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  1. I can see it now, a company rep turns up with his samples in his panniers, goes into reception and takes off his cycle clips and helmet. Informs the receptionist he has an appointment with the buyer. What will they think?
  2. If cyclists are to have their own piece of road then why not tax them for the upkeep.
  3. I have anew bike and panniers full of kit to do my job and I live on Jenkin Avenue. Heart attack waiting to happen.
  4. Maybe the council should give everyone a pair of roller skates or a scooter🛴
  5. I do not live in another city not far away, I live in Sheffield.
  6. This cost of parking is the very reason I do not venture into the city centre at all.
  7. I don't think Planner1 takes into consideration the time it takes to walk to the bus route, waiting for a bus, travel on said bus and then walk to a destination. If I were to use this method of transport it would be an all day job.
  8. If I could walk 40 minutes each way I would. This thread was started due to Shalesmoor being congested which is a ring road and is if I'm wrong supposedly a route AROUND the city centre.
  9. Only to create problems where there were none before
  10. Would it not have been a better idea to use part of the pathway to create a cycle lane rather than one whole lane of the road. That way everyone would be happy(ish). Even on Penistone road the cycle lane is intermittent therefore cyclists do use the main highway rather than their cycle lane. This in turn slows traffic down as the driver has to pass a cyclist at a safe distance and cannot do this due to traffic in the outside lane. I doubt people were trying to access the city centre, just trying to get home.
  11. It seems to me the Council are doing a good job of driving people away from the city centre with these "temporary" measures. I for one would guess these measures become permanent. I feel for the drivers who have to queue in the traffic along Shalesmoor. ECCOnoob has it spot on. Much as I hate shopping it's Meadowhall from now on.
  12. Tx denotes the head is Torx which is a trade mark and made under license. These come in a variety of sizes from Tx5 the smallest to Tx60 the largest. If your screws are all the same head size I suggest you take one with you to buy the correct size. These can be purchased from Wickes but would less expensive at Toolstation. Hope this helps.
  13. Appolo Metals on Saville street I find reasonable for small quantities. Also Kenrey steels at Deepcar may help. Good advice from Thorpist. Make sure the rods are dry too.
  14. Ah, this takes me back to around 1970/1 and we had every year an inter departmental 5 a side footie competition at the sports ground. I think No 2 fitters won it every year if memory serves. Great times,great people.
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