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  1. Howdy blootiger, howdy MrH. Looks like this thread may turn into a forum reunion to me Glad to hear from you both.
  2. Old mob email address expired some time ago. Remember getting an email last summer with the new flashmob email address for Sheffield. sheffmob@gmail.com if anyone is interested. It was fun last time outside Virgin on fargate so might have another go if they did one again.
  3. Wow what did this guy look like? Age etc? Where does the 22 go?
  4. Left work at 4pm (town) in the gym at 4.15pm (virgin just off abbeydale rd) set off home 5.35pm, arrive home 5.45pm (meadowhead). Ah flexi time, wouldn't have it any other way
  5. Only a few weeks I think the hybrid 4x4's are a good idea personally. Shuts up the anti 4x4 brigade as their argument for environment damage is made null and void and gives those of us that like 4x4 something nice to drive (albeit expensive). By the way Johnh my 4x4 is already eco friendly, it runs on that Green Fuel called LPG. Which incidentally is cheaper than petrol and allows me FREE (yes that's FREE) parking in any city centre council car park.
  6. Doesn't bother me. I drive an LPG vehicle, hence FREE council parking
  7. Technically it belongs to the arabs and jews. The jews were in that land for thousands of years lets not forget. The romans named the palestinians and the land palestine because of their dislike of the jews. I don't personally agree with Israels actions most of the time but then I don't agree with most of the countries in the middle east.
  8. I find it so funny that people are argue to hard for either Sony or Xbox. They both are great systems and both have their speciality games. For that reason alone I will have a PS3 AND an Xbox 360 (as well as a Nitendo Wii). Why swear allegance to just one brand? Really makes me chuckle (rich being the instigator every time )
  9. Drop willman (forum member) a message. He makes wills for a living.
  10. http://www.thinkbroadband.com (aka ADSLguide) is a good sourcce of info. I am personally with Zen and they are good but more expensive that others. Bulldog are very very bad and I wouldn't use them again (unfortunately I have used them before). It depends what you want from your BB connection to be honest. Do you download? How much do you download? Do you need up to 8mb line or are you happy with 2mb? Cheap isn't always best but you get what you pay for usually. Some people hate AOL, my brother found them to be great. Pipex are quickly going down the pan apparently and Plus.net are shocking at best. Supanet are good but they only do 12 months contracts.
  11. A couple a day usually personally. Sometimes WAY more sometime none but on average (not that I've actually worked the average out mind) about 2-3 a day.
  12. Prefer Cod because they remove the skin in chippies.
  13. Excellent you can pay mine too if you're happy with that solution
  14. I wish they did that for me. We did the same thing and they just cancelled our subscription.
  15. By stopping Jobseekers Allowance and other benefits of this ilk
  16. It's where you smoke that's the issue. I agree you have a right to kill yourself with cigs if you wish but don't do it in public where I have to share your fate (by public I mean, bars, clubs, pubs, restaurants and work environments, shops etc). If it's outdoors, in the open not a confined space I couldn't give a flying....
  17. Which part do you disagree with exactly?
  18. I am fine with the banning of smoking in pubs and eating places because people shouldn't have to work in a smokey environment nor should people who are out for a good laugh have to endure second hand smoke. However banning it outside would be extreme. If people want to kill themselves with cigarettes and smoke outdoors then I have no issues with that. It's their choice IMO.
  19. staffy's don't bark generally at the door knock but they do bite strangers
  20. Well i'm not gonna change my habits and remove my "home" saved data because some scrote wants to nick my SatNav. I just don't leave it in the car.... ever. Best to be warned though I guess... so cheers Although, how to they know someone else isn't in the house at the time or even a very large nasty dog
  21. You can't edit them unless you have the password but you can still copy the text.
  22. Adobe Acrobat Professional can edit PDFs and select text easily too.
  23. Without adverts there would be no ITV, C4 or C5. You be stuck with BBC TV and with them having a monopoly you'd be paying more for your TV licence too. Similarly with the net, you can't have everything for free. I agree pop ups are seriously annoying on website but without adverts on main sites such as google and what not they wouldn't exist, then what would you do? Use Yahoo? Same again, no ads no Yahoo. For the fraction of a second you notice them does it make that much difference to you... really? Without adverts (whether you like it or not) you wouldn't know where to go for your everyday products and those big things which are once in a blue moon. How would you use kelkoo to find the lowest price without adverts? There would be no ebay without adverts as this place is just one big mass of adverts disguised as "auctions". I personally don't mind ads and cleverly done ones which are well thought out will normally make me retain the information for a later date.
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