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  1. Agreed - profit isn’t a dirty word (not sure what part of my post made you think that?) - as like you say there needs to be reinvestment. If they are running at a loss, then I’m not sure I understand why the bus companies haven’t pulled out? Why are they still running some routes?
  2. I’ve not read this entire thread - so apologies if this is retreading - but doesn’t there already exist a business model and customer demands, which would cover those items. For me it’s the change of emphasis away from a “for-profit” company, with its obligations to maximise shareholder value, towards a “for-benefit” company where the emphasis is on serving the community. This doesn’t mean never making a profit, but that this profit is not excessive or removes from the company towards shareholders/investors. so perhaps for buses, rather than a for-profit company making a decision on entirely commercial grounds (I.e. focusing on high volume, higher profit routes) there is a more holistic view that balances this against routes that are not commercially profitable, but have a higher social value. maybe a half way house between nationalised industries and private companies - where we see a really social/community value that exists above a purely money making focus.
  3. I agree with you, dogs are snowflakes. Apparently a bit of “summer” and they need looking after. They should just learn to lump it like the rest of us. I blame the vets - it’s all a conspiracy to make us buy insurance and have the owners tracked (“chipped” - yeah right), I blame big Veterinarian. I’ll dig out the YouTube evidence shortly. https://www.bluecross.org.uk/advice/dog/how-to-keep-dogs-cool-in-the-summer-heat
  4. It's an interesting thought - is there a point (or grey area reached ) where a joke can go too far?
  5. It's really important to call out context 👍 Ah - you also need to use it to 😘 I guess what you (me and maybe most people) don't have is context. It's not normal for someone to get up, on a live show, in front of an audience of your peers, and slap/punch someone. So with that in mind, there is probably some other context that we are not aware of: Chris Rock has taken the mick out of Jada before - may be there is some more to this history. Jada has written before on the issues she has with suffering hair loss - do it's obviously something that affects her not just professional but personally too. Maybe, before they came out, Jada was not doing well. maybe she was really upset. Maybe she has depression? Maybe Will was laughing along because he didn't hear properly (as in "I must have heard him wrong") and maybe he didn't want to cause a scene - perhaps when looking over at Jada and saw that she was upset, he realised that this is maybe not the time to stay quiet. Or maybe Will Smith was drunk/think's he's a tough man and would sort of Chris Rock there and then. Personally, if someone is going to make something that personal a "butt" of a joke - on live TV in front of a load of your peers - they also have to take responsibility for what they say. Would a strongly worded statement in the papers make a difference - would an apology from Chris Rock work. Would everyone forget the joke and remember the apology.? Dunno. Would I have done that - it's a hypothetical question because I don't live that context (and never will) - but agree that hitting people is not the answer (which is probably why Will apologised). But it depends on the context.
  6. Online parents evenings are much better than in person ones (IMHO of course) - definitely for secondary schools, although less so for primary. Why? Wasted time hunting for the right teacher amongst a throng of other parents doing the same. The parents who won’t stop talking past their allocated time. The late parents trying to slide into their slot ( probably because of the first two problems). Other parents hovering around. honestly it was the worst experience I have ever had (after the pretty good primary experience) and prompted me to write to the school. Online event - you have you time slot and that is it. 5 mins and no more. You can efficiently line them up, one after another without problem. You get to see the person, ask the questions and get. The feedback. it would, be great to have this experience in person, but that doesn’t scale to the hundred of kids and parents that an evening has to serve. I like face to face conversations, but for me this is a win. (And other parents I have spoken too, and no one has mentioned child care).
  7. Two thoughts: - what do you mean by “accepting of death”? - are fatalities the correct measure of the impact of disease/illness?
  8. So who are the forum recommended builders for small works nowadays? i have a small understairs cupboard 1x2m that needs airbricks/ventilation to get rid of some damp and then joists and a floor fittings (or perhaps some pullout drawers?). S11 for locale
  9. According to the star, he intends to submit his resignation in September: https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/politics/exclusive-jared-omara-to-resign-as-sheffield-hallam-mp-486882
  10. Maybe this is more the heart of the problem. You are assuming that he’s being awkward for no reason, and I dare say he could be saying the same about you by not having the light tilted down a little more.
  11. Did it *actually* fail in Nottingham? Sounds to me like they wanted to expand and had no space. Very good feedback on Tripadvisor too. Was it it not very good when you went?
  12. Is Jon (JBradleybz) at JB Heating services still on the go? He's not posted for about a year and the website link on his old posts go nowhere I was looking for a quote for a combi replacement for a valliant, seeing as he did a good job on my external expansion vessel about 5 years ago.
  13. I’ll say!!! The £1.50 fare is going up to £2!! That’s a third! The mTicket isn’t really “cheaper” as it’s been £18 for 10 trips for years.
  14. Thanks - I guess in this case you would also need to figure in the legal fees for the seller (as well as your own). What if they rejected your offer?
  15. Probably, I was offered it at £500 from the previous holder - but missed the deadline (misplaced paperwork). What would your target price have been?
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