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  1. Comments can be sent to the council here: https://planningapps.sheffield.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=makeComment&keyVal=PSW4P9NYHBR00
  2. I think you might want to look into the local history a bit more.
  3. Yorkshire tourism mostly equates to the Dales and NY Moors national parks, the seaside places, plus Leeds and York. The Yorkshire bit of the Peak District is not included in 'Welcome to Yorkshire' as the Peak park 'belongs' to Derbyshire in tourism terms. Sheffield has a bit of visitor action but not that much really, we can do better.. In terms of positioning or branding or place marketing, it's fine to have a few different images for a city, they're never simply defined by one thing. Being 'Steel City' was never an adequate definition. We're definitely a music city, definitely an outdoor city. Other things we can do better (retail, museums, stuff to do when it rains, food etc). In the UK there is London, which is a global city. Then there are the big cities/regions Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow. Look at where bands play if they only have a handful of dates in the UK, it's these places. The next rank is the regional capitals (eg Leeds). Then there is Sheff on the next rung..That's where we are and it's fine. All we can do is make Sheff as good as it possibly can be. We can close the gap on Leeds by being different and better in some ways, like Liverpool does with Manchester. But I doubt we can ever 'get promotion' to those higher levels of economic and political importance.
  4. Arrr much?! Even DT draws the line at that.
  5. It's not being knocked down. Hopefully it won't get permission for that.
  6. The Crosspool Tavern isn't very good either but I hope one day it becomes a decent pub. I go in every now and then just to check if it's improved. It never has, but I don't want it turning into a block of flats or a care home. I want it to stay as a pub that might be some good one day. It does at least have the football on. So should I (a) go in all the time? or (b) hardly ever go in? How do we as consumers collectively affect the pub market? It's not in our control. We're at the mercy of pubcos and property developers. A busy pub will still turn into flats if the profit to be had dictates that.
  7. Because it wasn't a very good pub. If it was a place worth visiting it would be busy. But the owner has no interest in that, he's a property developer.
  8. Outrageous. We need to keep this building. Mr Spacepad should be told that in the strongest possible terms. He should then sell it to someone who can make a go of it.
  9. 'Varanasi Inn' - opening soon says a temporary sign on the outside wall. It doesn't look like they've done much to the building or the decor so I'm not expecting much. But even an average Indian is better than an empty building.
  10. White Lion is a great pub with several rooms I imagine you can book for this kind of thing.
  11. Quiches! Quiches! In a pub? Good god, Carter.
  12. When I passed the other day there was a bloke on the roof pulling small trees and greenery out of the chimney. Another flat block then I guess.
  13. Stiff Little Fingers , plus Eddie and the Hotrods, are on there on Sunday. Sounds a good night.
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