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  1. Should have kept it or sold it, cheeky ****.
  2. Hello would like some help in editing a document please, what I would like to do is edit something from left to right as usual so when I am typing it is naturally justified to the left, but on the same line I would like to tab it to type something on the justified far right so there are words at both ends of the same line being read and when I type too much on the right it edits in on the same line instead of dropping to another line below, is there a way to do this without put a table there, cheers.
  3. Is this the tightest season in recent history, level on points and a nervy run in for both clubs at the end of season, can see this definitely going to the last game, I still wish Charlton Athletic would rack off.
  4. Will that not make my system open to threats.
  5. Oh rite, so is there a way of speeding things up or is that just the antivirus doing its job?
  6. Nope, Avast is not on a schedule so can not be that, very odd, could it be Defender or processes running with it, wonder what it could be.
  7. I have the latest version of Google Chrome and Avast Free running and have only a few tabs opened really, got some YouTube videos running and a Word document open, nothing too major, but every now and then when I access the internet, there is always a massive delay in opening pages and on the top of Chromes tabs for the pages the circle keeps going round and round almost like there are processes running in the back ground but have no idea what. Could there be something running in the background causing this stand still and are there any ways I can detect what is slowing me down, my internet connection is with BT Infinity so it can not be that surely, something else must be slowing down.
  8. I think it should go back to one, really, is there anything at all for kids to do on the Hackenthorpe side of Sheffield, not much at all.
  9. My user name relates to a music track found on Michael Jackson's Bad album, and my avatar is from his MJJ Productions logo.
  10. Has anyone been to the Rileys just down from Intake on Mansfield Road, I went last month after a few years and the whole place has gone rite down hill, they have taken out most of the American pool tables for English ones, they stopped showing Sky Sports ages ago, there is very little in the way of atmosphere and to cap it off they have a few poker tables in the main bar area, the rest of the interior is also very depressing and there is no maintenance at all to the walls, carpets or tables and the place just generally looks a mess, it needs a complete rethink on what it needs to do because the night I went to last month there was only 1 staff member on and even she looked fairly peed off at times. I was thinking, I went bowling to that Fastlane Bowl at Handsworth a few weeks ago for my birthday, that is directly above a Rileys club and we had a great time, it was bright and pleasant inside and the prices were pretty good as well and the whole place was rather busy with a buzz as well. Now I was told that this also belongs to Rileys, not given the Rileys on Mansfield Road is so big with a massive unit next door, why on earth do they not convert that Rileys into a bowling lane, it would give the area some much needed entertainment and night life as well give the kids somewhere to go, it would be a gold mine for this end of Sheffield, who else agrees?
  11. Yes, I have had loads of times when I have been at till and either forgotten something so I leave the cue or I feel guilty because I have put too much stuff in that I cant afford.
  12. Sounds like a plan, I may just get stuff for my freezer and food cupboard then just leave the fridge to fresh stuff with short shelve lives that I can buy at the shops in person, that way I can be sure of a good balance of quality and value.
  13. I live at the bottom end of Hackenthorpe so I use Sainsburrys at Crystal Peaks and just get the bus back, though, I am not always completely satisfied with their food so would like a change.
  14. What about people like me who can only use a bus, carrying 3 or 4 heavy bags on a bus can be a nightmare at times, especially crossing the roads and opening the communal doors in my flats.
  15. I am considering doing my main food shopping online and just keeping the fresh fruit and veg and meat shopping for the market, that way it will be best of both worlds as am on the tightest of budgets so instead of going to the shop and buying things I do not need and wasting money, here I will be able to total the amounts precisely and be sure that I am managing my money as best I can. Now, what are the main pros and cons of doing a food shop online and what are the cheapest places to shop from Sainsburys, Asda, Tesco and Morrisons and are any of these free delivery or do I have to shop a certain amount to get that?
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