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  1. Knowing Cameron - He does not wish it to be known he made a folly appointing Hague as FS and will have sacked him and ordered him to put it out that he has resigned. Several week ago Hague wanted to finance the rebels in Syria and Cameron agreed with him. We are now spending £millions protecting ourselves from the same people and many of them are 'British subjects'.
  2. It was a mistake to appoint him in the first place. There has been talk about Keegan replacing him, and he is the biggest quitter in the business.
  3. Easy group for England. Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have no chance and Ireland will struggle.
  4. Millwall, but only because I had a financial interest in them.
  5. Like I have said before. Not convinced until he is in a ring. He has started attending shows again though so perhaps that is a sign that he intends to return. The problem is who is going to train him? What weight would he compete at? Can't see him making Feather or even Super Feather. I'm don't think he is big enough to be effective at any higher weights on the world stage.
  6. You are right. Only Bonecrussher Smith laid him out properly. The other stoppages were with Bruno against the ropes been pummelled. Jumbo Cummings nailed Bruno and he was totally gone. He was saved by the bell and carried back to his corner, only to recover and comeback to win.
  7. He has certainly not done his career in football management any good.
  8. That's fair enough, it's just that Tyson never actually beat any great fighters who were in their prime, so I don't believe that warrants him in any all time list. He is remembered for quitting in numerous fights when things weren't going his way.
  9. Williams is a very lazy fighter. Lets hope he comes in under 270. His best chance IMO is to put Harrison under pressure from the off. I think that Harrison will play it safe and jab Williams for the duration with the occasional left cross and take it on a UD. As for Skelton. He is strong and durable but as soon as he comes up against anyone with a decent skill level then he will be in trouble.
  10. Ali may have been the best heavy that ever lived along with Joe Louis but I can't place him as the best boxer that ever lived. He is one of the best but there are too many other names around who I hold in higher esteem, such as: Harry Greb Willie Pep Benny Leonard Ray Robinson Sam Langford Archie Moore Jimmy Wilde
  11. Unfortunately I don't see Tyson been able to beat Ali. Tyson has demonstrated time and time again that he never had the mental strength to deal with boxers who weren't imtimated by him. As exciting and good Tyson was to watch, he doesn't even make it into my top ten all time heavies. Muhammad Ali 2. Joe Louis 3. George Foreman 4. Larry Holmes 5. Gene Tunney 6. Rocky Marciano 7. Evander Holyfield 8. Joe Frazier 9. Sonny Liston 10. Jersey Joe Walcott
  12. There used to be the night club Climax but I think that might have closed. Other than that there are a few pubs scattered around. Some of them are ok.
  13. I last went about 20 years ago and it was horrible. It was like a ghost town with nothing to do and the beach was shocking. Glad to hear it's improving.
  14. How much does tha average women spend at the hairdressers?
  15. As I said elsewhere on this board. I think he is out of his depth. He has never managed a big club. He is the type of manager who saves teams from relegation, not wins trophies. If they lose to Rangers at the end of the month then I don't think it will be long before he is out.
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