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  1. I'll give em a call then, might be able to sort a decent deal aswell with my sky finishing, cheers.
  2. This problem aside how is virgin media in general?. I'm finishing with sky soon, do virgin do decent packages including sky sports and broadband?.
  3. Like you celebrated 'PAYBACK TUESDAY'
  4. Ah the good old past. Its good to be able to look back and reminisce though at least. Weren't it you lot that kept mentioning a certain 95 years, yet we live in the past.
  5. Woah woah woah. Who made you official spokesman for EVERY wednesday fan. Was he unpopular after putting in this loan money or when we got promoted. I can speak for myself mate I don't need you doing it. I think without allen we'd be in a far worse position. At the start of his chairmanship we needed him, in the end he was just too far out of touch with the fans and a change was needed. My opinion is IF some investment comes just pay him off and leave him to clean his pigeons out!!
  6. Think you're on drugs. I've lived on morland road for 15 years and its nothing like that. Morland road is probably the quietest road on the valley and as for vandalism i've had my car done once since i've been here. Compare that to my dad who's had his car and van damaged 5 times in 3 years and he lives on charnock. People automatically assume morland road is a **** hole because its on the valley but becausae its on the outskirts its a decent road to live on
  7. Your best bet would be to get on with a firm as a mate eg electrical or plumbing then pester them for an adult traineeship. Try firms like NGBaileys
  8. I'm currently at the end of my fixed term mortgage and looking round for deals. Has anyone had any dealings with the one account and is it reccomended.
  9. All sorted now just thought i'd post a follow up and recommend who I used I used les from spot on windows after having him recommended by goldenbabe. Did a cracking job and saved me a fortune where some other people may have said I needed a far more expensive solution for anyone needing work regarding doors windows etc his details are below les (07881893432) http://windowssheffield.co.uk
  10. Please Preferably one you've used not just a family member or friend I'm stuck when it comes to owt like this Thankyou
  11. My perception was regarding the apartments in the OP I work on sites day in day out. I worked on west one flats for 2 years clarence dock in leeds for 1 year My knowledge of modern building techniques IS up to date My personal opinion was that on the flats i've been on the parts done in plastic piping had more leaks than the parts done in copper. As for the walls my opinion is the acoustic side is poorer ( for example in student apartments where the bedrooms lay side by side) and tend to damage easier. I've never doubted the cost is cheaper, i'd just rather pay 220k for a house with brick internal walls and copper piping than the cheap easy suspect alternatives used nowadays
  12. . I meant new build flats in general I didn't mean the at wicker They may be built different but i'll be very surprised if the internal walls of the flats arn't plasterboard
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