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  1. Thank you! Glad they discovered the cause before something serious happened.
  2. Happy ending.😄 Problem solved. After dug into the kitchen floor, a burnt live wire was found. It should be an older wire but was connected with a socket in kitchen and one in living room as a extra wire. The only job left is put the floor board and cupboard back, then replace the damage tiles. Safe for Christmas finally. Big thanks to every body. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!
  3. Thank you very much, Vulcan52. I'll talk to a electrician about this. I saw the spark when the kichen is dark. A friend come on Saturday. He gradually pulled the sparkling wire out. It was live but broken and burnt. It has been removed from the socket. Should be another part still under kichen floor and seems live because the popping noise still coming from the same spot. All the sockets, including the one burnt part connected to working fine. Just foundout with my friend's help that the electrical wiring is a mess. Is it safe to leave the problem after Christmas? The electrician charged£ 65 and the only advice is : we must taken off cuboard and open the floor board to let him physically see the wire. Most of the kitchen floor is tilled. The noise comes from underneath the kichen floor where not tilled and kitchen cuboard sits on. Thanks for all advices.
  4. Thank you ssharple, zaci, ttparsons . Got a electrician and tested the sockets nearby and a socket in another room. No problems. It's safe to using all the sockets. The problem has been continued for over 2 months. The fuse box has not blown even once. The electrician's only advice is: dig into the kitchen floor where the pipe and wire go to physically see if there is any fault with the pipe or electricity wire. Surely, this is the last solution before Christmas. Strange enough, it seems settle down a bit. The popping happens much lesser from last Saturday ----No more than 3 Popping noise could be heard. Keep an eye on fridge for a week to see if it is related to the noise. I'll post the progress and big thank you for your advice. Wishing everyone here a merry Christmas! Wishing me peaceful Christmas.
  5. Thank you for your detailed reply. We have been thinking of water pipes. We will keep a close eye on this to find out if this is the case. Thank you again Thank you very much. It happens randomly, even in the midnight. We will give it a try tonight.
  6. Any advice or quote would be greatly appreciated! There is a loud popping noise that has been heard in my house for two months. The noise comes from the bottom corner of the kitchen, where the first floor toilet drain pipe goes under the kitchen floor then out of the house. There are some electric wires nearby that can be seen close to the pipe. The wall nearby also have some mains sockets. The noises happen randomly. But is so loud that we can sometimes feel the kitchen floor and sworktop vibrate. Even the lights are flickering. We have not noticed any connection between the noise and the water use or central heating use, according to a log that we kept for a week. We thought it was a plumbing problem and have tried the following: - new boiler installed and heating system was flushed - installed a water hammer arrester - bled all the radiators - drained all the water pipes and refilled them, 3 times - insulated all the pipes that can be seen - had three plumber visits, but the noise did not happen during their visits so there's no useful advice given What could be the cause of this noise? Could it be something other than the plumbing? What professionals should I ask for help? Or,any professional here can help please PM me. Thank you for reading. thanks again
  7. Thank you zaci. Thank you for your advice. I'll give it a try tonight. ---------- Post added 05-10-2018 at 21:30 ---------- @zaci You are right. Turning off the main stop tap stopped the noise. Also,I seem lucky enough that the noise has getting weaker and not as often as before. A PRV installation maybe need if the noise getting louder again.
  8. This started around my old boiler breakdown but can't remember before or after. The noise seems doesn't connect to any use of water, like flushing toilet, using cold/hot water, or central heating is on/off. The noise appears at random times day and night even when water or central heating both not in use. We’ve bleed all the radiators, switch the main water supply to lower lever. No change. Anybody can explain this? I can't call a plumber in standing for hours to waiting for the noise coming up. If lucky enough, it will settle down after sometime? Or, any plumber here can fix it please send me a message with your plan and quote, please.
  9. It is exactly what I needed. Thank you very so much. ---------- Post added 03-08-2017 at 12:01 ---------- hahaha! They are useless with this.
  10. :help: Could anyone here tell me where is this sentence originally from? Is the writer got a prize for it? ''My heavenly father, the queen is pregnant, who did it?'' Many thanks
  11. http://www.360doc.cn/article/767489_28515842.html I'm a begginer and guess you maybe interested in this. This link will direct you to a chinese website shows how to crotchet a 5 star stitch.
  12. I got some from my friend's garden. I dressed it with chopped garlic, salt and olive oil, it tasted nice.
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