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  1. It could be built on top of the bus station for example.
  2. It's served its purpose helping to regenerate Attercliffe. We should demolish (or repurpose it for permanent indoor sport e.g. the Steelers or similar) and rebuild a better one in the city centre. I saw the Stone Roses at Leeds arena and thought it was an excellent venue - a central location. great sound and views. I've seen several gigs at Sheff arena and have few good memories. Whoever I saw there I always left thinking they would have been better somewhere else and I hadn't properly 'seen' that artist.
  3. That's the key bit. So no problem, the feds will wave you through.
  4. I know the guidelines are a bit vague in places but ‘avoid’ is pretty clear. It’s very easy for me to avoid travelling outside S Yorks if there’s no valid reason for that journey. I agree that ‘area’ is unclear. Does it mean Sheff or all of S Yorks? Etc.
  5. Except you’re not supposed to leave your area. Otherwise you could travel all over the North of England and never leave Tier3.
  6. Yes, I realise we are free to travel out of S Yorks (for example into Derbyshire) and no border guards or police are likely to stop us doing it. I also know loads of people don't take a blind bit of notice of the guidelines and just do as they like, It's more a semi-romantic notion of standing on the border between the two counties of Yorks/Derbys. The ancient regions of Mercia/Northumberland. Midlands/North. Sheff has always had a historic place on this border and seems never to wholly belong in either part. We'll probably do something which is a compromise and not ideal.
  7. So far I've got: - Bradway Road towards Dronfield Woodhouse - A57 near Strines turnoff - Woodall Services (but maybe no good at all due to boundary location) - Near Harthill (not sure where border is) - Rother Valley area somewhere
  8. We want to meet the grandparents in a socially distanced way. As we're not allowed out of our respective counties (S Yorks and Derbys) at present and they're no longer in a childcare bubble I thought we could meet outdoors on the border but without over-stepping it at any point. A sort of Covid-19 Checkpoint Charlie. Do you have any ideas where would be a good place? We need somewhere to park a car safely on both sides and within 2-3 minutes walk of the border meeting point. I've thought of a few but none seem ideal. What would be nice is one where we're on separate banks of a stream or similar. Woodall services is very close to the border but I think it's wholly within S Yorks. Neither car is allowed to drive into the other county at any point remember.
  9. I always think that arrow is a mistake and needs to be repainted as a right turn arrow. When I'm going towards Chesterfield from that side I indicate right as I enter that lane as I know that's what I'm going to be doing at the roundabout. Not indicating would be misleading and confusing for others. Even though the lane says straight on only. At that point it might appear there isn't a right turn (to Chesterfield) option at all, you are just following a lane that is going towards 'C'field' and eventually it does go right.
  10. I'd say use an agent to advertise, check out tenants and do all the initial admin. But if you're still going to be in Sheff once you've picked a tenant, then manage it yourself. I've done both and I would say if the property is in a good enough condition then there should only be routine maintenance issues to deal with. So a managing agent may not be worth the cost. All you need to do is send round a plumber/sparky/handyman whenever a problem crops up. Often the tenant can deal with it themselves to save you going round there. If you're moving away and can't do it yourself then fair enough.
  11. You can get a 3-bed semi in Sheff within a few miles of the city centre for that money too if that's what you want. It's just a question of whether you want to live in that location. Chances are it'll be East of the A61 or it'll be up to half a mile West of it. Get one of those near a tram route and it could work. Or go for a terrace in the areas already suggested.
  12. It's near Westbourne Rd but it was 3 Melbourne Avenue, Sheffield S10 2QJ. See the post on Page 6 by chocki in 2011 on one of the She ff History threads: https://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/topic/48372-where-in-sheffield-was-peter-sutcliffe-arrested/page/6/#comments
  13. You CAN sell them. Put them on eBay for £1+ on auction, or 'buy it now' for £5. It's amazing what sells and it's often worth it to get rid of bulky stuff. Or the council (Veolia) collect 3 large items for £23. Up to 12 items for a bit more: https://www.veolia.co.uk/sheffield/collections/bulky-item-collection-service
  14. We are allowed. So why would we need to isolate? Just going elsewhere in UK. Might reconsider plans as it’s probably doable, just struggling to weigh it all up.
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