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  1. Here's some more for you to "nonsense" at, since that is all which you are capable of contributing in here: https://www.ft.com/content/a31b4b8e-f9fc-4f1e-84c1-3632f194
  2. Well, I guess that depends: how’s your Russian coming along? 😏
  3. Both videos dated after the referendum. But you “don’t rewrite history” 😏 A hard Brexit materialised as the TCA, which is why the UK’s trade performance is currently the worst ever (since records began, per today’s FT). You are mistaking a ‘hard Brexit’ for a ‘no deal Brexit’ never materialising. That would have been still worse for the UK (‘told you at the time aplenty, and what were your replies then? Ah yes…”nonsense” 🙄) But well, there’s hope for you yet: if the UK goes ahead with the TCA-breaching NIP Bill, there is a distinct possibility of the EU27 pulling the TCA altogether to put some manners on ye. Now that would be a ‘no deal Brexit’ 👍🏻
  4. I should stop writing nonsense? From an ex-Vote Leave staffer. https://www.newstatesman.com/politics/2017/08/take-it-vote-leave-staffer-there-no-mandate-quit-single-market How about you take a leaf out of your own book 🤪
  5. Highlighted the salient words for your benefit. Do you need help with what “established by fact and not opinion” actually means, in the context of the highlighted sequence?
  6. You should increase your reading comprehension. Or stock up on Kleenexes.
  7. The sheer fear in that post, is something else 😏 Scotland does not need to be ‘allowed’, that’s been explained aplenty in the thread already. It would prefer to be allowed, for the sake of propriety and preserving amicable relations with Westminster. But the Scottish right to self-determination cannot be suppressed by Westminster. Ultimately, Westminster would have to roll the tanks on Holyrood’s lawn…and I don’t put that past the current lot. But then, Faslane. Nice base and subs you got there. Be a shame if anything happened to them 😆 You can wish that not enough of the Scottish electorate would have the bottle to vote for independence until you’re blue in the face. In the meantime, I invite you to cast a glance at the SNP electoral results for the past 10 years, MSP allegiances, not forgetting Tories and Labour results in Scotland. You man Johnson and the Tories are beyond a busted flush up there, and Labour was before them - and still. There are no electoral alternatives for the foreseeable future, and we all know what the SNP is ultimately about. There are far far fewer obstacles to Scotland joining the EU, than current poster boy Ukraine. It has a larger population and economy than several EU member states, is EU-ready in most of its legal and regulatory matters (still, for now, and they have a devolution-based buffering to any legislative shenanigans by the HoC), has a mature and balanced socio-economic make-up already long-familiar with full EU membership (1973-2020, lest we forget), a better distribution and balance of liabilities post-reconciliation with Westminster than several EU Eastern Europe countries, and direct logistic links both to Ireland and the Continent. Even if it were not for all that, the EU would have it in a heartbeat, for geopolitical reasons alone. You can try and suppress Scotland’s intent to regain its sovereignty…but methinks you’re onto as much of a loser, as Remainers were with Brexit. 😘
  8. PMQs today. Raab mocks Rayner for being a working class female Labour MP going to the opera. Rayner responds to Raab: “My advice to the deputy prime minister is to cut out the snobbery & brush up on his opera. The Marriage of Figaro is the story of a working-class woman who gets the better of a privileged but dim-witted villain.” 🔥🔥🔥🚑🚑🚑😂
  9. The longer Johnson & Co. stay in power, the further the UK regulates away from the EU27, the more antagonistic the Westminster-Brussels relationship grows, the more likely it is to happen. Just wait until England makes the NIP Bill into law and then see the EU27 slap a punitive tariff on Scotch whisky overnight. 2 guesses about who the massively-SNP-voting and EU-approving Scottish public will be blaming 😏 It’s high time you Leavers learned about building bridges, instead of torching every last one in sight down to cinders without regard to consequences.
