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  1. I have just ordered a new Electric Mountain Bike and while my other bike is great (Hybrid Type Normal Pedal Bike) I will have little to zero use of it once the new one arrives and it will be in the way in the garage. I have listed it on ebay and a facebook group with no success so far. Its a Giant that cost £550 for the bike a few years ago and has a few accessories like lights etc so £600 all in. I was hoping to get circa £200 for it which I think is fair with its condition and name etc. Was thinking of Cash Converters but I can see them offering my about £20 for it? Anyone tired them?
  2. Don’t totally rule our show plate sites Yes they won’t have a post code printed on the plate as required by law but they can still be done in a legal size font and everything and can cost half the price. You will be having a very bad day if policeman plod fines you for not having the post code printed on if everything else is perfect. Save some money.
  3. Ill miss Maplin as it was a great place to look and stuff and try it out before hitting buy now with an online retailer for half the price as I walked out the shop. Also saved carrying it to the car. Toys R Us was just in a sad state. Been there a few times in the last few years (Have a 3 year old) and it just felt like an empty warehouse with more staff than customers. Never enjoyed going.
  4. Imagine how much it would cost in security for him to go to all these cheap places people are talking about.......He's not you! He can't just walk down the high street and get his hair cut. Pretty sure he would either be mobbed by fans or hit over the head from some insane ISIS supporter. Hence it costs more for a stylist to come to him. And that person probably spent extra time out of there day to be security checked to be able to have scissors with him while stood next to the future KING! FFS get a grip on what HIS reality is.
  5. I don't think anyone should ever recommend a pay day loan! How much for and whats it for would be the first question before sending you into 1000%+ APR loans.
  6. Hamburger (Beef really though) Chips and BBQ Ribs
  7. Fulwood. Crosspool. Neither Green. Dore. Whirlow. Totley (some parts). High Stores. Lodge Moor. Anywhere else is a compromise really. But if your London pad creates no real budget issue you should be good for any of those.
  8. A 2nd attempted break in at my garage early hours of Tuesday morning by some young scum. (First break in was successful) Don't think its the same guys based on a few factors but either way they need catching. I have set up a youtube channel for the video and would like to carry on the channel sharing other peoples CCTV break ins from Sheffield to help catch this type of scum and see if we can't as a community clean up some of this from our city. Link to my video on youtube. Its on Facebook locally thru friends in Sheffield now. Further work to be done in local shops etc. Please post and share it on your Facebook etc to see if anyone recognises them. The video is 59seconds of the best bits, total length before they spotted the camera and moved it was 3 mins. The car at the start was them going down the street and turning round to park one street up ready to bolt. Police have been and taken still shots of the video to circulate. I expect nothing but best case is they are local lads who get run out of town for been filth. Do you recognise these scrotes? if so reply with info or call South Yorkshire Police on 101 Crime Ref: K/117215/2017.
  9. H.VIEW H.264 NETWORK DVR Ahh. it does. under the mouse plug in.... silly me lol
  10. As per the title Someone attempted to break in my garage 2 nights ago. I have them on CCTV but its an older style box with no USB connector to rip the footage from. It has HDMI PC and regular Video Out to view it from but I need to rip a copy to CD or USB to hand to the Police. All I can do currently is video it from my monitor with an iPhone which obviously loses quality so I want to get a proper digital copy. I live S10 so anyone local able to help me. PM me.
  11. We just had a break in at our garage last month and Legal & General were awesome. Immediately sent someone out to secure it for us and all items replaced or cash settlement for what they could not get for us very quickly. Cant fault them at all.
  12. Does your after market exhaust have a stamp on it saying NOT FOR ROAD USE? If so swap it back to factory standard and tell them to **** off. I have a 1690CC Harley Davidson that sounds like god is angry with you. If I ever ride it early or late I roll down the hill with it off and wake people up a few streets away instead of my immediate neighbours.
  13. Thanks for that.... It is a cash purchase. I just gave them £2500 cash for the porch which I do think looks value for money but as you say get other quotes. I could potentially have done a lot better.
  14. Just had new windows and a door in the porch with Safestyle and they have done a very nice job. Cost wise I was happy with it. Decided to change the rest of the front of the house to match as we went for a light oak colour as I am not a fan of the standard white UPVC frames that were sold mass market to the whole of the UK it seems. So now the house does not match the porch. Were just doing the nursery window to start which is the box room so not huge. its 1200mm x 1200mm with a 3/4 height left opening window and a top split opener for airflow and the ability to leave it safe open so kids can't fall out. Now the price quoted is £900 fitted. They did say they need scaffolding as its over the porch so they can't just use a ladder due heath and safety so there was another £200 ish on top for that. And the oak colour costs more than white. Just looking at it I can't but help think that sounds a lot for 1 window. Originally it was quoted at £1250ish and the £900 is the bartering price after the ill have to ring the office acting they like to do in order to be your "Mate" and get you the "Best Deal" hate that stuff. Its so fake but they just don't see it and carry on like your all in awe of him been "Your Mate". Anyway I paid a £100 deposit and they are surveying tomorrow to fit it in a few weeks. Is it to much?
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