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  1. Hello, As these posts are all rather old now can any recommend a good car valet company? I need a full valet as the dog never wipes his feet before jumping on the back seat! Thanks for your help!
  2. Hello, Can anyone recommend a trustworthy builders to undertake a full house renovation? We all hear horror stories about certain tradesman so I thought it would be a good idea to get some recommendations from the good people of Sheffield. The house needs rendering, a full re-wire, new bathroom and kitchen fitted and a full re-plaster among other things. Any recommendations would be gratefully received. Many thanks for your help.
  3. Does anyone know when Mangla is likely to reopen?
  4. All areas of Sheffield really, for me it would be more north Sheffield, but I guess a list which covers the whole of Sheffield could be handy for dog owners.
  5. Hello! The previous posts on dog friendly pubs are all quite old so I thought perhaps we could get an updated list of pubs which are happy to have our four legged friends with us! Cheers!
  6. Thanks so much for all these suggestions! I have also just found out that Genting Casino are having a special Super Bowl night, with drinks/food offers! There's quite a few places to go, not sure how to decide!
  7. Sky do have it on, just wanted to go to out and watch it somewhere to get a bit of atmosphere!
  8. Anyone know any good places to watch the NFL Super Bowl next month?
  9. Does anyone know of any pubs, which serve decent beer, that will be having the men's Wimbledon final on (with sound). I assume Walkabout will, but the beer, in my opinion, is pretty bad. Many thanks!
  10. I ordered a takeaway from Italian Express last night, its normally really good, but last night all 4 meals that we normally order tasted different and certainly not upto the same high standard. When I rang up and ordered the food the person on the phone was different and sounded as if they were new to the job. Thus I can only imagine that its changed hands, which is such a shame as it was nice to be able to order a decent takeaway. Does anyone know if a change of ownership is the case and also has anyone else noticed that the food is not as good?
  11. Does anyone know why there has been a recent management change here? The old manager, Roger, I believe his name was, seemed to leave his post without much notice and I was wondering if something had gone off? Also what is the new manager like?
  12. Hi, My BMW series 3 windscreen washer does not work. It has washer in it and the pump works, thus I have been told that there must be a blockage in the tank or pipe. There is also an awful rotten eggs smell, which also suggests that there is a blockage. Can anyone recommend somewhere to take it to get the problem fixed and perhaps give me an idea of how my much it should cost? Many thanks in advance for your help!
  13. I have looked at the train, but the times don't really work out too well, lots of waiting around involved!
  14. Hello, Can anyone recommend a taxi firm that will do a good deal for Sheffield (Hillsborough) to Doncaster train station? I have a look at the distance involved (24 miles) and the normal Mercury taxi tariff would work out quite expensive, so just wanted to know if anyone knew any firms/individuals who would do us a better deal. We need to be at the station at 10 on Sunday morning (8/1) and returning on Monday at 10 in the evening (9/1). Many thanks for your help!
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