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  1. Nice try, but no cigar here: I've posited that they should fear the consequences of their vote, you've argued that they voted Leave to change without any fear, and when I asked you why they shouldn't fear those consequences, ie what changes they were hoping for, it's up to me to ask them? So basically, you've voted for, and now still argue in support of, worsening the socio-economic standing of the UK for years to come, including your own, for the sake of sticking two fingers to "the man". Makes sense 😏 Nothing strange about it: the Brexit-backers are as much opportunists as the Remain backers. It's just that their enrichment strategies are diametrically opposed: Brexit backers profit from destruction (chaos, disruption and assorted other disturbance effects, commonly referred to as "shock doctrine", caused by upending stable markets). Remain backers profit from building those stable markets. I know which type of economy I prefer to scratch a living in. I don't think those who can't see the disaster capitalist forest for the populist tree, do. Those would be the proverbial Xmas-voting turkeys and, they assure us (still!), that they knew what they were voting for (certainly seems the gist of your posts). So, well...😆
  2. You'll have to ask the voting corpus. I can name a few names, though, to save you some time: Jacob Rees-Mogg, Nigel Farage, Priti Patel, the ERG contingent, Crispin Odey, ... Or you could try to explain to me why it was rational to vote Leave for the sake of change alone (since all of the Leave promises were known lies) and/or why it is still rational to pursue Brexit now (since all of the Leave promises have now been proven to be lies)? What's in Brexit, as the better-known quantity that it is now, for all these less well-off poorly educated voters? What's in Brexit for you personally?
  3. That seems directed at me. As a non-British resident at the time, I did not have any right to vote in the referendum, nor in GEs begore or since. I 'bolted' from your country as an early mitigation strategy to the expected consequences of the political handling of that referendum's result. Your governments have inflicted those consequences on my multi-national family and me, not the other way round. So I didn't get mad, I got even. In both personal and professional terms, the last year and half has confirmed everything that I had anticipated since before the referendum. You can find points in my posts from 2015 and 2016, replicated verbatim in UK and EU Brexit preparations notices of 2019. I state that many Brexiters should be afraid, or are unaware, of the changes to come out of Brexit (any version of Brexit), exactly like I have been since before the referendum, because by the evidence of posts in here and on other forums, articles and comments in media, and voxpop pieces in the TV news and debates like QT for those past 3 years still, it's crystal clear that many Brexiters understand as much about the UK's EU membership and its significance to everyday life in the UK for the past couple of decades and longer, as gerbils understand A-Level physics indeed. But don't mind me, just carry on with the unicorn-and-sunlit-uplands retirement plan lads.
  4. Hardly. I'm not mistaking the recklessness demonstrated by those voting to change for the sake of changing alone, out of ignorance or desperation regardless, for the calculated design demonstrated by those who voted to Leave with a plan to profit personally in their respective contexts.
  5. So what would be the difference, with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland relative to London and Johnson right now, then? 'thought as much 😏 Jibe aside, I think you'll find, if you think about it rationally for a minute (a whole one), that there are as many chances of the EU becoming a federation (never mind an 'empire') in our lifetimes, as the sun rising in the west: at least 10 member states, each with a full and independent veto at the EU about such a development, require approval of such a sovereignty-impacting course of action through popular referendum. Same situation with the fabled 'EU army', by the way. Don't be taken in by the rethoric. From either side.
  6. I accept no merit, and can only wish I owned that grade of dry wit: I repurposed a third party tweet about Liz Truss, seen earlier today in a James O'Brien twitter thread about her 'accidentally' authorising, illegally, an arms sale to the Saudis I'll see if I can link it, many of the comments are howling-with-laughter funny. Edit: here (not sure how to embed in post for a preview mode)
  7. The record of evolution of the UK's EU membership over the years, is all the evidence you need that change happens constantly, so that hardly qualifies the remain position as 'afraid of change'. But your one-liner conveniently overlooks the opposite problem, that too many Leavers are unafraid of the changes brought about by any form of Brexit, in the exact same way gerbils are unafraid of A Level physics. Today's Brussels briefing piece in the Financial Times, explaining how Johnson suddenly copped on that the SPS option he's been pushing, doesn't solve the backstop problem (and which, if true, goes a very long way to explain why he chose to leg it rather than answer awkward questions), is still more evidence of the fact. It's not a solvable problem, short or even medium term. Never mind within the next 40-odd days.
