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  1. I am fundraising for the Sheffield hospital charity trust and on the 28th I will be cycling from glossop to Sheffield and then at night holding an event at the Albion on London road please pop down if your able to there will be a race night raffle prizes and auctions items available but in the meantime if you are able to sponsor me please pm me for the just giving page I will send it over. The money will be going to help renevate the palliative care unit gardens to help the patients have a nice place to relax so please help me aches my £2000 target. Thank you
  2. In July I am holding a charity event on the 28th in memory of my mother in law the money raised will be going towards helping the staff at the palliative care unit at the northern general. The Sheffield hospital charity trust is an amazing cause that’s helps thousands of people. My event will start with me cycling from glossop to Sheffield over the snake pass then at 7 pm I will be holding a charity night at the Albion on London road everyone is welcome bring family and friends there will be amazing raffle prizes on the night from meals to pictures from very well known artists around shefffueld there will also be an auction for an signed swfc shirt and sufc shirt also a race night. I am currently looking for companies to sponsor a race there is 7 races to sponsor doesn’t matter how big or small the business is the cost is £25 per race . I am also looking for a vety very kind catering company that would kindly donate a buffet on the night for hopefully about 50/80 people. If you want to lknpw more or would like to donate please message me and il send my just giving page across in a pm I also have a charity twitter page should anyone be interested in seeing this. Thanks for reading also if anyone has any advice to help me with the event please get in touch
  3. We recently lost my grandad and we have been filtering through some pictures and come across a few from around 1940’s does anyone know of any relatives that’s will be able to help us determine the exact years etc if I send them over to you. Many thanks
  4. Thank god not just me who thinks they do a great job this is why I am doing a charity event for the Sheffield hospital charity trust
  5. I’ve now had the battery changed but my stop start is still not working any ideas?
  6. It’s on a Hyundai i40 and it smart chargers apparently
  7. my battery is running on empty nearly so i need a replacement where sells cheapish batteries i have been quoted £265!!!!!! and that is just the battery help with forumers. Many thanks
  8. I’m in need of 8 local businesses that are willing to sponsor a race for a charity race night get in touch now on here or add me on Twitter Charitycycle89 or my just giving below all proceeds go to the Sheffield hospital charity trust Check out my JustGiving Page for Sheffield Hospitals Charity. Help me raise more! http://www.justgiving.com/tom-armin?utm_id=26 Please help this amazing charity
  9. Hi all Sheffield forumers I’m doing a charity bike ride and an auction/raffle after for the Sheffield hospital charity trust just wondering if you and the club could donate something to help the cause I am looking to raise £2000 + All companies that do are going to get acknowledged in the press as I am due to be carrying out an interview on the night Check out my JustGiving Page for Sheffield Hospitals Charity. Help me raise more! http://www.justgiving.com/tom-armin?utm_id=26 Twitter : Charitycycle89 Also there will be a race night if any businesses want to sponsor a race on the night please get in touch via Twitter or dm on sf Thanks in advance ---------- Post added 11-02-2018 at 07:38 ---------- Or even just help by giving my twitter page a follow Many thanks ---------- Post added 13-02-2018 at 20:18 ---------- I have 6 races available for sponsor now £25 per race fully branded
  10. I hate main stream car garages until my wife went to hillsborough had this brakes for life bonus points even if you change your car you can swap it over bad point is if you go for it then later down line you need some more brake pads they will make you change discs as well if they are near limit for their own safety guidelines though I think
  11. Not seen anything online but there Was about 10 fire engines hope everyone is ok
  12. They are ok heard they have a bad rep to buy from though . Read something other day they have been caught paying people to say their property is ok to move in even though the list of jobs to do is massive
  13. What’s happened csi police and ambulance near the junction of shire life road been there most of the afternoon?
  14. I sent on site last week and it will be open by February easily they take no time at up to put up that spec from strach is 14 weeks program including the muck shift/demolition etc etc
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