  10. It is a long-predicted consequence, and now growing closer by the day. Sturgeon just had the Scottish AG refer Scotland’s right to run a consultative referendum as a question to the Supreme Court yesterday. It’s a cute move to pre-emptively cut the HoC and the government at the knees, since the SC is likely to opine that Scotland cannot do so, thereby giving the SNP still more electoral ammunition that the Union is not consensual anymore (note: this is its historical/constitutional basis) and that England is denying Scotland a democratic mandate (lest we forget, the SNP has enjoyed its very wide electoral majority on a platform of seeking independence for years and years now: how many more times must the Scottish electorate repeat so?) Naturally, should the SC unexpectedly opine instead, that Scotland can run its consultative referendum, then the SNP is quids in. The usual suspects need not drum up Spain/Catalonia yet again: for reminder, the Spanish constitution expressly forbids secession; the UK ‘constitution’, not so (refer above: Union is consensual, not coercive).
  11. Sure as day follows night, it’s a safe bet trastrick is having a pop at my post, like dromedary would in the Brexit consequences thread. Let me guess: someone doesn’t understand what “sovereign default” is and means, still the same ‘Putin good’, still the same ‘EU bad’, without forgetting the obligatory ‘ye’re all armchair generals anyways’? 😁
  12. I follow the news 😑 1st point: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-06-26/russia-defaults-on-foreign-debt-for-first-time-since-1918 2nd point: https://euromaidanpress.com/2022/06/27/ukraine-starts-hitting-ammunition-depots-deep-in-russias-rear/?__cf_chl_tk=j2g_.A6KTAYIMFOb8WEigVEyeqw5VhLqbPLx4T1K56k-1656416456-0-gaNycGzNB70 3rd point: https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidhambling/2022/06/22/ukrainian-kamikaze-drone-strike-sets-russian-oil-facility-ablaze/ (all 3 quickly found to copy-paste in here for illustrating the point, note. there are hundreds of alternative, independent confirmations for each)
  13. Putin, disaster capitalists and proto fascists, with respective interests aligned, were behind Trump’s election, Brexit, Johnson’s ascendancy, the aborted 06 January coup, and much of the multifarious initiatives dividing populations and electorates for the past few years. Their latest success is LePen’s massive win at the recent French GE. Aided as they were, delicious paradox of paradoxes, by Mélenchon’s hard left 🙄 No doubt Leavers have been gloating at that one…yet little do they realise, that this will actually make all that they hold wrong with France’s handling of migrants, far far worse than it is: besides precipitating -inevitably- harder and more nationalist stances at the expense of “Les Anglais” (LePen is a staunch Anglophobe, always has been), the Calais area opposite Dover is now one of LePen’s strongest electoral bastions. Predicting much more gammony froth in months and years to come, sadly.
  14. Russia is now in payment default, compounding the financial pressure on its national economy. Russian weapon stores and logistic systems are getting annihilated en masse by HIMARs, leaving the Russian army with nowt to shoot, nor fuel their armour with, and Russia hasn’t got the components to manufacture replacement (modern) ammunition. Russian domestic oil/gas infrastructure is getting bombed daily by cheap fly-and-forget drones, and cannot get the spares to fix. <…> Rest assured that nobody’s laughing at the ‘Free World’: it has blunted Russian imperialist adventurism and showed its military to be anything but capable, it is successfully defending and propping up Ukraine, and it is fast killing the Russian national economy. India and China have both seen how well and fast the West united just fine, and for now and the foreseeable future, they still need the West economically as much as they ever did, because neither is out of the Covid economic mess by a very long shot. They know which side their toast is buttered. Besides, the longer the war in Ukraine continues, the less Putin can afford to get in hock to Mumbai or Beijing: his strategic capacity is dwindling by the day, and resources treasure trove Siberia is a long way east from Moscow…but not that far from China and India.
  15. Ideally, the TV’s middle of screen (horizontal) should be level with your eyes when you’re sat down 🙂 I use a wheel-mount height-adjustable stand, something like that: https://www.amazon.com/TAVR-Portable-Lockable-Adjustable-TF9001/dp/B07C7BMNK8 Tuck at back of a low unit near/against the wall, hey presto, height-adjustable wall-mount, with cable trunking, but without the DIY masonry and holes 😉 Our TV is 4K and yes, there is a difference relative to 1080p…but only with *proper* 4K signal/source material, and then again I’m an image tech/processing specialist, so have a bit of an eye for it. Upscaled 1080p, not so much of a difference. I haven’t pushed the boat out to a 4K subscription service, though (it’s more a case that 4K ‘comes as standard’ on large-ish TVs these days). Plenty enough free material, esp. documentaries, on YouTube.
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