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  1. No haddy this was not the case as I sent off the v5 myself. The item in question was in fact the new tax disc, the buyer had ordered it online and the dvla hadn't changed the registered keeper in time so it automatically came to me. I didn't want to mention it on here until I had the correct person to give it to.
  2. All sorted now, thanks for your help kashul, :-)
  3. Haha I have done Angel, spent a good hour driving round looking, so I can't say I haven't tried lol.
  4. Thanks for that, I may have to go through the dvla now as it may be the only option :-)
  5. The sale was off EBay, the buyer saw the eBay listing, contacted me and came to view and bought the car.
  6. I put my number in the advert, and the buyer contacted me, due to getting a new phone as mine died a few days later, I lost his number. Stupid I know, however I have exhausted all other avenues and this is a last long shot as such.
  7. Yes Vulcan, I'm from kiveton, he's from beighton, edited :-)
  8. Actually something that the buyer has paid for :-) not wheel based neither lol
  9. No hun as I had put it on with the option of selling before the listing ended and the gent contacted me via my phone number. Lost his details hence this post....:-)
  10. Bit of a long shot here, but at the end of last month, I put a Chrysler pt cruiser for sale on eBay, and a gent bought it from me, I'm from the kiveton area. I need to get in touch with the gentleman who bought it as I have something relevant and important to the car to give you. So if this is you could you please contact me asap, thanks :-) Oh and the gent who bought it was from the beighton area :-)
  11. Nope, she's never been alone with them, i'm wondering if its down to the size comparison.
  12. Okay this is a very strange story, we have recently purchased a cavalier king charles spaniel puppy. All is great at home he's settled in nicely. Now the strange thing is my youngest daughter who's 2, loves dogs etc, she loves the puppy, BUT since we got the puppy she is now terrified of her nannans dogs (both lurchers). Before we got the puppy, she loved seeing and being around the lurchers but now she completely freaks out when she sees them. Yet at home with the pup she's fine Obviously we don't want her scared of the other dogs and are just confused as to why she's suddenly gone so scared. Any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated.
  13. My little girl is Jessica Ellie, we were going to go for Elizabeth but decided to do Ellie as the first two letters of my mums name (Elaine) and the last three letters of my OHs mum (Julie) so it kinda worked lol. But Jessica Elizabeth has a nice ring to it
  14. I drive a Vauxhall Astra and am generally happy to tootle along under the speed limit, unless you have someone who thinks it's 'safe' to drive at 20mph on a 60mph main road....... Generally I find it's Audi drivers who tend to cut people up and barge through to the front. Just a general observation!!!
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