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  1. This is the mission where you have to do Snake's community service, chase the bin lorry, collect the 30 trashcans and make it back to the DMV in under 4 minutes, isn't it? I've stuck on exactly the same level! I wonder if there's a shortcut to get from that part of the city back to the DMV, because that's the only way it will be physically possible... doing every step correctly, I only have about 30 seconds to make it back to the DMV, which can't be done by normal methods. I know that if you fail the mission enough times, the game will allow you to skip that part I do hate that game at times, because as soon as you complete one task, you have another two or three tasks to complete, before you can finish the mission and save the game. And if you mess up on one task, you lose so much time that you usually have to start the mission from the beginning again No doubt the programmers though this would make the game more 'addictive' but I usually end up switching it off through frustration and playing something else.
  2. The Acron Electron was by far the best. It had a professional quality keyboard (pah, Spectrum, Press J to Load, how logical )
  3. And what's Iraq at the moment? A utopia? The occupation isn't helping the situation. US and British soliders are being killed on an increasingly regular basis; they will retaliate in the way armies do; the insurgents will respond; and more Iraqi civilians will die in the process. Ad infinitum
  4. Thank you Pingpang. I was going to respond to Jimbob1989 but you saved me the trouble. Seriously, Saddam was at his most vicious and cruel when he was an ally of the West. Or does everybody conveniently forget that
  5. I blame the shayt noise that passes for modern music. Even scantily-clad girls vigourously shaking their, ahem, assets aren't enough to appeal to the Lowest Common Denominator and save TOTP (... so I've been told) Seriously, TOTP was great in the mid-80s, 'cos the music was. Then those girly-boys Bros entered the charts in the late 1980s, and music has been paying a high price for their success ever since
  6. Errr...why do you think most Iraqis want foreign troops to leave? They want their country back. What do you think the Iraqi people want? Lower taxes and a shorter working week?
  7. If you're that serious about the subject, perhaps you should join Greenpeace, travel to the Far East and protest to the Japanese government (just make sure that the Korean missile doesn't land on you )
  8. But they make the most reliable cars, and the best home electronics Hey, I wonder if Microsoft will support a boyccott, if only to prevent the PlayStation 3 from being sold over here
  9. I understand that you have a military background, so will have strong thoughts on the matter, but weren't this 'lefty PC brigade' you speak of against the war in the first place? Hardly an example of our own government bowing to them. Do we have an exit strategy yet? Is that the fault of the 'lefty PC brigade' too?
  10. Err... I though they were doing that already? (Abu Ghraib springs to mind, and those torture flights). I would've thought if it was a wake up call for anything, it would be time for foreign troops to leave? Granted, that would be a significant embarassment for World Statemen Blair and Bush, so I expect that while the lives of Iraqi civilians and US soliders are cheap, plentiful and expendable, similar events will continue for a while yet. From the article: Relatives of the men have already reacted with grief and anger. Ken MacKenzie, uncle of Kristian Menchaca, said on US television: "Because the US government did not have a plan in place, my nephew has paid for it with his life."
  11. I'm sorry to hear of your experiences. I've found the quality of care to be consistently excellent, on the several occasions I've had to take my boys in, whatever time of day or night! As for parking, on the times I've had to go in the daytime, I always park at the Hallamshire Hospital instead.
  12. I started investigating the three Abrahamic religions when the Jehovah's Witnesses kept banging on my door every Sunday morning
  13. Yeah right And insurance companies exist solely to protect you, the precious customer, from any mishap that might befall you Seriously though... I've not heard that they're only concentrating on 'big money stuff' - by which I assume they'll deal with company takeovers etc, rather than creating an offshore ambulance-chasing team overseas - but I wouldn't be surprised!
  14. Dunno if you've seen 'Black Hawk Down', but in the directors' commentary, Ridley Scott mentions that the disaster suffered by US troops in the Battle of Mogadishu may have contributed to the world not responding to the massacres in Rwanda, just months later.
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