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  1. Does anyone know of any short term accommodation for self isolation for a traveller arriving in Sheffield after the new rules start. Tried airbnb but doesnt seem to be much advertised. Let me know if you have anything. Thanks
  2. here is what i remember from the late 70s -80s, its all a bit hazy now. I once jumped from the circle in the corner (near clocks) to get down the front at a Judas Priest gig...jesus thats a long drop, anyone else do that?? Hawkwind UFO Michael Schenker Group Black Sabbath Judas Priest Thin Lizzy - one of my all time gigs Motorhead - banned for a while after that gig Manfred Manns Earth Band Saxon Whitesnake Gillan Band Scorpions Iron Maiden Def Leppard
  3. Jeez 10 years, well done Geoff and all the admin people for making this a great place for info and banter of this great city.
  4. Any idea of the music? Is there a schedule?
  5. Eid is not here yet its a month away , it should be Ramadan Kareem
  6. Yes I was there in 1980 ish, I did a course of welding, sheet metalwork etc still got the toolbox I made:hihi:
  7. Labourers / Maids / taxi drivers are all sending money back home to support their families in their respective countries (Phillipines, Pakistan , India, Nepal) The biggest economy in the phillipines is people sending money back home from the Middle East. There are people who get their passport taken off them and cant get out, but there are also many who are free to do what they want. Its not all bad, I talk to them everyday and work with many, they work long hours, live in average conditions, but they are doing for their families.
  8. Hardly this is place is mental for drinking, I now live and work here and I love it. All inclusive drinks and food packages starting at 12noon (Brunch) are a way of life here, and I have seen some very drunk people, its usually these people that end up in trouble here. Having said that its a minority that do, this is a very muliticultural city with its good and bad points, those that come here to work are generally doing it to earn more money than they would get back in there own country. I did my tax return recently - zilch and no NI - that makes a massive difference to your take home pay. Its not everyones cup of tea, but its a great place to live, work and party and 365 days of sun
  9. hi MrH, I too have left but still lurk around these parts, now living in the middle east.
  10. He normally stays at The Kenwood Hotel when he plays Sheffield, so its only down the road. He may have also been meeting his friend and collaborator Richard Halwley for brekkie
  11. London Road is the old Ecclesall Rd if you know what I mean? It used to be a great place to go for pubs and bars. Agree there are some great reasturants now though.
  12. Glad its back up and running, who did they have playing?
  13. Not Motown, but more soul try Highway Child they are an amazing party band
  14. Earliest flight I have been offered is Tuesday to Dubai thats assuming airspace is open.
  15. I am supposed to be flying to Dubai tonight at 9pm, just heard thats cancelled.
  16. No its not, its owned by Railtrack, there is an add up for leasing it from Railtrack
  17. I have just got a new laptop with Windows 7, I tried setting up my sky and gmail mail accounts to come into Windows live. I have the settings inputted for the sky imap and smtp set, but its picking up my gmail account for some odd reason. It did some sort of auto set up, anybody know what the problem is? Thanks
  18. Nope, this business is new to Sheffield, see website for an explanation they have other Restuarants in West Yorks
  19. anybody heard anything, didnt open this week
  20. Shutter Island 9/10 - that film is mad:loopy: very good
  21. I have done a couple of night hikes in the past, its great fun. For anyone wanting an organised night hike see below, and its all for good causes. http://www.sheffieldnighthike.org.uk/
  22. We hired it once, its ok for tots, not that much for them to do, but it is a novelty. Make sure you have plenty of room to park it nearby.
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