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  1. I bet every driver breaks the speed limit rules every day at some point. Yes she did wrong but I don't think she will/should resign but I do think she should repay all her salary from the time she was suspended up to the day until she returns back to work.
  2. Mine rose over 100% a couple of months ago.
  3. I believe Riley's sold out a few years ago. It is now Sheffield Tolling company Ltd. Tel 0114 2434703. Good luck
  4. My uncle worked there as a cabinet maker although not sure of the years, probably 1950's. Sadly no longer with us and no photographs either.
  5. There are some folks who are genuinely skint and them who say they are but have 50" tv's and new phones.
  6. It is possible to weld cast iron but it is a bit of a faff. You have to clean out the crack first to create a "V" to infill and heat it up prior to welding with a special Electrode rod. Sorry I can't think of anywhere who would do this for you. Maybe some other forum member can assist you.
  7. Is anyone else having problems with Virgin E mails. They seem to have changed the home page and now i cannot log on to E mails😡
  8. I too have this problem on some days. My internet speed is 100+
  9. I worked Monday to Friday in Telford for several years although never stayed over the weekend. To see it come second, well my gob has never been so smacked.
  10. If you wish to donate goods rather than cash then follow this link. They are driving to Poland with as much as possible next week 11th March https://www.fletcherswaste.co.uk/donations-for-ukraine-in-sheffield/
  11. A big gripe of mine is the fact that most items which could be sold loose are now packed in multiples. Not only are they multi packed but are wrapped in a material which cannot be recycled, and when you open it up there are bruises which have been placed at the bottom so you can't see it. When it comes to meat and fish the packaging is so awkward to unwrap I really do not know how people with arthritis cope. The supermarkets tell us it is what we want but IMO it is the fact that it is easier and speedier for them to put it through the till with the bar code. When does a grape vine produce 500g of grapes? Someone has to handle and weigh them before packing them which adds to the cost, they don't do it for nowt. M & S are the worst culprit for packaging. They have aisle after aisle full of ready meals and pre packed food. Rant over
  12. I've had composite decking for over 10 years now. It looks great when clean but the colour has fades over the years. Mine was American made ( not that this made any difference). The spacers provided in y opinion are not wide enough and there is virtually no gap between the boards in places and water gathers. Another point is that when wet and/or frosty it can be very slippery. In addition there are small cracks appeared along the edges of the boards. I did e mail the manufacturer in the USA and they did compensate me for some of the cost. They did not have to do that as they had bought out the original manufacturing company. I hope this provides a useful insight.
  13. I used Ron Harrison on London road for an old tatty photo of my grandad and they removed all the blemishes.
  14. Do come back to us if/when you contract it
  15. until
    This year our open day is Sunday 12th December from 11am to 4pm. There will be a band, stalls, engines will be running, miniature train rides and plenty of things to see. Oh and yes Father Christmas will be there too for kids of all ages. Hopefully see you there. For directions go to topforge.co.uk
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