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  1. I had something similar a few weeks ago and seemed to fix it when I moved the internet router further away from the TV aerial. Maybe it interferes with the signal?
  2. It's obvious to me that it's not that because Tories always delight in extending those inequalities whenever possible.
  3. There is no clarity about what 'levelling up' means. It's just marketing nonsense to cover up Tory cuts over many many years. Obviously it's not about removing the vast inequalities of health and wealth that exist in this country. https://www.civilserviceworld.com/in-depth/article/on-the-level-what-does-the-government-mean-by-levelling-up
  4. Any advice on the current scheme for help with new boilers? It seems to me that only certain suppliers will do it. So if you’re not with one that does it you’d have to switch. Is that right? Problem at the moment is several suppliers are going out of business. So who do I choose?
  5. In most places not since the days of Blakey, Butler and Olive (the 1970s)!
  6. Very sad. Saw him at the Octagon Centre in 2007. Very funny man and a decent bloke by all accounts.
  7. Any news on this? Building is progressing. My guess is flats but could be shop units too I guess.
  8. Good news that there is some competition for the museum cafe, which is a bit rubbish and expensive for what it is.
  9. Shame if so. Great location, nice building and garden.
  10. What’s this going to be? Hopefully some kind of cafe/bar with a nice outdoor area. But could be something dull like a dentists or flats.
  11. New bar/restaurant opening soon called ‘The Furnace’ on Charter Sq in the new development next to HSBC at the back of Debenhams. Do you mean another different place?
  12. Something something proper Sheffielders something something
  13. So it’s a tribute band festival, with the stipulation that each original act celebrated must have at least one deceased member? Seems an odd concept. Almost any ‘60s band would qualify.
  14. It looks like work has maybe restarted here? Good luck to them it’s a lot of effort and cost. I hope it’s worth it. Could be a great addition.
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