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  1. Seems to be nearly ready for reopening. It looks like it's still a bar/pub of some sort.
  2. It's no great loss. I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did.
  3. If I was you I'd only buy a SYorks-wide ticket if I was going outside Sheff - which you're not doing.
  4. That's great news. Now all we need is twice as many of them.
  5. It's better in that it's away from the hordes of people getting on the 52s that roll up every few minutes. With the 51 having nowhere to stop you used to get on almost outside HMV sometimes as it pulled in behind two 52s, or it sailed past without stopping. But it's a pain because there didn't seem to be an electronic sign saying when the next one is due. This is important when the service is so poor. I'd rather not faff about with phone things if possible.
  6. Tried this; I won't rush back. It's sort of OK and would certainly do if you wanted an Indian restaurant rather than a takeaway. The food was OK but nothing special. The furniture and decor feels like they haven't taken enough care to hit the right standard or hadn't done any market research to find what that might be. I got that impression before I went in as the sign outside still has 'Aligargh' clearly visible under the new lettering and that theme continues inside. It's far too bright and the weird purple lighting here and there is wrong. The waiters are buzzing round all the time in an obtrusive way as if they haven't got enough to do. Which maybe they haven't as it wasn't busy so they are overmanned. There are lifesize cardboard cutouts of cartoon-style Indian women. Hmmm. Overall it's not good enough for its location and market. I'd rather get a takeaway (from somewhere else) and eat it at home. A restaurant visit has got to be good and special or I won't bother. I hope they can improve and make a go of it. But in this incarnation I can't see it lasting long.
  7. Is it going to be a wine bar/micropub type of thing?
  8. I called in yesterday afternoon. They've made a nice job of it. It looks and feels like a decent pub now. It's not radically different to the Reet Ale incarnation apart from the lack of massive pizza oven, a nicer paint job and better lighting and overall standard of decor. That's fine though as there wasn't much wrong with it before in my view. Decent range of beers. Thumbs up.
  9. Yet another refurb is presumably almost done. I wonder what this one will bring.
  10. The site is turning into a builder's yard. The heaps of rubble are largely screened off from view. It's a disgrace. I hope the council protect this building before it becomes too late.
  11. If there is still no restriction on it I would advise parking for free in Morrisons and walking.
  12. I think there was some kind of event being filmed outside Crookes WMC (sorry, Social Club). Maybe the light was for that?
  13. Have the planners made a decision on this yet?
  14. Opens 29 July it says on a sign outside.
  15. Just to be clear, I think it's a good idea. I'm merely jesting saying the recycling process is 'right on', you might also call it 'common decency' if you want, or even at a macro level 'making economic sense'. But it needs proper systems behind it otherwise people will just lob these in the normal bin, or the recycling bin (fine but is that green enough?), or smash them on the road or in the playground. The old milk deliveries system worked well. Milk was delivered by almost silent electric vehicles driven by cheery whistling milkpersons. But times change. Consumer demand changed. So that system was dismantled. Maybe something similar can be reconstructed, but only if there is a market for it, or the govt decides to back it with regulation.
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