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  1. :( I'm all chickened up now or I SOOOO would Apologies dnb2861, hopefully priorylady can help
  2. I got a hold of Phoenix and I'm picking up some ladies on Saturday! This is my first time keeping chickens so I thought that it'd be nice to rehome some chooks that could benefit from a better life and that ex-batt would be the most deserving
  3. Afternoons I'm looking to rehome some ex-batts and I'm struggling to find anywhere locally that would offer some, anyone have contacts or ideas? TIA
  4. Evenings chaps & chapessess In a nutshell I'm looking for some advice. We recently found a house, advertised on an estate agent's website, called them and booked a viewing. We spoke to the sellers and agreed a price and on the agreement that they wouldn't use the estate agency for the sale. This benefited the sellers & us as they wouldn't have to pay their fees and meant we got the property for £2k less than they wanted - excellent. We've been told today, by the sellers, that they've received notification from the estate agency that *they've* been notified that the house is being sold privately and as they were the ones who did the introduction, than if the house is sold privately than their fees will apply. This has left us in a quandary - the sellers can't afford to sell the property for the price we agreed with them as well as paying the £2k fees, this has a knock-on effect to our costs and will mean that if we still wish to buy the house than we have another £2k to find. Does anyone know if the estate agency WOULD be notified of such a sale, if so who would notify them? Are we just being shafted by the seller? Maybe he's realised he needs another £2k for his new property or could the estate agents have actually been told maybe by the solicitors? Any help of advice is welcome!
  5. I know this post was originally started a good amount of time ago and truthfully I'm not sure if either of you will get this notification. I'm actually interested to know about this subject, my interest isnt one of morbid fascination and I'm not related to the family or anything but there is a genuine Reason for my interest. Any information would be welcome, ive tried the usual routes of trying to obtain information but I've come back empty-handed up to now. Thanks in advance!!
  6. Thanks for the reply Pete The filters I'm looking at are four close-up diopters at +1, +2, +4 and +10 magnification, UV, Polarizer & Fluorescent glass filters if this helps Sorry if I'm not giving much or the correct info, I really have no idea about these!
  7. I'm trying to buy (as a gift) some lenses, I think I need 58mm (the lens cap says 58mm and this is what I'm using as a reference) but I'm not 100% sure on the fitting. I've seen these: http://www.amazon.co.uk/GTMax-7pc-58mm-Filter-Inlclude/dp/B005O7O5PU/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS?ie=UTF8&colid=Y4Q0H8W39XK&coliid=I2X725UXTN49F1 These say that they screw in, would that mean they sit just inside the outer ring of the current lens? I don't want to order them and find out that the fitting is wrong and that they fall off and I look like a tool for buying the wrong ones! They're for a Nikon 55-300mm lens, D3100 if you need to know. Apologies if this all sounds rather simple but I don't trust myself near the big girl's toys and stick to a little 10MP digital jobby! Thanks in advance!
  8. Apologies for hijacking this thread but I just wanted to clarify a bit of something. Let's say, hypothetically, that I know someone who has free car tax, on a mobility car and I know that they are using the car for their own use (mainly their own use) including commuting and *some* business use, is this actually breaking the law or just against the rules for free cat tax and mobility rules too? Apologies again!
  9. I'm looking for a decent but within budget tripod for my OH, someone recommended a Gorillapod but not being very technical (OH is the one into photography not me) and not knowing enough about such things, I'm getting confused, Gorillapods don't appear sturdy enough and whilst looking I've seen things like 'quick release plates'? It's for a present or I'd ask him which sort he'd prefer or which would be best. It wouldn't be used for things like weddings etc, just general mooching about but it is something he's mentioned he's looking for, hence this post! Any advice is more than welcome! :D
  10. I'm just looking for some prices for a friend wondered if anyone has a 7 (ish) seater that they hire out? I'm asking on behalf of a friend. My friend doesn't need the driver, just the vehicle itself as she can drive it on her own licence. Thanks in advance!
  11. Just a quick one if someone can clear it up - is it Pakistani Kashmiri or Indian Kashmiri?? I'm looking for a nice Indian Kashmiri restaurant, I don't mind going as far as say Bradford / Huddersfield as I'll be in that region next week but any suggestions are more than welcome!!
  12. I'm looking for somewhere reasonably priced not necessarily in Sheffield centre for a lobster meal? I've done a search of the forum and a couple came up, mainly Sheffield Bar & Grill but I've looked at their menu & there's no mention of lobster on there.
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