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  1. It's a shame its happened now the music genre upstairs has changed. Corp is known for being an alternative club, and hasn't ever had anything like this happen until the rock music was replaced by the kind of music found in clubs that attract this type of person. Of course it could just be a coincidence...
  2. I'd have thought West Street Live would have you all! Live bands and super cheap beer.
  3. Have you thought about Graves up at Norton? I think their prices are quite good compared to Virgin Active.
  4. Whoever she was with must be a crap friend to not notice she wasn't there when they left.
  5. Most of the time the Avenue are running at least 45 minutes behind as it is, so if everyone relocates there I can't even begin to imagine the delays that will happen.
  6. I think the main reason for that pub forever changing hands is because of the lack of beer garden. Theres no real point in using the car park as its very shady most of the time, and the seating outside is nice but the sun very quickly drops, and you're still essentially sat by a main road. I think, if the area doesn't get much use as it is (although I can't work out which bit of the park they think this is? Perhaps the bit to the right of the pub, with the flower beds?) then perhaps its worth utilising it. It sounds like the pub are willing to put quite a large investment into it, so why not.
  7. Theres too many good restaurants in London Road for it to become a "no-go" area. Nothing is going to keep me away from some of the tasty thai on offer down there!
  8. I am a bit of a sucker for Tripadvisor, theres not many places ill plan to go without looking it up on there first. But of course, word of mouth always wins. I have to admit that impromptu meals out without a quick peek at the menu (at the very least!) makes me slightly nervous, haha.
  9. Totally agree. There are pubs for sports (Spoons, Champs etc) and there are boozers for chatting, and well...boozing. I would say a lot of people avoid the former, as it normally means that you're trying to chat with friends whilst people are screaming at the telly stood next to you. I'd say in this day and age you're either a pub, or a sports bar, and its quite hard to successfully be both.
  10. Sharrow Vale has markets every now and then, and a wander down then in and out of the little independent shops is always worth an hour or so of your time, (especially a shop at Eve Kitchen for one of their incredible doughnuts!) You say that you like gentle exercise but when in Sheffield you could always give climbing a go. South Sheffield has the Climbing Works, which is bouldering, and in town there is Awesome Walls and the Foundry, which both have a little bouldering but are mainly roped climbing. Then of course the peak district within a 10 minute drive - how lucky are we to have that right on the doorstep. Walks galore, and day trips to Castleton, Bakewell, Hathersage etc.
  11. I know lots of people who don't drink that go to Rassam's Creamery at the bottom of London Road. I think they're open quite late as well.
  12. Its this case. They've been ferried too and from the court most days for a few weeks now. https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/trio-used-dirty-harry-style-gun-to-murder-sheffield-man-in-drive-by-shooting-court-told-1-9029159
  13. Is the Doctor's Orders the one on the corner? Supposed to have really good food.
  14. We've had lots of good meals at Italian Kitchen in the past. And its worth checking Groupon before you go because they usually have something on offer on there too!
  15. Cubanas in Leopold Square is delicious, but if you want something a bit more intimate, i'd try La Mama on Abbeydale Road.
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