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  1. Need a +1 for a friendly kickabout at Goals near Norfolk park. Kicking off at 10am for 7 a side. We're a friendly bunch, and skill level isn't important.
  2. DECT phones can and do work cross brand.
  3. Agree again, public transport shouldn't be owned by private companies. We were in LA last year, and got a bus from West Hollywood to santa Monica beach, cost about $3. That's attractive.
  4. What we MUST do is make public transport cheaper first. Make it an attractive option, and I'll jump ship and stop using the car.
  5. Agreed, for the Mrs and I to go to the cinema at "the light", would cost us over £8 on the tram. It's £5 tops to park in Wellington St carpark. On top of that there's the waiting round for the tram etc.. I'd gladly use public transport if it was a cheaper alternative.
  6. About 1/3 based on the people I have interacted with in the past week.
  7. Just about to send you a Pm @Waj
  8. We're clearly glossing over the fact that @Waj "thinks" it is the router at fault. This could be an issue with the Openreach network.
  9. 'if you're not paying for the product, you are the product'
  10. Exactly! Well said nikki-red Did you just assume this persons gender?
  11. Why are you constantly insulting fellow forum members?
  12. The wife and I heard a cat whimpering on the tram tracks near the bus stop on Langsett Road (opposite the barracks). Ran out to see if it had been hit by a car, but seemed very mobile. We have given her/him some food and water, but was not wearing a collar. Looked quite healthy other than the left eye, which appeared to be scarred with cataracts and or scaring. If this is your kitty, it's loitering on the grass verge in the bushes . 435 Langsett Rd https://maps.app.goo.gl/xK24hbdLg8kGS2cB8
  13. I dunno, but the next cyclist that rings their bell at me, whilst cycling on the pavement will lose their teeth.
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