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  1. Anywhere in Sheffield that sells 5ltr canisters of cleaning materials to household ers
  2. I am using Google and when I search Sheffield forum it says my connection is not private and someone may be trying to steal my details
  3. Keep getting a message saying that my connection is not secure for Sheffield forum what do I need to do please
  4. Thanks for advice jurky but how do I find secret menu
  5. Does anyone know how to pair sky viewing card to my box please
  6. If u dial that number it won't go through been on there website and it seems a lot of people are having same problem
  7. If you are on lebara mobile don't buy a top up voucher because you can't put it on seems like à lot of other people are having same trouble so don't waste your money
  8. My apple TV box seems to have stopped working can't get past menu screen please help
  9. They said they have had a word with him but I thought they would have to be up to a certain standerd and said they would send a car in future but these black cabs are letting the decent ones down there should be more checks on the clapped out ones
  10. Just had a city taxi from town black cab was sent it was cold stank of fumes in back he drove like a mad man and was on hands free most of time didn't listen to directions I use them a lot but taxis like these should be taken off road
  11. Tv engineer wanted for Sanyo TV please call 07771791910 thanks
  12. I got a city taxi Christmas eve night city taxi was charged time and half also told same again today
  13. Can anyone come out and help me with my firestick can't get it to connect to my WiFi if u can help me please call 07771****** thanks Mod Note: Please do not put your phone number directly in posts, for your safety.... If you feel you can help the OP, please message them.
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