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  1. I've seen this one too. Although on the face of it a minor thing it's symptomatic of the fact the bus companies don't care about the idea of service.
  2. You've very little chance at that price. If you can manage 650-700 there will be 3 bed houses in Crookes that might suit. I've occasionally seen some around 595-625 but they have looked a bit shabby to be honest. So if the location is critical I'd add a bit more to your rent budget and subtract it from somewhere else.
  3. Yes, it's a busy country road. There are loads of these all over the UK. If you've passed your test you should be able to drive safely on it in all conditions, subject to other road users doing the same. We all make mistakes, but slow down a bit at key points and you make less of them. The Fox House is terrible, but in that tourist hotspot location there is zero competition. So get used to it suckers, it ain't going to change because the firm that runs it don't care about you they only care about profits. To add to the other criticisms it is a ridiculously small and cramped bar area which is hard to get served at when there are more than 2 or 3 people standing there. But - if you can manage to bag seats next to the fire on a cold day and there is a drinkable cask ale on then it can be a pleasant place to wait for the bus. Or if you're thirsty on a hot day it will do the job of providing a cold drink. There, those are my positive bits about the FH.
  4. I think it was on the letter that came from the council. It just said if there are no changes text a message to this number. Amazingly it worked. Well done SCC.
  5. Yes. We have elections every year of one sort or another. People move around all the time so the council need to know who lives where to keep the register up to date. If it's the same people in your house as last time you can just confirm this via text to the council. That's what I did this time and it worked very well.
  6. You can register to vote until 2359 tonight: https://www.registertovote.service.gov.uk/register-to-vote/already-registered So go via that route and make sure you're eligible to vote. It's too late for postal or proxy votes though now.
  7. It’s not Sheffield City Council who could do this it’s Sheffield City Region, the combined authority which includes Barnsley, Rothm and Donny.
  8. Thanks Mel. I'll have a mooch when I get chance.
  9. Whereabouts was the Take 2? Is the building still there? I remember seeing it in the gig listings at the time but never went.
  10. Having been to the Punch Bowl again that's definitely the best pub in the high street area. The Grindstone wasn't right last time I went (after the refurb) and has closed and opened again since. Maybe it's OK I'll have to visit again. Noah's Ark used to score 1 or 2 out of 10 but since the refurb I'd give it 6 - i.e. not terrible but I'm still not going to bother going there. The Mason's Arms is similar - it's no longer terrible but it's not for me. Two Sheds is OK but lacks something, not sure what, and I don't like the seating and layout where you always seem to be in someone's way wherever you are (and have they got shut of the daft rear car seat yet?). So I'd probably go in the Ball in preference to all those.
  11. They do as much as they are allowed to do by the legislation - which isn't much. They can cajole First and Stagecoach and the others a bit. But those companies have to make profits, they don't take orders from the PTE. What the PTE don't do is run buses themselves or put out to tender loads of bus services all over the region.
  12. Not sure how the roadworks affect this if at all, but last time I did this - go over Park Sq roundabout, take 2nd exit for Pond's Forge, follow road round past the Ibis hotel, under bridge, past Pond's Forge, follow road round the corner past Penny Black. There you are.
  13. Were those gigs all at the Poly or other venues too?
  14. Aside from the time it’s taking to complete the work, it looks like a great design to me that will really improve the area.
  15. That's the whole point. SYPTE doesn't plan or control any buses at all. Nor do any of the four councils in South Yorkshire. The PTE merely looks after bus shelters and prints a few timetables and gives an overall veneer of a local planned transport 'system'. The bus companies just provide whatever terrible services they think they can milk profits from. Like all private sector businesses their priority is to maximise profits for shareholders. They are not there to provide a service. The people of the region just have to put up with that. Go and tell Greater London that's the system they should have and see what the reception is to that idea.
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