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  1. the barriers are not set up to chapter 8 of red book so if there was an accident they would be liable for it.
  2. im looking for a pattern for a olaf hat must be for knitting if anyone can help iv tried google but no joy
  3. iv sorted it now I went with mercury and they charge between 14.30 and 15.00
  4. does anyone know roughly how much it would cost by taxi to northern general from lowedges??
  5. there is a national shortage of jointers in the uk at the moment due to it being such a skilled job it takes years to train people up to do the job.
  6. does anyone know of an wheelie bin cleaners that cover s8 area as im needing ours cleaned next week x
  7. UOTE=Andy C;9770227]North Sheffield bus map can be downloaded here http://www.travelsouthyorkshire.com/WorkArea/DownloadAsset.aspx?id=17179869229 Thank you for the map that is very usefull
  8. It will be the abbeydale rd end of carterknowle rd, does any one know if the 75 stops at any bus stops along the common ecclesfield
  9. could anyone help me, im needing to get a bus tomorrow from carterknowle rd to the common/nether rd in ecclesfield.. could anyone tell me if there is any bus that stops there or close to it.
  10. with my 3 iv got them character toothbrushes and flavoured toothpaste and its worked. we let them start brushing there teeth then when they say they have finished we do a quick brush round. I wouldnt get him a battery powered one just yet, we've only just let our 4 and 3 yr old have one.
  11. Hi im currently doing a health and social care degree and im currently writing an essay on identity in children of all varies backgrounds and one thing my tutor has said to look at is life story work, so was wondering if anyone has had any experience of life story work wether it worked for you or not. i have to show both arguments of it. everything will be kept confidential and if not wanting to post on here can private message me. x
  12. Thanks, i think its a bit far to go with 3 toddlers but thank you tho x
  13. Im after a hairdressers that will do patterns in boys hair in woodseats area as my eldest wants some stars in his hair lol he's only 4 and worrying about his hair lol x
  14. congratulations!!! i have 3 boys all with 15 months between each one and were all late typical boys lol one thing is that there very close my youngest is 13 months and just started walking which i think is quick but he has his 2 brothers that he watches . good luck with everything x
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