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  1. That’s great news. Well done planners. What a blessing it was that 7Stone (bad name, bad idea) never happened. The developments in the centre that we’re getting now are exactly what we need.
  2. Why don't the supermarkets sell mutton? Is it a cultural thing? I enjoy making stuff with lamb but as a former veggie it does seem a bit unnecessary to be eating them. It would make more sense to eat the older animal instead.
  3. The current plan is for it to be flattened and a 'food court' kind of building to be built on the site. I'd rather it was retained and adapted for that kind of new use if that is what's happening there. Or worst case retain the facade as an entrance to the new space. But I think it could all change as things progress. So who knows it may reopen. We need some decent bars round that area.
  4. Public libraries are just one example of the most basic things in the UK that we are most proud of. A good quality public library service is an indicator of a civilised, free society. Libraries should be properly funded and staffed by properly trained and experienced staff. Libraries aren't just about printed books these days and haven't been for decades. Other examples of institutions many are proud of in the UK include the NHS, the BBC etc. What do they all have in common? Yes, they're under threat from the Cummings elite who run our country now.
  5. There is still Bingham's on Western Rd in Crookes: http://www.binghamsfood.co.uk/
  6. If it’s UK, RoI and NL together don’t the Dutch get a turn? Let’s have Jan, Johan, Kees, Wim, Dirk etc.
  7. I imagine if most people are having more than two pints they stick to 'session' ales. So that's why the strong ones don't sell as much. You can't really be having 5 or 6 pints of Axe Edge or Jaipur etc. It's not sustainable, or much fun I don't imagine.
  8. Blizzard and backed up traffic all over Crosspool, One inch deep and rising. So I'm off to panic buy £1 chocolate oranges and Proper Job.
  9. Looks great. I can't see the bit about a roof terrace on the drawings, but that would be good.
  10. Why not live in Leeds or somewhere near in W Yorks like Bingley , Hebden Bridge or Ilkley? Sheff has many positives but it sounds like you need to be near Leeds and York. Is it simply Peaks v Dales?
  11. On the other hand it's quite annoying to meet someone for a few pints and a chat in a selected quiet pub only to find a pub quiz then kicks off, usually with the MC's mic turned up to 11 and distorted. So it's time for a quick exit. It always seems the pub would rather serve those people, who barely spend any money on drinks and eat only the free sandwiches, than normal drinkers. I've had this in the Rising Sun at Nether Green for example but elsewhere too.
  12. If it was me I'd be looking for a different house. If it's a problem now it's going to affect the resale value. as things like that can put some people off no matter what certificates you've got to say it's fixed. If it was a Georgian mansion that you were getting at a fraction of its value because of this issue, then maybe you could sort the problem and it might be worth putting up with it. Otherwise move on I'd say.
  13. Deadline is now extended to 21 Feb for comments. See letter from Councillor Anne Murphy and other documents.
  14. But surely the form-filling is related to the cleanliness and all-round food safety regime isn't it? Confirming the stuff they have done to ensure this, time after time, not as a one-off exercise. That's the point of it. It's not needless 'red tape' that we need to sweep away. We'd all rather they had the paperwork they're supposed to.
  15. We could pedestrianise much more of the city centre and make the other bits much more pedestrian-friendly. York seems to have made a success of it. I know we're not comparable to York in many ways. But if everyone knows they can't drive right into the city centre and expect to park outside the shop/pub/theatre they're visiting then they may actually use the car parks that are dotted around the fringes. Or just park for free further out and walk it. Or get a bus. Or a tram. Or cycle.
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