  8. Trolling for all he's worth Poor effort: in all that froth, he's obviously forgotten that Bettel is gay. Tut-tut-tut. The Brexit sheep, probably. The Brexit herders, not a chance: they're working on orders to a plan, each with an personal exit strategy long mapped out, fully cognisant of the national collapse that will follow Brexit. Yellowhammer has been significantly toned down, a fact that was already long and amply clear to anyone with a modicum of smarts, but confirmed if there was any need by the DfT reports leaked today. Noone will have me believe that Ministers under May, and the new ones under Johnson, and MPs who have seen the real Yellowhammer report in the restricted access briefing room, don't know that.
  9. LOL! Do you need help about your bad case of amnesia? Bettel is doing just fine with the locals, thanks. Just re-elected a few months back, as it happens. They like their politicians both talking straight and not sufferring fools gladly around these parts. Delighted to see still more moaning by Leavers at Johnson getting told his hard truths by Varadkar and now Bettel. And they called anti-Brexit supporters 'remoaners'
  10. No.10 requested an indoor venue. The local press room is too small to accomodate all 140 reporters, so No.10 suggested to select only some reporters. That was deemed by the GD office to be unfair to the unselected reporters, fully in accordance with the duty of impartiality owed by public servants in Luxembourg, which is strictly and rigorously enforced. Johnson was perfectly entitled to at least try to hold his own at the lectern, then to walk away if the 50 to 75 protesters (including one baby, and a pup named Luna) did not pipe down (which they would have, as they had been requested to do so during the presser by the reporters in attendance; LBC/Nick Ferrari this morning) and if local security failed to contain the disturbance. That would have been a genuine 'win' for Johnson and would have genuinely shown up his host. But he chickened out, so that's that. The UK doesn't need to do cheap stunts: it does cheap insults at the EU27 and EU figures very reliably and regularly, has done for over 3 years now. Brighten up, Bettel's impassioned speech (100% premeditated, to be sure) is the political message which you've been waiting for 3 years: the EU is out of patience with your domestic infighting, and now perfectly ready to let you get out without a deal next month. See, 'told you before: GTFO, sort your **** out, then let's talk when you've come to your senses if you wish. Just so long as you understand that this isn't going to be a discussion between equals, no more than the Brexit/WA negotiations ever were.
  11. And at the risk of belabouring an oft-made point, such post-Brexit day negotiations will only begin, once the UK has adequately addressed the 3 EU red lines: Brexit divorce bill, citizen's rights, Irish border/backstop. No settlement on liabilities, no ringfenced rights for EU27 immigrants, no backstop = stay at the back of the queue and enjoy life on WTO terms. I'm hearing that at least 15% of UK-based manufacturers have contingency exit plans poised to start on no deal Brexit day +1. One Irish acquaintance is a senior exec for a German automotive parts manufacturer with 2 UK sites employing approx. 2000: both sites and all 2000 jobs will be gone from the UK inside 6 weeks from a no deal Brexit on 31st October. Merry Xmas.
  12. I did not claim that it was, so feel free to tell me. Or not. Same difference here. Unsurprisingly. So, what's your own interest in achieving Brexit? The protest was organised by BrILL (British Immigrants Living in Luxembourg), and there were around 75 of them, not 200. I know them well. Checking out social media this morning, and it's the same froth: "they chose to live there", "unpatriotic", "anti-democratic", "plastic Brits", etc. If not bots, then British people talking about their fellow compatriots, most of whom were denied a referendum vote, in those terms. Stay classy
  13. Most of the protesters this afternoon were Brit immigrants (forthe avoidance of doubt, "w****r" is not a Luxembourgish, German or French word ) Statisticians, translators, accountants and such. All 200-ish of them. Isn't Boris well hard?
  14. Positive: the French know well, which side of their european toast is best buttered. Arguably better education and no eurosceptic red tops, see. Johnson is over here today for a natter with Juncker and Barnier, and then with our ever-quotable Premier, Bettel. Can't hardly wait for the joint PC, I have €10 on Bettel outdoing Varadkar
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