rinse-repeat, it’s the schrödinger-esque Story of Brexit(tm) of the last 5 years 🙃 In the meantime, the EU tabled some minor tweaks of the NIP implementing regs (not the NIP itself, which isn’t up for reneg as everyone knows well) for NI people, not for London people. There’s a few reciprocal strings attached to these proposals, to be given by the UK, for those interested. These proposals have been very welcomed by the NI business community, because it puts them at still more of a competitive advantage relative to English businesses, than they already were. So it really doesn’t matter how the tabloids ‘sell this’ to Brexiters, so long as it keeps NI both in the SM and in peace 😉
  5. And I bet you can correlate each one to the date, in these ‘consequences’ thread. Just had to cancel a couple of forthcoming visits by friends from the UK this morning. No Brits allowed into Luxembourg until 31.12.21, other than for essential travel. Covid reasons of course, but the third party status of the UK due to Brexit plays its own role (since UK not integrated into EU vaccine recognition scheme, unlike others). https://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/news/ports-congestion-hgv-drivers-maersk-ships-b1936927.html This is another one of these multi-factor crises made vastly worse by Brexit. Long announced, and now panning out exactly as forecast. It will go worse yet, once enough of the logjam ripples all the way up to manufacturers, wherein these stop accepting export orders to the UK en masse because they can’t get orders delivered.
  6. Have I not? I don’t take digs at “the UK” itself much. There isn’t much about “the UK” to take digs at. I take digs essentially at the last couple of UK governments, and their supporters. Now that’s a target-rich environment 😆
  7. About as much as to pick fruits and crops maybe? How’s that one going, by the way?
  8. Subject to what the country’s immigration laws are for whom coming from where, all migrants (including tourists) should do so, not only economic migrants. That is what “No migrant is ever illegal, until the immigration system of their (end-) country of arrival deems them to be” means. The Germans were smart in that respect. They’re in the exact same position as the UK, France and most other ‘old’ west European states: with a fast-ageing population entitled on state-funded everything, and too few younger generations working to keep paying for it all. So they spotted the opportunity in 2015 and hoovered up massive amounts of economic migrants to boost domestic economic activity and future tax receipts…just like the UK had been hoovering up freshly-FoM’d east Europeans over a decade by then, and doing rather OK for itself out of it. Fast forward to 2021. Germany still got its migrants - and a little more since. The UK allegedly lost 1.3m of those since 2020 or 2019, if reports are anything to go by, and can’t seem to get hold of replacements. So German OAP bums are getting wiped by Syrian or Eritrean nurses. And British OAP bums, that used to get wiped by Polish or Latvian or Portuguese carers, are now getting wiped by family member-carers. Well, those who have family member-carers, that is. By all means, just ask youguns to do it, as was suggested further up the thread. See how far you get 🙃
  9. No migrant is ever illegal, until the immigration system of their (end-) country of arrival deems them to be. Most migrants are economic migrants. The subset of migrants fleeing for safety, ceases to be so once they arrive in the next country not at war/wherein they cease to be at immediate risk. It’s socio-economic forces (lure of a better life) that pushes most to continue onwards. And I dare say few if any migrants push on to Western Europe, Oz, the US, etc. in the hope of a cushy life at the local taxpayer’s expense. They just want a shot at improving their lot, in where they believe to be the best/safest location for that, and once there they will snap any chance they’re given without looking the gift horse in the mouth. But that’s hardly the picture painted by racists, xenophobes and red tops, of course. They’d sooner everybody was, and stayed, afraid of this ‘other’. Keeps them in business for longer, y’see.
  10. No, 5 years ago I was saying that the UK would fast run out of doctors, vets, nurses (etc) if the Leave vote won and the UK went onto a hard Brexit. Oh, and in this very thread (alright maybe not 5 years ago, but very early on), I was saying that you’d get lumped with more Calais migrants after Brexit, because it would take the UK outside the scope of the Dublin Regs, and that you’d be lucky if France did not rip up the Le Touquet agreements of old and shunt your border and border staff from Calais back to Kent. Now I’m hearing in the news that, true to current form, the UK has completely welshed on its £54m funding commitments about that ‘UK border in Calais’. What with the French presidential elections just around the corner, to say nothing of the current UK-FR relations, there’s time yet for that second one 😉 I’d say the better Marine Le Penn does on the run up to these elections in 2022, the stronger the likelihood of that Le Touquet rip-up…rather the conundrum for EU/France/immigrant -haters, eh? 😆
  11. How many among these UC claimants are- doctors? vets? nurses? butchers? HGV drivers? customs agents? (etc) I’m sure you won’t mind doing without these for a few more years, while you train your own… …and then hope and pray that they don’t clear off to Dubai or Sidney the very second they pocket their exam certs.
  12. Neither did FPTP, nor various forms of PR. Nor dictatorship, if you look at Zimbabwe or China. PR is not a panacea for mitigating geopolitical forces and global events. But Germany’s involvement in Afghanistan was quite light (syndicated minimum under NATO obligations; significantly less than eg France), Germany decided against domestic nuclear and to buy French electricity instead decades ago, Germany took in well in excess of 1m refugees a mere 6 years ago and yet the AfD vote is on its @rse, and Germany did the heavy lifting on underwriting the EU (club meds mostly) bank bailouts because it had the economic might to do so. Being a ‘Europhile’ or not has sod all to do with any of this, nor being pro- or anti-German, nor any other black-and-white reductionist worldview. Keeping abreast of world news is plenty sufficient. How on earth could that be responded to, when Germany never had FPTP? 🤔 The thing about PR, is that more of the electorate bothers about who they are electing and why based on the candidates’ record and intentions, rather than about ‘winning’ or seeing their vote ‘wasted’. How much of their manifestos did the last few British governments get to implement? How ‘done’ is Boris’ Brexit? How much u-turning on that 2019 manifesto a year on? And for the avoidance of doubt, and the sake of balance, Labour’s no better in that respect - and many others. Manifestos are just magic electoral powder to the eyes. FPTP is designed to keep your politics bipartisan, and in such a system, of course the first thing that happens when ‘the other side’ eventually gets in, is to undo everything the previous incumbents did, good and bad. Can’t have any acknowledgment that ‘the other side’ came up and did anything good, God forbid. It was holding you back. Now it’s making you reverse. Fast.
  13. I doubt that. You’re arguing in support of the binary, absolutist, winner-takes-all politics brought about by FPTP systems. I’m looking at where this system has taken British politics and Britain, up to now. And inviting a contrast with where PR has taken Germany up to now. Country size for country size, it’s a good example. And speaking of 1945, it was a ruin from one end of the country to the other, cut in ideological halves, without any sort of governance or electoral system, no industry, a class of age or two worse than decimated, and about as much geopolitical goodwill as a black hole.
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