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  1. Why anyone bothers going in is a a mystery to me. Don’t seem to have any cask ale these days and general air of pub in enforced terminal decline prior to conversion to housing.
  2. It seems to have a massive artificial tree in the middle of the room! Not a xmas tree but a feature tree.
  3. Perhaps the access between the main bus stops on Glossop Rd (and Whitham Rd) and all parts of the hospitals could be improved so that more people could use the many services that stop in the area? The 120 is very frequent and effectively functions as an extension of the tram route passing the RHH all the way to Fulwood. It’s similar on the other side with the 52 route to Crookes. There are also several other bus services. If there ever was a tramline past the Hallamshire, people would still face the same issue of getting from the stop/platform to wherever they’re going in the Hospital. We need to make the pedestrian, wheelchair, pushchair and cycling experience better around all the S10 hospitals. But tram expansion anywhere is pie in the sky. We can make bus services better right away if the will is there. Probably under a new government there will be more chance of this kind of thing. So how about we use the grassy area in front of the hospital to make a small bus interchange for services in both directions? Have lifts up from it straight into corridors serving the hospital. Enable the 120 and other services from town to turn directly in from the main road and loop back on to it again and on towards Fulwood. The tiny roundabout by the Medical School does this now for some buses, but invest in a bigger and better version that all buses can use.
  4. Noodlee Branch in Nottingham has same logo. So maybe a small chain. Looks good.
  5. If so that would be a useful addition if it’s any good and would do well. Sun House (I always think of Son House the blues man) by the post office does nice food and has a few tables and chairs but I don’t think of it as a restaurant.
  6. Irene - perhaps you could open one of your cash only bacon and egg kiosks down there? You could make a fortune from all those office workers. Sell small bottles of beer at £5 a pop and you can call it a cafe bar or artisan food 'kitchen'.
  7. You’re right. It’s all ‘drive-in’ venues in Broomhill these days so this place is doomed.
  8. Stripping out work going on at last. Hopefully something useful will appear in this unit soon.
  9. Sounds interesting. Still need an Indian restaurant, Italian restaurant, chip shop…
  10. Looks like they may have knocked through from Cawa nextdoor. So maybe just one big cafe.
  11. We know it’s being built for Cawa, it said so on the architect’s/builders’ signage inside. The questions are is it making a mega-cafe linking up with the one next door? Or are they closing that then moving here? Or is it another business altogether (eg Indian restaurant or Ukrainian restaurant)? I think it’s not merely another or bigger Cawa coffee shop due to the Eastern window trim. But who knows? We’ll see in time.
  12. Now has some maybe Moorish or Indian style window trim to the glazing. Could it be an Indian restaurant? Big gap in the market for one in Broomhill.
  13. Same issue on Holly Street crossing over West St tram tracks to get to City Hall. Vehicles regularly go through red because they’ve been waiting 2 or 3 minutes and drivers assume they’re faulty. I hope we don’t have a serious accident somewhere on the system before it’s fixed or improved or better understood. We don’t want to hear the dreaded ‘lessons will be learned’ after something terrible has occurred. Sort it now if it’s faulty.
  14. Which of the Sheffield branches are still open? I’d like to go one last time! I read Hillsbro closed yesterday, Meadowhall closes Wed next week. Is the town branch still open?
  15. Never liked the place, so its loss is not mourned by me. Each to their own though. I went twice and it felt like we were being rushed out both times. Part of the point of a cafe is that it's somewhere to sit in the warm and dry for a bit, relaxing. I don't mean for hours either, just slightly longer than it takes to eat or drink whatever you've bought. In recent times they kept putting out those jumble sale shelves full of tat to cordon off part of the pavement. I'm all for outdoor seating areas but that just looked a ridiculous eyesore.
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