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  1. Hi, could anyone recommend anywhere else I could take a chain to be mended? I was going to go to parkers this week! Thanks
  2. Hi, there is one across the road in crookes valley park, could that he what your thinking of? There is a pond in Weston park
  3. Unfortunately 2 men were stabbed in Hillsborough last night. Hope they both recover from their injuries
  4. I'm 'only' 45 and I have the same trouble! I'm so far behind with technology it's scary, I'm clueless! I don't want to do internet banking or social media or any of that stuff. I dread to think what I'll be like with it if I get to be an oap.
  5. Hello, does anyone know if the road is reopen and the 57's running to Stockbridge or if I will still need to get the tram and sl bus tommorow? Thanks
  6. This seems to be a never ending discussion. I'm sure there's half a dozen identical threads on here. Why can't everyone just agree that sometimes motorists, cyclists and pedestrians do things they shouldnt. People just need to look out for each other a bit more. I've been hit by a cyclist while I was stood on the pavement and had a few near misses with cars going through red lights on crossings. (I don't drive or cycle so have no bias towards either). It just seems pointless going over the same arguments over and over.
  7. Good morning, I have been thinking of the wrong place all together! I thought it was the shops at morrisons next to the bus station. Clearly I misread an earlier post! Thanks
  8. I don't quite understand where these flats will be. From earlier posts it seems they will be built actually on top of the shops in the exchange but then bradfield road is mentioned too. Can anyone advise? Thanks
  9. Hello I think it may be because of the trams not running to middlewood so there are quite a few extra buses going in to the interchange at the moment. I agree, it seems like a good idea. The buses cause chaos at the bottom of Ripley street when they come out of the interchange and block all the road off.
  10. Good evening, I thought that layby had been pay and display for a long time. The bus stop has been in use for a couple of weeks now as Michael says. They are a bit late posting your flyer!
  11. The cafe near hillsborough park is excellent and dog friendly. I think it's called the riverside but I'm not sure. Also the cafe at rivelin has outdoor seating for dog walkers
  12. The fire brigade are looking in the river around hillsborough corner / near b&q for a dog that has fallen in the river. I don't have much of a description i believe it's quite young possibly a beagle type, mostly white with brown patches. It went through a hole in the fence at the back of bradfield road carpark. Hope it's found and rescued safely ---------- Post added 07-06-2018 at 19:13 ---------- Good news the dog has been rescued and is back with its owners
  13. I've seen a couple of deer in Hillsborough park and even one up langsett road near morrisons. Made a nice change from cats and foxes.
  14. Good evening to you. I hope you find the book helpful. Maybe one day you will be writing a book or have your own tv show to introduce your unique talents to the world. For now a maggot megathread sounds like an excellent idea. Happy fishing and darting. P.s keep focused, you don't want to be throwing darts at the fish or maggots at the dart board, it could get messy.
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