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  1. So I saw a beggar being robbed of his change last week by two people who found it hilarious near the lyceum theatre I gave him some money to account what had been stolen. The poor fella said this was a regular occurrence and that people on the street at night were regularly ****** upon.
  2. hi all so having used mobile phones since about 1998 for the first time i have cracked the outer glass screen on my phone. the inner screen works fine on my htc one m9. is it worth getting the glass replaced and how much should i expect to pay? any advice and any good local repair shops around sheffield please. thanks:help:
  3. this week i had a clutch fitted at a well known garage. since i had the work done the reverse lockout on my 6 speed manual (the mechanism that stops the stick being pushed all the way over to the right for reverse) no longer works. while the stick cant be pushed into reverse it is now a pain selecting 5th gear. the manager of the garage said there is nothing wrong with the car but he re-booked it in for inspection. if it isn't put back to how it was before i had the clutch fitted what are my next steps? i payed over a grand and have a two year warranty on the work done. any advice please thanks
  4. forget mayweather! its the fight boxing fans want to see looks like khan is fighting a knock over. if you are the real deal prove it for the IBF belt. people will start calling you amir can't..
  5. my philips lcd tv has a intermittent sound but no pic fault during which the power led flashes 4 long and six short times error code 46 00 00 00 in the customer service menu philips dont want to know. its hasnt been used much over the years and is mint so i want to get it fixed i have tried a couple of local engineers who cant help with this fault. is there any engineers out there who are familiar with this fault? can any forum members recomend anyone i would be grateful the model number is 42pfl7603d/10
  6. I had my black car keyed all around it also had a scrape on the bumper I took it to John bee did a quality job probably not the cheapest around but I didn't mind paying the extra for a good job.
  7. He who lives by the sword dies by the sword.....spot on. At the end of the day don't blame police, if this man wasn't involved in gangster s**t he could well be alive today lawless people deserve what they get. I'm guessing this post is short lived!!
  8. There has been a car crash on deerlands avenue s5 top of deerlands close road blocked paramedics on scene hope nobody seriously hurt
  9. I know mistakes can happen same with any job but its getting silly.
  10. Royal mail are getting worse. Ok I know its their busiest time of the year but in the last 3 weeks I've sent a recorded delivery only proof of delivery I was able to get was a reply from the recipient. Me and dad sent birthday cards to my sister at s8 both never arrived. Maybe my mistake was sending a coloured envelope did someone assume money was inside?. Do we need so start paying for recorded or special delivery at 5 quid a pop just to make sure somthing gets delivered? Oh and I have got what looks like my first Christmas card delivered today. I'm at s5 - for a address at KILLAMARSH! would it have been to much hassle for pat to take it back to the sorting office? Share your experiences folks have I just had bad luck.
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