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  1. Another vote for Avante removals. They moved us down last week and Thomas and his team did a great job. They loaded the van in the afternoon and we met them in South Wales at 8am the next morning. Nothing was too much trouble for the guys and there were no incidents or breakages etc. They are well worthy of the recommendations they receive on the forum. In contrast, two other local removals companies didn't even get back to us for a quote after I had left my details with them.
  2. My wife passed it last night about 8pm. She said the canopy was down and a double decker bus was reversing in the road in front of it. Don't know if the bus was involved or if it happened earlier. I passed it today and there were quite a few people with clipboards looking round it.
  3. Any room for newbie ? If so, sign up my daughter, Emma Thanks Col
  4. A word of warning .... We've never had a green bin and I've always put garden cuttings etc in the black bin. Last week, the bin was full of grass cuttings but Veolia refused to empty the bin. They put a label on it saying that it was too heavy and a couple of days later we received a letter from them stating that the bin was too heavy and was not emptied because of H&S reasons. I nearly replied saying that it was my young daughter who put the bin out the night before and she managed it. I wouldn't mind, but the bins are not lifted. They just wheel them to the machine that lifts and empties them. Anyway, I've always used my bin in this way and this is the first time in 10 years that it has been rejected. Perhaps they'll start weighing them next and charge by the Kg.
  5. Sorry, greenhouse has now gone to a new home.
  6. UPDATE The greenhouse came down today. Quite easily in fact, so I would imagine it would go back up in a similar manner. Anyway, it's still up for grabs, 5ft x 7ft (w x d) and all the wood and glass is complete. The largest pieces are the sides which are 7ft x 6ft (w x h). It's all ready for collection. If no one wants it on here then a I'll put it in the general "free items" section. Just that I'd rather see it go to a gardener then end up on Ebay.
  7. Hi all I have a wood & glass greenhouse that is in good condition and complete. It's free to a good home. The only problem is that I can't see any careful way to dismantle it as it appears nailed together rather than screwed together. If anyone thinks it can be dismantled without splitting the wood or damaging it, then it's yours. PM me if interested.
  8. I got caught in that too, round about 6:15pm. Crazy Sheffield traffic planners at it again ?? The temporary setup worked fine when the cables were strewn across the junction. I just hope that now the work is complete, we won't be left with this timing mess for too long.
  9. No they're not - they are normal, as they should be. What has happened to new & improved remastered CD digital ipod world is that the music is artificially boosted, sometimes to the point of destruction. Google "loudness" or have a look here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loudness_war
  10. John's 70th today. Lot's of stuff on Radio 6 & 7. Pick of the list is "The Beatles Story", an early 70's BBC radio documentary narrated by Brian Matthews. It's on at 3am every morning for the next 12 days (definitely one for "listen again"). Quite a rarity, this one. I remember it vaguely but haven't heard it in years. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00v73wx
  11. Talking of McCartney - we went seeing him in Cardiff on Saturday. After watching him on TV at the IOW festival I was a bit worried that his voice was going as I thought he was struggling at times. However, I'm pleased to report he was on great form. Three hours of sheer pleasure and he sounded just fine. Shock inclusion of the night was "Day Tripper". He's always kept away from Lennon Beatles songs so it great to hear this live. He does include "A Day in the Life/Give Peace a Chance in his tribute to John (as well as "Something" for George) but this is the first time I've heard of him covering one of John's in full, treating it as a normal song.
  12. Am I the only person here who thinks that the TV licence is worth every single penny and the BBC is the finest broadcasting company in the world. I'd pay the licence fee just for Radio 4, everything else is a bonus. By the way, isn't it amazing that Sky/Virgin customers always talk of £/month and the licence fee in £/year. A miracle of marketing .... Sky = £396 BBC Licence fee = £11
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