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  1. Source is relevant. Although facts might be true they have very little to do with Trump being racist. If I'll endorse you will that mean you are gun toting redneck? If my employee will tell you that flat I own is no longer available will that mean I lied to you? And that I hate Robins? If someone else did it? They link irrelevant facts from span of 30 years that might suggest he is racist in slightest way and they could only come up with 13 poor ones. No-one in their right mind could believe he lied to THOSE SPECIFIC black people mentioned in that joke of an article. You know, those looking to rent properties through estate agency he owned. I am sure he lied to black, brown, red, yellow and white. Gay, straight, men women and made up gender too. Multiple times. And that was proven. But still nothing racist there. Well there you have it. I can't recall how many times someone used racist comments towards me. So F what. I used some unpleasant words in return. People will call you names. If they cant use ones based on race or gender they will use those based on your intellectual capacity, assumed sexual preferences, social group or simply will call you a genital. Deal with it.
  2. Raising minimum wage is causing job losses. Big corporations usually work in wasteful way with massive overheads and small profit margins. Since they employ thousands of people on minimum wage even small rise causes substantial increase in costs. Last raise in minimum wage caused substantial cuts in hours in supermarkets for example. They could look for savings elsewhere but its 'wages' account that increased so it got trimmed back to size.
  3. Oh look, huffington post. That is truly reliable source - of leftie propaganda. And even they could not come up with anything truly racist. Stupid - yes. Inappropriate - almost every time. Insensitive - as could be expected. But being endorsed by KKK boss is nothing to do with him because that is someone else doing something he has no control over. Some of his employees could be racist. But noone in their right mind can believe that Trump personally lied to black people trying to rent out some hole in Brooklyn. That guy was never openly racist. He is just openly stupid. She was in Miss Universe. That is most sexist thing in eastern world and she singed up for it. So Miss Piggy is irrelevant. As for Miss Housekeeping ask your Polish plumber about it. Or Pakistani taxi driver. Its only racist if you really want it to be. It's not even mildly offensive. And it wasn't in 1996. Well he is lesser evil. Completely unsuitable but lesser evil still. They are pretty screwed on choices.
  4. Can you point to anything like that he said? I know he said loads of stupid things but I cant recall anything racist.
  5. And brexiteers will never get over 50% votes. Time will tell. Those elections are not about democrats or republicans, they are about new and old oligarchy. We saw something like this in Russia some time ago. New oligarchy took over and old oligarchy fled to London. Anyone fancies subletting to Clintons?
  6. Iron and ironing board. I think missus uses those artefacts, I cant even imagine why. As for bread maker we use it quite extensively. One can make quality bread that has taste and texture unlike store bought sponges. You can make bread with everything, even bacon. I prefer one with some oregano and olive oil, maybe some sun dried tomato.
  7. Never bathe dog in anything with any fragrance. Dogs hate it and will roll in all sorts to get rid of that smell as soon as they can. Hard soap was best for my dogs.
  8. We have welcoming tolerant society. Already. You don't have to believe in idea of it, you have to believe in reality of it. If you believe we don't you are hard line leftie. Right?
  9. But police in UK can asses circumstances. And if you can demonstrate otherwise to police you won't have to go to court. The point is I don't think we have anything like that here. They have to prove your wrongdoing, circumstances only make that easier. Like the fact that most cars move forward in your example. That single fact makes strong case against anyone with smashed front end. Assuming that motorist is always at fault just because car is heavier is just wrong. Bicycle is more manoeuvrable. At sea more manoeuvrable lighter vessels usually have to give way to heavier less manoeuvrable ones. But this might be debate over nothing as we don't really know Dutch law or police practices. And they have totally different cycling culture and infrastructure there.
  10. Let me point you to OP Whole thing is about distressed women who got IVF. There surely were more then 5 cases of IVF a year. It's just that those five were mistreated by healthcare system. They got IVF when they needed psychiatrist or some other help.
  11. I guess I can elaborate on that a bit more if anyone wants to challenge that. Normal healthy human beings are not afraid of other human beings. In that case IVF is a cry for help.
  12. If police assumes your guilt and you have prove you are not guilty in court this is just wrong.
  13. If someone makes a poor choice they end up with two children. Or even three children. Children having children. Just because someone had 18th birthday doesn't mean they are grown adults. Women who turn to IVF should have mental health thoroughly examined. If they are afraid of men maybe a crime should be reported. Maybe some counselling is in order. Maybe some underlying mental health issue needs to be treated. Normal healthy women are not afraid of men. Period.
  14. If that persons only policy or selling point would be open gayness - no way in hell. I would prefer prime minister to be someone with political views and goals voted in based on that. You know - merit. As for eastern Europe comment - Poland has openly gay city mayor, ex member of parliament and gay MPs. Czechs have gays in parliament. Slovaks too. And Lithuanians. Latvians have gay minister. I guess we are not progressive enough. We need to elect token gay fast. Black muslim crossdressing gay would tick most boxes. Is this some sort of leftie troll baiting tread?
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