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  1. Hi Bob There is two parts to lasting power of attorney. One for health and one for wealth. I believe it has to be and certainly better done by a solicitor who will talk you through and advise on everything as ours did. It isn't a lengthy process with the solicitor but it has to go to London (I forget where) which can take up to 8 weeks. I would imagine cost vary from one company to another but there are mandatory costs to make it legal. Both me and my wife did ours about 18 months ago and I thin it was around £1400 for both of us and for both health and wealth. Hope this helps.
  2. Bar codes are just a string of numbers to denote the product. In addition to the date, sometimes there is another set of numbers/letters which the manufacturer can use to detect when it was canned.
  3. J H Aggregates Bramley Tel 07496 311702 Mark Smyth & Son Sheffield 6 Tel 0114 231 1233 Hague plant Claywheels lane
  4. If I remember correctly you couldn't buy fish and chips on Sunday.
  5. I gave in a few years ago after my GP continually asked me to take statins. Within a week I could hardly walk for the pain in my knees. Went back to the GP and he changed them for a different statin. This one gave me swollen ankles so I stopped. I even tried a third one and this gave me intolerable acid so stopped them too. Have not taken any since and I,m fine so far.
  6. I would suggest in the first instance a verbal warning at most a written warning.
  7. I think Gallahers was where Lidl is now and the filling station was lower down where the mobility shop and others is situated. Also thought the filling station was Mobil but may be wrong or it changed to Texaco
  8. Is this a record? Bought the car yesterday and received the V5C today in the post. So much for saying they are 8 weeks behind.🤔
  9. I traded my car in less than 3 hours ago and have received an E-mail from DVLA acknowledging I am no longer the owner of the vehicle just traded in. Have you checked your E-mails?
  10. I don't know who commissioned this rubbish. We changed channel after about 2 minutes. An American idea brought over here. No doubt if it's deemed successful there will be spin offs and or copycat ideas. Heaven help us if this happens.
  11. Not my cuppa tea either. Saying that there isn't much on at all. That's why I'm on here now. All these channels and several channels have the same programme on at the same time. The sooner the BBC stops holding us to ransom by having to pay the license fee the better
  12. There could and probably was a significant temperature difference unless the pool was heated which I doubt. A few years ago it took me 5 minutes to fully immerse in the hotel pool in Sorrento, Italy. This was a the height of summer too. No I wasn't being a woos either, it was really cold water. Shock could have been an issue with the tragic event in Spain.
  13. Have you tried Screwfix? https://www.screwfix.com/p/rr010010c-general-purpose-ribbed-matting-black-2500mm-x-915mm/49538?tc=BA5&ds_kid=92700036997967523&gclsrc=aw.ds&ds_rl=1241687&ds_rl=1245250&ds_rl=1249407&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIk9DA86aM5QIVTtHeCh2aowhWEAQYASABEgK1z_D_BwE
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