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  1. Thanks for the responses! Will look into my options!! Xx
  2. I have 6 dining room chairs and would like different fabric on the pads. According to Kirstie Allsop I could do this myself but I am unconvinced. Anyone know anywhere I could take the pads, pick some fabric and return a week or so later to pick 'em up? Cheers!
  3. Does anyone know of anyone who offers this service for weddings locally? Any recommendations/suggestions gratefully received. Wedding is on a Saturday in October. Thanks
  4. Sorry to start a new thread... But I have looked in the others and can't quite find the info I need! I'd like to buy a reliable e-cigarette. Was hoping to get a mirage one as the reviews seem good but they are closed today. I can wait until tomorrow (but it's tricker because of work) but was just wondering if there was anywhere else reputable I could get a starter pack and some cartridges from on a Sunday? Thanks
  5. Thanks for the replies folks... I was trying to avoid ebay as they are mostly collection only and in random parts of Yorkshire!
  6. Does anyone know of anyone or anywhere where I could rent a white, desk top Royal Mail lockable post box for my wedding in October? Would ideally need to be delivered and collected from Broomhill... 24hr hire needed (Sat am-Sun am) Thank you!
  7. I'm doing CD's that are going to be a soundtrack to the day... Songs/music people will hear throughout the day itself and songs that mean something to me and my OH. Have bought CD's that look like vinyl and my stationer is making us brown card sleeves that match our stationery... Well excited!
  8. Ooh Natalie Harris' stuff is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!
  9. I nearly went to Emily but was put off when they said most of their samples were smaller sizes... I got my dress for £395 from Blushes, great service and the sample fitted! Roll on August when mine will arrive!
  10. I am looking for jewellery designers in Sheffield - I am wanting some bespoke jewellery made in silver and possibly freshwater pearl (necklace, earrings and bracelet) Can anybody recommend anyone? Quirky and modern... Thank you!
  11. As the title says really... On the hunt for a photographer! Thanks!
  12. I'm really struggling to find a make up artist for October. Any more recommendations?
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