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  1. Where can I advertise for a barn find or project scooter/Lambretta/Vespa . eBay full of them but looking to find one local
  2. Hi We need our drive making wider, from 2 car to 3 car. Does anyone know a good contractor who could do this? S26 area. Thanks
  3. Can anyone help. We have a property that is leasehold and this is owned by COPPEN (ESTATES) LIMITED Sheffield. In the past 3 years we have owned the property we haven't paid the ground rent nor has it been requested. The owner before us didn't pay it either! Are we at risk of back payments or is it the duty of the freeholder to request the monies? Also we would like to purchase the freehold, does anyone have an ideas of cost for this? Thanks
  4. You need to buy an iPad and a new 50" smart tv
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