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  1. My Mum when a Home Help many moons ago looked after Aaron Patrick in his old age. She always used to come home with stories of Irvine's political life.
  2. Went to see that yesterday, it was very good. 😍
  3. Sure an abandoned one in the jennel off Walkley Lane yesterday too.
  4. Israel actually married a Kate Townsend and there is a Michael Grayson born to them in 1941 Sheffield.
  5. Look on Picture Sheffield for some inspiration.
  6. I have always been a big fan of Bonfire night as I was born 7th November and my partner on the actually day itself but Saturday night was something else. I can cope with the occasional bang but someone had a garden firework party near us where they let off very loud fireworks one after the other that continued for 10-15 mins. They echoed all around the house and even shook it. These type of fireworks should be reserved for large firework event.
  7. It's so frustrating, we have been inconvenienced twice now and they will probably back again in a couple of years I have also been told that the 95 will be turning round at the Pondarosa from 13th- 17th September:mad: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10214718030122128&set=gm.1868644036522942&type=3&ifg=1
  8. Yes, we had to be inconvenienced last time so why should we again because Amey does shoddy work and the Council signed it off. What did people do without cars, oh yes they walked or used public transport!
  9. [/ Quote]There have to be exceedingly good reasons to terminate a £2bn contract like this one. The failure of a few metres of surfacing on one road in Walkley doesn't constitute such a reason. The exceedinly good reason should be they have cut down healthy trees instead of finding engineering solutions for then. Also it's not just Walkley where they have done a crap job, reports of such work have come in from all over the city:(
  10. Totally agree, wouldn't let them loose on a children's playground never mind all the roads in Sheffield.
  11. You come and have 3+ nights of broken sleep when you have to do shift work that includes 24 shifts then see if you don't complain!
  12. Hope that doesn't mean another 3 sleepless nights as Walkley Lane no doubt will be done during the night.
  13. Yep and they kept us awake 3/4 nights doing it! I knew then Amey was a law onto itself because they didn't follow Council guidelines about noise during the night.
  14. If you want any help with tracing living relatives let me know as I have done it a number of times for people. ☺
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