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  1. Good afternoon all. I wonder if you can help me? My son worked at the Botanical Gardens for around 8 years before moving to pastures new. He is applying for a Craft Gardener job in Roundhay Park in Leeds and is now cursing his youthful error of not keeping a photographic record of his work. He has found some examples of his work on Google, and has contacted the Friends of Botanical gardens (Fobs) to see if they can help. In particular, he is looking for pics of the flowerbeds in front of the pavilions which he designed and planted in 2013, depicting flags of the world. He remembers flags of France, Armenia, China, and USA among others. Can anybody help? It would be much appreciated, and of course, you would be credited. Thanks 😀
  2. I have an app for this place to order food for delivery. It says it is closed. Does anybody know if they are closed for holidays, refurbishment, or closed for good?:confused:
  3. I think there are strict catchment rules on new patients. You will need to live in the catchment area of the GP concerned.
  4. It's a fad in my opinion. Just like all the cupcake shops that sprang up. People may try it once and then not bother again. I mean really, if you want a crisp sandwich you would make it at home surely? It's like fish finger butties popping up on pub and cafe menus.....
  5. I think you mean Ace Janitorial and Killi's cleaners?
  6. I am looking to contact classic 50's American car owners....cadillac/chevy/ford etc. We would like to engage the services of such a vehicle for around an hour's work in early August. We have seen many such cars around in Sheffield, but short of actually flagging someone down, we're stuck for how to make contact. If anybody can help, please pm for further info. Thanks
  7. Hi, I'm looking for a basic two or four camera cctv setup. Preferably one that I can connect via my pc. I'm not very technically minded, but have seen several systems on Amazon for around £100, which come with a little 7" viewing screen and work on SD cards. I don't know which are good and which are bad. It's just for general security. Advice welcome. Thanks
  8. It has always confused me that the park is called Weston Park, but the main road on which it is located is called Western Bank.
  9. 70mph The most important difference in the national speed limit is between single and dual carriageways. On a single carriageway road, cars and motorcycles are restricted to 60mph and heavy goods vehicles to 40mph. On dual carriageway roads, the respective speed limits are 70mph and 50mph. Quick google search. Maybe you should read YOUR highway code Wayne
  10. Yes, we had loads in our garden yesterday as well. It happens every year, just google 'flying ant day'.
  11. Also the end of the month, lots of people will have been paid.
  12. So has the new store actually been given the go a head by planners, or just reccommended for approval?
  13. Was he from Kiveton or Beighton? You mention both areas. Re-read your post, I think you mean that you are from Kiveton, he is from Beighton?
  14. http://www.hendersonsrelish.com/home.htm You can buy it mail order from Hendersons. They ship worldwide.
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