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  1. Steve helped me pass my ROSPA test a few years ago. I've seen him around instructing in a Nissan Micra (white 3 door). I've lost his mobile number and know that he's moved house. If anyone knows him can they ask him to contact me - Peter at Abbott's Cookshop 0114 2553446. Many thanks.
  2. Baldwins Omega do dinner dances where lots of smaller parties can book tables.
  3. We had a meal at Little Hanoi on London Road which I know is Vietnamese not Chinese, but it was excellent and neither of us felt 'over salted' or clogged up with fat afterwards. In fact I felt as good as if I'd cooked it myself. It might be worth asking them if the use MSG as I doubt it.
  4. I never said it was rubbish, utter rubbish even. It caters for a market.
  5. It's coffee alright but not as I know it. TBH I feel a bit gippy after drinking coffee from any of the chains like Caffe Nero, Starbucks, Costa in a way that I never do after having one from Remo's, Nonna's, Bragazzi etc. Why do the chains think you want something the size of a footbath? I'd rather have less but it be of better quality. It's like wine, 4 bottles a week for £4.99 each or spend the same amount on two bottles from a somewhere like Majestic, taking advice from the staff and getting something fabulous. There will always be room for a good independent shop/supplier, it's hard work but very rewarding for the most part and the world would be a sad place without them.
  6. For anyone thinking of going to one of these or any of the other events BOOK NOW, it's really good value. Went to this one last night and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Great enthusiasm from the class leader Chris and a really relaxed atmosphere. They are obviously strapped for equipment but the overall evening was brilliant, highly recommended.
  7. They have them for sale in Ozmen supermarket on London Road.
  8. We have masses of large, in fact all sizes ,of cardboard boxes that we don't need. They are flattened ready for collection. Free to a good home! Please ring first. Mon - Fri 9-5 Sun 10-3, sorry but not Saturday at the moment. Peter Abbott's Cookshop 550 Abbeydale Road Sheffield S7 1TD 0114 2553446 enquiries@abbottscookshop.co.uk
  9. There are a couple of places that run cookery courses, not sure if daytime or evenings, they will probably have timetables/diaries on the webpages. Coghlans at Barrels & Bottles off the Dronfield bypass near Chesterfield. I think the website is 'cooking expert'. Tideswell School of Cookery (?), was on telly earlier in the year and worth a look. If you google Cooker School near Worksop I think there is one somewhere out there in a National Trust Property. Enjoy
  10. Skinned Boneless Chicken Thighs (2 per person), Streaky Smoked Bacon(1 rasher per person), Onion (half per person). Chop the bacon and onions and fry over a moderate heat in a little veg oil and butter until golden brown, remove from pan and add a little more oil and fry the chopped chicken thighs for about 10-15minutes, remove from pan. Turn up the heat and add about a cup of stock (use cube - veg or chicken), per person scraping the bits from the bottom of the pan and stirring well. Mash up some flour and butter (about 1dessert spoon per cup of liquid) and add in small lumps to the bubbling stock whisking all the time. Let it just simmer for 10minutes then add milk/cream until it is the thickness you like. Add mustard, nutmeg, a bayleaf or whatever seasonings you like but go easy on the salt if you used a stock cube. Add back the bacon, onion and chicken and pour into an oven proof pie dish. You can line the dish with pastry first and top with pastry, I like to do it like a sheperds pie and top with mashed potato. Bake in the oven (170-190) for about 20-25mins or until the pastry is cooked. Serve with veg. You can add pretty much any veg if you want it in the pie, frozen at the last stage of combining all the things into the sauce or earlierif using fresh and cook them with the chicken. Enjoy.
  11. I'm surprised you didn't have any success with these. I don't rate them for cakes, particularly if it's a moist one like carrot cake but I cook the best Yorkshire puds ever in mine, and the mini muffin tray for mini mince pies I find cooks the pastry really well.
  12. Buy your mince from a proper butcher, Kempka on Abbeydale Road for example, he minces the meat while you wait and you can have a mix of beef and pork which makes for the most wonderfully juicy, moist meatballs and burgers.
  13. If you look on Wikipedia you will find all you need to know about Sabatier knives and the Thiers region of France.
  14. Many (20+) years ago Sabatier knives were the most fantastic knives, made in France from steel with a high carbon content they sharpened easily and held their edge. Some years ago the family (Sabatier) seemed to split up and went about 6 different ways with several 'Sabatier' brands arising from the split. Some of the knives with the Sabatier name are good some are terrible. The true Sabatier knives are still made in France, in or near Thiers. They even produce some knives still with a carbon steel blade but these are difficult to track down. If the knife is from the old Sabatier factory it should be obvious from the markings and literature accompanying it. I have a 'modern' Sabatier knife that was from the French factory but do not find it as easy to sharpen as some of the better German and Brazilian ones. Don't buy a set of knives unless you know you will use all of them, it often turns out to be a false economy as two or three probably never get used. A basic set of three knives will get most people started.
  15. If it's on the menu got to the 3acres near Huddersfield, fabulous. As for Loch Fyne well what can you say after the reviews on this thread? We went just after it opened and I thought then that a specialist fish restaurant should be able to cook fish properly (three fish dishes - all mediocre at best), never been back.
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