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  1. until
    This year our open day is Sunday 12th December from 11am to 4pm. There will be a band, stalls, engines will be running, miniature train rides and plenty of things to see. Oh and yes Father Christmas will be there too for kids of all ages. Hopefully see you there. For directions go to topforge.co.uk
  2. Our Council is considering parking pay and display machines not taking cash or cards. https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/politics/thousands-of-sheffield-motorists-could-be-left-stranded-if-pay-and-display-machines-stop-accepting-cash-and-cards-3397902?utm_campaign=shef-newsletter-news-api&utm_medium=email&_hsmi=164547243&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-9Yd3u2V5csrxQSQCXEuj_KarO7KPuoWHB77uKo8dPYP5FmELmjMGTGjIqfBpGzWR3Vy5nwo0SZni8OfYdLuuK0ifwlpLN9aCrRSkb39Op9GCnr4xU&utm_content=164547243&utm_source=hs_email I for one will not be venturing anywhere near the city centre if this becomes the norm. Although I do have a mobile phone I do not always carry it with me. The days have long passed since a mobile was stuck to my ears and now is only used for emergency situations.
  3. Well said. It is only for one year anyway. 2.5% is better than nowt. Some of the wingers may well need later in life the help the money generates.
  4. Anna, Try this web address which is our dentist and I believe they are taking new patients. http://www.thompsonandthomas.net/fairlawns.asp
  5. I suggest you read the Government web pages at https://www.gov.uk/working-for-yourself. You will need to keep records of incomings and outgoings. Good luck
  6. Try hoylandreclamation.co.uk Despite the name they do sell wood.
  7. I have several jigsaw puzzles should you want them. Purchased during lockdown and don't like doing them twice.
  8. Try these two. https://www.hoylanddismantling.co.uk/products.php https://www.peplows.com/raj-green
  9. I looked into this possibility but no can do. Voting closes at 10pm and that's it done all but the counting. I shall be contacting the winning councillor when we know who it is. My niece is overseeing at here voting station and she says the same. The taxi idea is OK but the cost would exorbitant if there are hundreds or even thousand like me.
  10. Not having read all the posts I'm not sure if this has been covered. Has anyone else on here elected to vote by post and not received the papers. I know there has been a printing error but we were assured everyone would receive them in time. Well we have not. Really annoyed about this and having e mailed elections@sheffield.gov.uk surprisingly as yet no reply😡
  11. In an addition to my previous answer, according to Graces guide it was 1993 when James Neill changed the name to Neill Tools.
  12. I worked at Neill tools from 1967 - 1980. Moore & wrights were bought by Neill tools in 1970. Can't be more specific than this.
  13. I needed to buy some pet food which I do online. They were offering a new product which was... A PETSPRESSO COFFE E machine😀
  14. I agree with Waldo and others. She definitely wears the trousers.
  15. I was on a zoom meeting last evening and my camera was not working and neither was the microphone but I could still go ahead and listen to the spokesperson. I received a link to join the meeting and it loaded from there.
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