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Do you haggle?

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Do you haggle when shopping and what the most you've saved?


It easy to haggle at car boot where it is part of the custom but do you extend this to big stores?


Is there any particular place you know that won't budge?

I found Direct Cars wouldn’t budge an inch.


Does the very thought of haggling embarrass you?

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No it does not. I haggled in Dixons a couple of years back and got a Palm Vx for £280! RRP at the time was £350, Dixons price was £300. I told them I could get it cheaper and made them an offer.


Easy :D


I also used to haggle a lot when buying guitars and amps from music shops. They always knocked at least £20 off or threw in a few extra goodies. Most shops can afford to chuck something in for free if you say you'll walk out if they don't ... ;)


Cheeky!!! If you don't ask, you don't get. Simple as that!

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I haggled at Dixons too to get my (then expensive) PS2 cheaper, if I bought some extra (i.e. dvd remote - which I needed)!


Saved about £40!


I haggled at 'Playtime' the second hand games shop the other day and got £4 knocked off a game cos I said GameStation did it cheaper! Gamestation didn't even have the game in stock!



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Brian: How much? Quick!

Vendor: What?

Brian: It's for the wife.

Vendor: Oh, ehm...twenty shekels.

Brian: Right.

Vendor: What?

Brian: There you are.

Vendor: Wait a minute!

Brian: What?

Vendor: Well, we're...we're supposed to haggle!

Brian: No, no, no, I've got to get...

Vendor: What do you mean, "No, no, no"?

Brian: I haven't got time, I've got...

Vendor: Well, give it back, then.

Brian: No, no, no, I just paid you!

Vendor: Burt!

Burt: Yeah?

Vendor: This bloke won't haggle!

Burt: Won't haggle?!

Brian: All right, do we have to?

Vendor: Now look: I want twenty for that.

Brian: Ehm...I just gave you twenty.

Vendor: Now are you telling me that's not worth twenty shekels?

Brian: No.

Vendor: Look at it! Feel the quality, that's not any of you goat!

Brian: All right, I'll give you nineteen then.

Vendor: No, no, no, come on, do it properly!

Brian: What?

Vendor: Haggle properly, this isn't worth nineteen!

Brian: Well, you just said it was worth twenty!

Vendor: Oh dear, oh dear. Come on: haggle!

Brian: Uh, all right, I'll give you ten.

Vendor: That's more like it! Ten? Are you trying to insult me? Me, with a poor dying grandmother? Ten!?

Brian: All right, I'll give you eleven!

Vendor: Now you're getting it. Eleven!? Did I hear you right? Eleven? This cost me twelve, you want to ruin me?

Brian: Seventeen?

Vendor: No, no, no, no, "seventeen"!

Brian: Eighteen?

Vendor: No, no, no, you've got to fourteen now.

Brian: All right, I'll give you fourteen.

Vendor: Fourteen!? Are you joking?

Brian: That's what you told me to say!

Vendor: Oh, dear...

Brian: Oh, tell me what to say, please!

Vendor: Offer me fourteen.

Brian: I'll give you fourteen.

Vendor: He's offering me fourteen for this!

Brian: Fifteen!

Vendor: Seventeen. My last word, I won't take a penny less, or strike me dead.

Brian: Sixteen!

Vendor: Done! Nice to do business with you


:) I haggled over a pair of jeans once i said they had a mark on them and they knocked £5 off...the mark came out in the wash :P

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Electrical stores are always good targets for haggling, 'cos the markups are huge, and the some of the staff are, well, simple.


I get the biggest discounts when I purchase towards the end of the month. Why? Because the store managers have their sales targets to reach, and will sell something at a vastly reduced profit in order to get their big sales bonus. You read it here first!


Remember folks - aim for at least 10% or £25 off, whichever is the greater!


I found Direct Cars screen prices were competitive (but they didn't give much PX for my existing) :(

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John Lewis (Cole Brothers)will always price match even on stuff you find on t'Internet.


I have haggled mainly abroad (Turkey is great just like Jon's joke above- 2 hours later and 3 cups of tea and all you want is leather jacket and to get back to your sunbed)

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Originally posted by Abby

I found Direct Cars screen prices were competitive (but they didn't give much PX for my existing) :(


I don't normally praise car dealers because most try to screw you when buying and trading in a car, but Direct Cars do offer a substantial discount compared to buying the same model from a main dealer.

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