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  1. Hi all I moved to Sheffield and went to university here but all the friends I made there have all returned back home and now I’m left with not many local friends. I’m looking to make some new friends and would like a fun environment to make them in. I’m 26 and female if this helps? Thanks in advance for any advice
  2. Hi I was going to take her to the vets but when I woke up the next morning the bird was chirping away and seemed a lot better. I put her outside in the bottom of the cage I had her in and her mum turned up and fed her several times; I actually caught it on video the little bird jumped out of the cage to get to mum. I then put the chick on a high wall in some bushes and mum came back and fed her all day so I decided it was best to leave it outside. It has since disappeared into next doors garden, fingers crossed it makes it, she didn't look far off flying. Thanks for the replies
  3. Hi all, I managed to save a baby bird in my garden from my four dogs. They recently got another one the other week but I did not get there in time for that one. When I went outside lots of birds were screeching in distress, once the baby bird had calmed down I went to look for its nest but it is dark now and I have had to bring it in as it is not safe from my dogs or cats on the floor outside. I have put him in an old hamster cage on a towel and he seems to be sleeping at the moment. I have spoken to someone who used to rescue birds but at the time I told him that the bird had no injuries but have now noticed one. I have a photo of the injury but can not upload it on here; it is a large gash on his neck around the size of a 5 pence piece and looks like a good few layers of skin have been removed. I was wondering whether there is anything I can do about this? Also, does anyone has any advice on how to care for the bird generally for the time being. I have just been to a 24hour Asda and purchased cat food but I don't know how much or how often it needs feeding? Also, I don't know whether this is a silly question but I have bought a fish cat food because I didn't like the thought of feeding a bird a bird, will fish be ok? Do I need to feed the bird tonight or should I leave it to calm down? Thank you for any advice you can give! I am clueless at the moment! Amy
  4. Kidspace Metro Kids Mid-sleeper Bed, Desk and Storage does anyone have the instructions I could borrow to build the bed? I would gladly pay for them too? Please help I bought it second hand for my sisters birthday and realised after the fact instructions weren't part of the deal
  5. Started off with Martin Woodwards and ended up switching to Mike Ellis passed first time around with only four minors. Honestly, Can't recommend Mike enough so patient and calm; he really focuses his time on what areas you are not confident in and gives you the confidence you need in them. Can't remember prices as I passed almost a year ago I know they were low though and if you block book you can end up getting them for £15-£16 per hour, the numbers I have are: 011424456 and 07779 194654 He also teaches you to drive and not just pass the test like many instructors. For example: he teaches you to reverse bay park properly none of that driving forward and reversing back into the space which you would never ever be able to do in a real life situation!
  6. Thank you for all the suggestions I am going to look into the other makes just to see if they are tested ect but I am tempted to stick with mirage because it's what I know :/
  7. Hi I have had the mirage Eros C4 for about a month now and have not had a cigarette since! I was wondering whether you could buy alternative e liquids to Mirage's own as I currently buy one or to a week (10ml) for £5 each and although that is cheap compared to buying 20-30 B&H a day I want to save more and buy maybe bigger bottles. So can I use other companies e liquids with my mirage e cig? If so what companies would you recommend?
  8. Yes I did read about that when I was researching the area earlier but because it was a domestic case I didn't dismiss the area for it. I have been to see the house and it is perfect for our family, we visited at 7pm and the road seemed very quiet; the one lady that was around helped us to find the property so the neighbours seem lovely too. I just hope I don't make the wrong decision. Thank you everyone for your help.
  9. Thanks for the replies I just worry about walking around and things during the day. I just don't really know the area well at all having only lived in S5 and S21; I just want to make an informed decision really.
  10. Hi Gobbolino I am going to see a house later on this road; I was wondering if, after living there, you could let me know what the area is like? Thank you and sorry for reopening an old thread
  11. Thanks so much for the reply I have just checked out the distance from the house to both Silverdale and King Ecbert's and both are under ten minutes. Its more because my little sister goes to Totley All Saints and we want her to continue with her friends into secondary school so we are moving closer to the school although we cannot afford to rent in Totley we heard that the some of the S7 area is within the catchment area. I was worried about the parking situation as we have two cars in the household, however the house I recently looked at has off street parking. I just wanted to scope out the areas safety as that is paramount for us as a family.
  12. Hi I am currently looking for a house to rent and have recently viewed one on Carterknowle road. I was wondering whether any one knows whether this area is in the catchment for King Egberts secondary school and if it is what is the area like to live in? We are used to living on the outskirts of Sheffield in a quite area so this will obviously be a big change, I just want to make sure the area is safe and generally just has a nice feel? Thank you Amy
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