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  1. I have changed several times and not once have I been pestered to have a smart meter. I said no when I changed to the new supplier and not heard anything since. I read my own meters once a month and send it to them. They seem happy with the result. If the smart meters send info to the supplier on a regular basis then surely they have to employ someone to download and analise the results.
  2. If I can put my comment into the mix. We have been buying cement on and off for months now and the best and consistent price seems to be at B & Q at £4.02 per bag.
  3. We used Blinds2go for Perfect Fit venetian blinds and found them very reasonable. These fit onto our patio doors and were very easily fitted. The bracket supplied is pressed in between the glass and the rubber seal no problem. Just give them the dimensions of the window and they do the rest.
  4. Have you tried Jepsons on Est Bank Road
  5. I have batteries fitted at Morris Bywater on Pinstone street £5 last time
  6. i I hope you do not become one of 1.5% who do not recover should you contract it.
  7. I do not agree with increasing the speed limit on Penistone road. Not due to costs but safety. There are too many pedestrians on that particular road.
  8. I would have thought the pavement width on the stretch of road in question is wide enough for dedicated cycle lane. There would probably be more cyclists than pedestrians on there.
  9. I use parcel2go.com. They find the cheapest and you do not have to provide postcodes. Hermes is usually the cheapest.
  10. I can see it now, a company rep turns up with his samples in his panniers, goes into reception and takes off his cycle clips and helmet. Informs the receptionist he has an appointment with the buyer. What will they think?
  11. If cyclists are to have their own piece of road then why not tax them for the upkeep.
  12. I have anew bike and panniers full of kit to do my job and I live on Jenkin Avenue. Heart attack waiting to happen.
  13. Maybe the council should give everyone a pair of roller skates or a scooter🛴
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