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  1. So who are the forum recommended builders for small works nowadays? i have a small understairs cupboard 1x2m that needs airbricks/ventilation to get rid of some damp and then joists and a floor fittings (or perhaps some pullout drawers?). S11 for locale
  2. According to the star, he intends to submit his resignation in September: https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/politics/exclusive-jared-omara-to-resign-as-sheffield-hallam-mp-486882
  3. Maybe this is more the heart of the problem. You are assuming that he’s being awkward for no reason, and I dare say he could be saying the same about you by not having the light tilted down a little more.
  4. Did it *actually* fail in Nottingham? Sounds to me like they wanted to expand and had no space. Very good feedback on Tripadvisor too. Was it it not very good when you went?
  5. Is Jon (JBradleybz) at JB Heating services still on the go? He's not posted for about a year and the website link on his old posts go nowhere I was looking for a quote for a combi replacement for a valliant, seeing as he did a good job on my external expansion vessel about 5 years ago.
  6. I’ll say!!! The £1.50 fare is going up to £2!! That’s a third! The mTicket isn’t really “cheaper” as it’s been £18 for 10 trips for years.
  7. Thanks - I guess in this case you would also need to figure in the legal fees for the seller (as well as your own). What if they rejected your offer?
  8. Probably, I was offered it at £500 from the previous holder - but missed the deadline (misplaced paperwork). What would your target price have been?
  9. Bought mine from Compton Group in Jan 2014. Ground rent was £8/yr (split into two payments of £4 per 6 months) and had ~850 years to run. Compton wanted £700 to sell the freehold reversion. I engaged a solicitor at £250+VAT (ex disbursements). Overall it cost me £1049 plus a few hours of my time to travel and sign paperwork. I decided to buy because they wanted to enforce their insurance company to cover the house and I wanted to build an extention. Yes I could have filed the paperwork for this to avoid it, but there was nothing to stop them claiming it was incorrectly filed or otherwise invalid - I would then have to engage a solicitor and would start to accumulate costs. Therefore I saw the value in spending ~£1000 to remove this potential future issue and at the same time receive the benefit of holding the freehold. Hope this helps someone.
  10. Who are the "go-to" plasterers at the moment? I have a hallway wall that needs a skim before being decorated next month.
  11. Roadworks.org suggest that the permit was granted for a burst water main, not planned maintenance.
  12. Yep - although I think the benefits of smart meters is less to do with point in time, but more a view of exactly how much power you are using over time. Plus you get the cumulative view. Yep - but at least it keep you from forgetting :-). It's not the main benefit though. You'll have to expand on that one for me. Gimmick is maybe a subjective view, but I'm not sure how they exclusively benefit the elec co. If anything I've reduced my usage since it went in - which can't be good for them? At the end most I guess. Not sure how many there are.
  13. My electricity smart meter was installed back in 2010 I think. Benefits (ymmv) * no more estimated bills * no more meter readers knocking at my door * able to see my real time elec usage. So I was able to identify some big hitters and replace them * I became a lot more aware of energy consumption over the day, and how to reduce it (as I now have baseline data to compare it with) I've not been prevented switching between suppliers, which I have done every year. it took little time to switch and is less intrusive than my old meter (it's dimensions are similar, but isn't as deep). Overall no complaints.
  14. Never used it, but Apple has released an android to iOS app called move to iOS. Download it from the play store. https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT201196
  15. To be fair, the WHSmiths 'shop' at the train station is just a glorified kiosk - not comparable to the fargate shop. If I had been sent down there as an alternative I would have been disappointed.
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