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  1. You just don't get it do you? Why not think of it another way. If a car is indicating left or indicating right you know that they are going to do something like move left, move right or overtake. If a cyclist moves to the right side of the lane you could interpret that they are going to turn right. If they are in the middle of the road you could interpret that the rider senses a hazard which you are oblivious to and it is not safe to overtake in the lane keeping the rider and YOU safe. To get a sense of perspective, a cyclist holds you up for 20 seconds going round a bend or moving up to the next set of lights but then you are prepared to sit in a queue of cars holding you up for ten minutes.
  2. That's why there are two road positions taught. Secondary position - 0.75m from the kerb or arms length so cars can get past when its clear leaving a 1.5m gap as in the first post. Primary position - when approaching junctions or when its not safe to overtake.
  3. https://roadtraffic.dft.gov.uk/custom-downloads/road-accidents/ Accident year Casualty severity Local authority Road user Casualties 2020 Slightly injured Sheffield Pedestrian 85 2020 Seriously injured Sheffield Pedestrian 57 2020 Killed Sheffield Pedestrian 3 2020 Slightly injured Sheffield Pedal cycle 83 2020 Seriously injured Sheffield Pedal cycle 40 2020 Seriously injured Sheffield Motorcycle 28 2020 Slightly injured Sheffield Motorcycle 27 2020 Killed Sheffield Motorcycle 2 2020 Seriously injured Sheffield Car (Includes taxis and minibus) 114 2020 Slightly injured Sheffield Car (Includes taxis and minibus) 470 2020 Killed Sheffield Car (Includes taxis and minibus) 3 2020 Slightly injured Sheffield Bus or coach 31 2020 Seriously injured Sheffield Bus or coach 5 2020 Seriously injured Sheffield Van / Goods 3.5 tonnes mgw or under 1 2020 Slightly injured Sheffield Van / Goods 3.5 tonnes mgw or under 12 2020 Slightly injured Sheffield HGV 2 2020 Slightly injured Sheffield Other vehicle 5 2020 Seriously injured Sheffield Other vehicle 2 970
  4. It goes without saying that the majority of drivers are good people willing to share the road with other road users and can spare the time to overtake safely. What we are talking about here is a minority of drivers that cause someone to be injured or killed every day on Sheffield's roads. No cyclist is Sheffield has caused death or serious injury or even the threat of serious injury so the argument for a reflective hate crime is ludicrous. If a same sex couple holding hands is set upon by someone who doesn't agree with their lifestyle how is that different from someone intentionally driving or pushing them off their bike because they don't like their mode of transport or their position on the road? Archaic driving laws are not fit for purpose. Getting points on a licence is not going to solve the social problem so making the attitude socially unacceptable will work better.
  5. He is not alone though with his thoughts, many others utter the same thing. The Police have been criticised in the past for their institutional attitudes to miners during the coal strikes, Liverpool fans in Hillsborough or girls in Rotherham. So should drivers be criticised for their attitude towards other road users where they put lives in danger.
  6. Cyclists experiencing the same treatment up and down the country are going to be calling for that very thing
  7. When I ride my bike to work, like people drive to work, I am often greeted with "Get to the edge of the road!" This is usually always accompanied by an angry self important tone. When I was moving tanks and helicopters by road people were a little more respectful. I am not going to ride in the gutter so I can get drivers passing within six inches of me to get past and then stop at the queue of traffic at the next lights forcing me to either brake or change direction. If it is safe to overtake I will ride in the secondary position. If it is not safe to overtake I will ride in the primary position, which is the middle of the lane, This is a forward indication for drivers behind that is is not deemed safe by the rider in front to overtake Riders may move into the primary position on tree bound bends or they can hear a car in front approaching, something which car drivers cannot sense. Close Pass is an initiative being rolled out by police forces across the UK to reduce the number of accidents caused by drivers not giving enough space to people riding bikes. South Yorkshire Police have a number of riders attending the Bikeability scheme which includes the National Standards set by the Department for Transport. They are routinely going into live traffic, putting themselves at risk to identify bad drivers who, on purpose, drive too close to cyclists. I am particularly interested as my children are wanting independence along with their friends, reaching the age where they want to be out cycling on the roads so I’m keen to find out about anything that can make this safer for them.
  8. until
  9. I reckon anyone who has won the Ballon d'Or nearly as many times as Lionel Messi is top of their game. I am sure that his M.U. team mates will eventually work out how to get the ball to him and how he, and everyone works best.
  10. Like spider1 says, pay peanuts and you will get a monkey. The price of bricks have rocketed recently so even a small 1 x 2m wall will cost about £400 to build
  11. You don't need to go as far as London to see that bent coppers are everywhere. The so called public findings are not as comprehensive as they should be with officers being let off serious conduct offences and given reflective practice instead. https://www.southyorks.police.uk/about-us/our-standards/misconduct-findings/
  12. All the growing pains of Brexit in motion. Skills shortage will leads to more skilled workers Worker shortage will lead to better pay Better pay will lead to higher tax revenues High tax revenues will lead to better services
  13. How can a discussion forum be biased? It is the people posing the threads who have some question, point or agenda. People from any point of view can reply what they like, within the rules.
  14. Well done to all those who took part in the Bike to School week. hope fully see more of this over the coming months
  15. I take a breath and a pause as I have a great respect for life but my view on high security long term prison is to make them all organ donors so good people can live proper lives. We have too many pressures on public money with life jail a luxury we can no longer afford.
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