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  1. Probably the late 50s and early 60s for growing up in Sheffield before we came to Australia left some great mates behind and some great memories.
  2. hi guys can you still buy licorice wood in Sheffield if so where from can not get it in Australia thanks
  3. hi phil the man came around the arbouthorne in the 50s 60s I think he was a relation to us by the way happy new year
  4. hi does anyone have photos of the old iron fire places with the oven on the side they were in the houses on the arbourthorne up until about the 60s thanks alan.
  5. can any one tell where I can buy hendersons Yorkshire relish from in Melbourne Australia thanks alan
  6. texas have you ever heard of rubbing it in
  7. crazy weather Sheffields cold but here in Melbourne Aus yesterday 42 today 43 and the next 2 days 44 /40s that's hot some times I say what am I doing here but I like the heat.
  8. I think it depends on how long it has been stored
  9. i am not sure about this one but a name Tommy Walls comes to my mind he was a driver around the arbourthorne in the 60s ??
  10. hi steve lived on arbourthorne rd from 1951-`1966 i went to school and hang around with your brother malcom
  11. owdsmiffy you are right tom and i were mates we went to school togeather also you must have lived near the paper man a mr parkin i did a paper round for him 64 to 66
  12. hi roughy101 the kennys are some relation to me and my surname is Gillott
  13. steve85 the cockers lived just across the road from us think there were also two brothers tony and melvi
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