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  1. We are allowed. So why would we need to isolate? Just going elsewhere in UK. Might reconsider plans as it’s probably doable, just struggling to weigh it all up.
  2. We were planning to go away Fri afternoon, but although that is possibly technically still allowed I think it's against the spirit of the law so we've cancelled it. I doubt we'll be welcome elsewhere if we're from a Tier3 zone. We're off to Rotherham, Donny or Barnsley for our holidays instead!
  3. The Crosspool stop might prove very handy for a lot of people nearby and would make the overall trip quicker than the train and presumably also cheaper. The cost of a ticket is a key point. For those of us with no rail pass or season ticket the train to Mcr is quite expensive for a 50 minute trip. How much will it cost? I'm sure I used to get a National Express coach in the 1980s that went via either Snake or Woodhead rather than M62.
  4. If the bus services were even adequate then far less people would drive or use taxis. Buses are great but often get stuck in traffic, have long routes with loads of stops, are infrequent at night and at weekends etc etc. Not surprisingly they are unattractive to many travellers for at least some journeys. From my house it's 15 mins drive to NGH or over an hour on 2 buses.
  5. Obviously all major transport infrastructure projects require central govt funding. London has got a huge slice of the cake for decades, but 'oop North' we always get next to nowt. SCR is at least now starting to ask for a bigger share. Franchises and branding etc is all part of the package.
  6. We need the tram extending to cover all the hospitals, NGH especially. With Park and Ride areas at the outer stops. If Sheffield City Region fully 'takes back control' of transport services (like they've always been able to do in London) then this is the sort of thing we can build.
  7. Search price range £500 to £575 in S11 for example gives a few options that look OK. Less than £500 there are very few available that aren't sharing,
  8. I'm pleased to see there seemed to be some kerbstones being laid parallel to the shop fronts to 'fill in' the awkward zigzag pavement and make it a sensible rectangular shape like most other places. I hope those parking bays never return and the shops and cafes can make better use of the outdoor space and build a nice facade on that horrible building. I always assume I won't be able to park there anyway as they are always full.
  9. I recommend Runaround soft play area at Halfway. They reopened on Thursday and it seemed well organised, clean and seemed to work well. Most (possibly all) other soft play areas in the region are still shut. First time I've been there and I'd say it's the best one I've been to. Still awful of course, but the kids love these places and we've really missed them!
  10. The neighbours are far from happy with the mess created in the last 3 years. It's only started deteriorating since the current owner bought it. He appears to have done zero maintenance, allows windows to stay open all year round and bits to accidentally fall off and he has builders' junk and vehicles strewn all over to make it look like a building site. The council served an enforcement order last month to make him tidy up the site and prevent its incremental change of use to a builders' yard. So far he's removed the portacabin and a couple of vehicles, but it's still a mess. Before that it was just a closed pub, it wasn't an eyesore. A couple of months ago all pubs were closed. Are we recommending a policy of allowing them all to fall down and be demolished? We need more housing so let's demolish 25% of all pubs and hey presto plenty of development land.
  11. The neighbours want to keep it. So do loads of other people. It's only an eyesore now because the bloke who bought it tried to change use to a builder's yard. Decision by the councillors today. Hopefully they will say no to demolition and yes to keeping Sheffield's heritage.
  12. I think he's still bemoaning the loss of the wonderful Castle Market and all its characters, the retail and cultural jewel in the crown of our city. All the 'Proper Sheffielders' used to go there until the council ruined their fun.
  13. Planning decision delayed by the virus. Enforcement action taken earlier this month to make him tidy up the site a bit (unauthorised change of use to builder's yard). So the portacabin and cars without reg plates have gone. It still looks a total mess though and the building continues to deteriorate.
  14. Any idea if a decision has been made on this? Maybe it has been delayed again. It has recently had graffiti sprayed on both the screens around the builders' junk, the parked cars and the stonework of the building itself. The words still visible on the building may have been done by kids judging by the language used. I wonder if it's all meant to make the building look more 'derelict' and therefore justify its demolition?
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