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  1. Lovely post, Stefan - great to see that you are putting in the time and effort to make a success of your business, and taking constructive criticism on board. You will deffo get my business. See you soon.
  2. Thanks for all your input and ideas, the "meal deal" idea is essent - looking into it as we speak. End of chat.
  3. You are getting tetchy. Stay cool, admit when you are wrong, and you may gain my respect. End of chat.
  4. Do you have any evidence that "using a bike will make the roads safer" - of course you don't. End of chat.
  5. Thank you. As an aside, the particle (farm shop) bait approach will produce bites on Nethermoor - but they are unlikely to be from the carp. There are some excellent double figure bream in there that will be more obliging on such tactics. Always remember, there is a huge amount of water in front of you, up to 40ft deep in the middle - watercraft is essential to locate the fish before wetting a line. Watercraft is covered in depth in my book. Joffrey, thanks for the PM, I will do as promised in my reply - thanks for your patience.
  6. Absolutely right, and clearly the general consensus. Silly thread - end of chat.
  7. What a silly suggestion - why would you want to go to such extremes? Stick to the speed limit and you will avoid any brush with the law, it's sooooooo simple. ---------- Post added 09-11-2015 at 19:19 ---------- Excellent point, the_bloke. You have confirmed that Cyclone's assertion that cars should be "limited to the pace of a man running in front with a red flag" is completely ridiculous.
  8. If you get caught going over it, you will be "just fined". The choice is yours my friend.
  9. Seriously - never, ever believe what you read in the press.
  10. Yes, they do know best - safety first. Do you have a problem with that?
  11. Result. Stick to it, people - you'll be just fine. End of chat.
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