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  1. Opens 29 July it says on a sign outside.
  2. Just to be clear, I think it's a good idea. I'm merely jesting saying the recycling process is 'right on', you might also call it 'common decency' if you want, or even at a macro level 'making economic sense'. But it needs proper systems behind it otherwise people will just lob these in the normal bin, or the recycling bin (fine but is that green enough?), or smash them on the road or in the playground. The old milk deliveries system worked well. Milk was delivered by almost silent electric vehicles driven by cheery whistling milkpersons. But times change. Consumer demand changed. So that system was dismantled. Maybe something similar can be reconstructed, but only if there is a market for it, or the govt decides to back it with regulation.
  3. That’s what I meant. I guess they are gambling on Co-op users being ‘right on’ enough to return them.
  4. The 'good schools' and more affluent areas are generally on the West side of the city, the South West corner mainly. That's the key thing that drives the house prices up. The M1 is on the East side, where houses are cheaper and there are also the various urban and rural bits of Rotherham, N Derbyshire and N Notts. So you have to decide which thing is more important to you. Personally I'd find an area you really want to live in and worry about the commuting afterwards. The commute will be a pain whatever you do by the sounds of it.
  5. Are the glass bottles reused? Or are they lobbed into the recycling bin with all other glass for recycling? If the latter is that 'greener' than other packaging?
  6. You're supposed to remove the top but put it in the bin too. The tops are recyclable. With the top left on the dregs ferment and inflate the bottle with gas and waste space, that's why I assume the advice is to remove tops. So you take the top off, crush the bottle a bit and chuck both in the bin. I don't bother rinsing anything out before it goes in the brown bin. I expect the inside of a bin to be less than clean. Surely that would be a waste of water and would also help create fatbergs in the drains? Unless you mean you should rinse everything and empty it on the garden.
  7. I've had this problem with journeys on a Saturday night before. I think it might be because the next day is Sunday so the service has to wind down so the last train terminates before Sunday comes (in case the bible-thumpers object or something). Seems mad though as Sat night is the big leisure night of the week. By the way Leeds to Sheff is OK late on as there are coaches at 0020 and 0220. So when you miss that last train due to having an extra pint don't despair.
  8. No problem anywhere I would say. Keep your top on though no matter how hot it gets.
  9. Comments can be sent to the council here: https://planningapps.sheffield.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=makeComment&keyVal=PSW4P9NYHBR00
  10. I think you might want to look into the local history a bit more.
  11. Yorkshire tourism mostly equates to the Dales and NY Moors national parks, the seaside places, plus Leeds and York. The Yorkshire bit of the Peak District is not included in 'Welcome to Yorkshire' as the Peak park 'belongs' to Derbyshire in tourism terms. Sheffield has a bit of visitor action but not that much really, we can do better.. In terms of positioning or branding or place marketing, it's fine to have a few different images for a city, they're never simply defined by one thing. Being 'Steel City' was never an adequate definition. We're definitely a music city, definitely an outdoor city. Other things we can do better (retail, museums, stuff to do when it rains, food etc). In the UK there is London, which is a global city. Then there are the big cities/regions Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow. Look at where bands play if they only have a handful of dates in the UK, it's these places. The next rank is the regional capitals (eg Leeds). Then there is Sheff on the next rung..That's where we are and it's fine. All we can do is make Sheff as good as it possibly can be. We can close the gap on Leeds by being different and better in some ways, like Liverpool does with Manchester. But I doubt we can ever 'get promotion' to those higher levels of economic and political importance.
  12. Arrr much?! Even DT draws the line at that.
  13. It's not being knocked down. Hopefully it won't get permission for that.
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