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  1. What rubbish! Do you have proof? Travelling at that speed a bike can stop in 2m with cyclists much more aware of their surroundings than any can pilot.
  2. You must be joking or pulling one in your pants. A bike hitting anyone at 8mph is not going to cause catastrophic injuries. Sadly pedestrians are routinely road users getting round your wanpanzer parked on the pavement. Riding down Prince of Wales Road, a dog on a long lead run at me to bite me but eneded up catching its leg in my front wheel. I stopped very quickly and made sure the dog was ok with the lady apologising for the dog running at me. They went on their way and when I tried to set off my wheel was buckled with the rim bent beyond repair so I had to buy a new wheel. If B needs insurance so does P.
  3. Totally laughable that people are giving this time
  4. Getting a late diagnosis is very frustrating as it makes you feel like you've lost out on time and support. Have you been in touch with the local support group https://sheffieldautisticsociety.org.uk/
  5. A taxi driver across the road has a floodlight PIR and shines across the road through my elderly neigbours window at night when he retuns at silly hours. This makes the bedroom light up which wakes her and becomes very annoying. If the flood light was fixed higher with hooded directional lamps facing the area that needed the light it wouldn't be a problem but he went for the cheap option not the thoughtful option. Sorry but I think your neighbour has every right to let you know but not to interfere with the light himself.
  6. I see may terraced houses with damp floor problems due to tarmac being laid up to the brick wall over the level of the damp course.
  7. When we do have rain it will just run off the ground like a sheet of plastic. We need a few days of drizzle first or the water will run off and flood lower ground. To help gardeners can rake the moss out of grass and aerate the ground.
  8. It is hard to talk about any subject without being labelled something or other because of your view about another labelled group. I'm glad you are thinking about them. It was over a decade ago now since I volunteered with the Archer Project over a few winters. The people were very much in need of help and they did get it through support workers taking them through application forms whilst other joined in group activities waiting their turn.
  9. Some houses are HMO's or have a large extended family so one house can have 3-4 car owners to exacerbate the situation further. I would like to see car ownership only for those who can park off-road and that does not mean cutting down trees or losing grass verges or gardens so they can be made into car parks. If parking is important to you, get in touch with an estate agent who can look for more suitable accomodation for you. I would like to see the whole of Sheffield as permit only parking if cars are on the road for more than 4 nights per week and to lose pay and display if you have a valid permit.
  10. Class news reader from GB News, disgusting Oldham labour council & GMPolice. The reason why they are not doing anyting is they are knee deep in being found out the top ranking officers are part of the gang. How else would you know where to pick up the 12 year old girl from a police station.
  11. Road marking come and go, its like using a crisp packet as a land mark. On the roundabout you have two difference types of lane markings left side are short with long gaps right side are long with short gaps which indicate to stay in lane.
  12. If you no longer need the switch cut the legs and remove each leg in turn. If you have a desoldering pump it should be easy to do each leg.
  13. The news today highlights proposals to remove passports and driving licences from recreational drug users with the first offence paying for a drug awareness course. Its a kind of natural selection filter, so let them do what they want and the consequences of their actions will soon catch up with them. The police and courts are all part of a money making scheme paid for by tax payers and victims. Why would they want to put people away when it pays their wages?
  14. I had the pleasure of witnessing this phenomenon in my garden with the ants crawling out of the hot stone wall onto an adjacent hebe and the all flying off in the same direction. Not sure if they disperse or meet at pre-arranged RV.
  15. As soon as the temp gets above 25 degrees celsius I cant work so I'm going to be working 6am to noon on Monday and Tuesday. It worked well in central Germany and hit the open air pools in the afternoon. The gazebo in the garden will be my temporary office . I've got a Britta water filter jug in the fridge and doubled up on ice cubes.
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