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  1. !!!! Tomorrow 12-4, come along and support this fantastic fundraiser!!!
  2. I've been to El Toro and it's lovely, great staff, food and service. http://www.el-toro-sheffield.co.uk/
  3. I believe there is intenal damage to the trams which mean they can't be moved until the roads are clear. They aren't planning on running trams to hillsorough and beyond for the rest of the evening. The crash was pretty scary (I was on the front one) and disrupted my journey to and from work. I got to Hillsborough interchange to be told the yellow replacement bus was "just behind" the blue one in (I'm used to walking from Hillsborough so had a I been told it was a wait I'd have walked) ..... 10 minutes later it arrived. The thing with Stagecoach isn't so much the disruption that annoys everyone it's the distinct lack of communication ........... it was as bad last Thursday when nothing was running when I left work. I sincerely hope the rumour about the driver of the cream tram I heard on my way home isn't true - it'll be interesting to see the accident report.
  4. New advice from SCC re Oakbrook Rd: personalised advice and help will be given at the cordon to those affected.
  5. I second Big Yellow Storage, ideal location being in Hillsborough and I believe you can access it whenever you want to. If you happen to be an NCT member I have an offer code.
  6. On now, lots to do. Come and join the fun, have a bounce or eat some cake. happy unbirthday.
  7. would love to know if you found any instructions - am scouring the internet high and low as trying to sell our one and thought it'd help the buyer out (have lost our copy)
  8. someone asked them earlier on twitter and they still don't know themselves
  9. why why why has a thread from 2005 been resurrected? I'm pretty sure it's not the same problem!!
  10. from what I understand tho they are not running past the station and crystal peaks is quite a trek on foot (as 120 only accepting tickets to Manor apparently) yes this, thank you. Fortunatly I have now used the journey planner to sort my route out and will be lodging a formal complaint with Stagecoach Supertram and requesting a days refund (or as long as it lasts) on my useless tram pass due to their lack of help everytime I have asked them questions about this. For those who have cars I am happy for you.... I don't!
  11. this is going to be fantastic in rush hour tomorrow. no extra bus replacements and first now refusing to honor tram tickets. game of sardines anyone?
  12. I'm still getting re-directed post delivered to my old address (it's pot luck, some comes to new some to old).
  13. that's what I said but others keep saying otherwise ( ) ta.
  14. sorry to resurrect an old thread but felt it better than starting a new one. We only need about 2m2 of turf ASAP, near hillsborough. I e-mailed A1 a week ago with no reply, any other localish suggestions as we don't drive? Thanks.
  15. don't so much think people have an issue with mums/ dads and 'contact' time so much as the fact there are working social workers in the building who can 'spy' on parents.
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