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  1. A lot of assumptions . Most employees bitch about their management and forget they’re employed to do a job and have a job description... and that their managers have a job description and are also managed.... Maybe the recruitment day is so they actually attract the right kind of people with the right attitude and mix of customer skills... maybe managers have managed people properly and weeded our the lazy , those with bad attitudes or those who take the **** with sickness
  2. One would think , if this is (and I don’t believe it is for one second) a union rep would see straight through this straight away and would refuse to even put it to members. Interesting yesterday to read that Unite were bragging yesterday of a £46 million strike fund which they are itching to use ....
  3. You’d expect a good union to be able to dispute this then .. if that’s not correct .
  4. Probably a driver ? ---------- Post added 03-07-2018 at 12:51 ---------- Greed based on a 4.4% offer
  5. Speculation at its finest. Bullying ? On what evidence? More likely they don’t like being properly managed for sickness and abscences etc ... with a touch of greed thrown in.
  6. You seriously think they’re underpaid ? Pmsl . ? Tell that to care workers wiping arses day in day out and would kill for a generous offer like whats been made or what they've had over the last few years. Is it the new law that people receive above inflation pay rises now ? I’d bite their hand off for what’s being offered over 2 years And strikes equal loss of takings which mean less money to fund pay rises
  7. You certainly know alot about the workings , salaries and staffing levels of supertram for someone who only got 1% last year Certainly not an ‘underpaid undervalued axe grinding’ driver ? ---------- Post added 22-06-2018 at 17:59 ---------- Without the revenue there would be no pay offer at all would there! Still. Waiting for someone to post what increases drivers and conductors have had over last 7 years while rest of us got 1% or pay freezes ...‼️
  8. 6% over 3 years for doing a more valuable job comparrd to nearly 5% over 2 years. What were your increases over last 5 years when nhs/public sector got 1%?
  9. Wow! They want more than NHS workers who save lives! And fail to mention the increases in previous years when everyone had pay freezes etc. Theyre paid well as it is. 26p per hour is a very decent pay rise . No sympathy for them
  10. Well it takes as long as it takes i guess..and lets be honest the tram WAS there before these places were built......you can't say you didn't notice
  11. There’s always somebody on here who posts whatever they like no matter how one sided, and with no measurable comparator #axegrinder
  12. How’s about you write a factual post showing accurate comparisons of how many buses and regional trains were cancelled, broke down or late You might have a shred of credibility then
  13. I’ll clear this up for you .... nope i’m not- I’m a regular 9-5er with an office job who commutes daily via Supertram Funnily enough I suspected you of being an ex Stagecoach employee with an axe to grind ---------- Post added 18-02-2018 at 20:26 ---------- Nicely edited from the original post
  14. One wonders when you’ll find something else to have a vendetta about
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