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  1. Saw it the other day on West Street with 1 person on it. Lockdown and Winter never a good combination for starting a new bus service!🤔
  2. Luckily they weren't cut down as Stag protested. Yes it was those listed on the plaque that apparently was destroyed or lost.
  3. There is an Arthur Freeman who married a Sarah Coates in 1901 and they had a daughter Elsie in 1915.
  4. DAVEOXO You could look if Directories Online cover that area. Are you sure the Elsie you identified was your Elise as she would only be 15 by 1939? Actually that Elsie was born 1915.
  5. John appears as Oxley in 1901 census so I'm guessing the John Oxley is probably the father but can't be sure. Fredrick Butcher 38 Harriet Butcher 37 Annie Butcher 16 Sarah Butcher 12 Harriett Dunn 56 John Oxley 27 Rose Harriet Oxley 26 John Oxley Rose H Freeman is down as Rose H Freedom in 1881. She was only 8 and classed as a boarder? Also a boarder in 1991 census.1881 England Census for Rose H. Freedom 1
  6. Right, had another look at it this am and Elsie seems to have been born to a John and Florence Freeman nee Hobson. John was born 1899. The families seem to be related because their other daughter Florence married a Herbert Rodgers in 1949. It shows this also in the 1939 register. This John Freeman lived with some Oxleys in 1911 census. Rose Harriet Freeman, John's Mum seems to have had him and his brother Charles out of wedlock then marries John Oxley in 1904.
  7. Are we actually looking at the right Doris? as there was one with mother's maiden name Proctor born in 1922 with a sister called Irene?
  8. I have a theory, not that I've tested it out robustly yet. If you look down the 1939 register page down to the bottom there is a Charles A Hurt, thought at first it said Hunt but I traced a Charles A Hurt back to being born in 1885. He had a sister of the right age called Martha Hurt. They were in St Silas's parish in 1911. Could Mabel be a pet name for Martha? Also why was the surmame crossed out and Hurt installed before she married Herbert almost 10 years later!Can't find a link between two Hurt families but could have been a distant cousin. Smith may have been put in for kids names as Mabel/Martha and Albert weren't actually married?
  9. Totally agree, it's not healthy to be round the same people all the time. Definitely the case that absence makes the heart grow fonder.
  10. How many relationships do you think will be brought down by this isolation ?
  11. Long standing member of Sheffield Council, taken by Coronvirus. 😥
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