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    Calling all original Forum members

    I just found couple of links to my website coming from this forum and thought I'd do a quick "vanity search" only to find that someone mentioned my name, albeit over a month ago! (Looks like I'm a little behind the times, which isn't surprising since I last posted well over a year ago! ) Anyway, since then I've just been really busy with work, rest and play... . o O ( Maybe I'll try to get on here a little more now things have calmed down a little. )
  2. I'm looking to buy my first house with my girlfriend and just wondered who people have their mortgage with. In particular, I'd be interested in what any recent first time buyers out there have to say. So, who are you with for your Mortgage? Would you recommend them to anyone else? Have you had a nightmare with any particular Bank / Building Society? Thanks for your help!
  3. Tony Ruscoe

    Windows XP Pro

    Not sure how much it is in Staples, but you might want to try and get an OEM version from somewhere like http://www.scan.co.uk - but you may need to buy some hardware at the same time. (Even if you buy a cheap hard drive, it often works out cheaper.) Edit: ... and the same goes for Windows XP Pro too. Tony
  4. Tony Ruscoe

    Outlook Express - Attachments

    Hmmm. From what I remember, it's Outlook will always show any attached images below the email body. I'm not at home right now, so don't have Outlook Express available - but what happens if you send the email in plain text format?
  5. Tony Ruscoe

    Sheffield's Best Kebab House Megathread

    Sounds nasty! I was in there on Friday night for a quiet kebab on my way home. Glad there was no trouble then! Erm, second best actually - Elif's on Ecclesall Road is better (just!)
  6. Tony Ruscoe

    Curry Delivery to Nether Edge

    I know they don't deliver on Friday and Saturday night, and I'm not sure if they'll deliver to Nether Edge, but you might want to try Butler's Balti House: Their menu's online at: http://www.butlersbalti.co.uk I think Butler's has to be one of the best Indian restaurant in Sheffield (if not the best!) and yet so many people still haven't heard of it!
  7. I can recommend Wok This Way! Not near Ecclesall Road really, but they do deliver to there... Wok This Way 394, Fulwood Rd Sheffield South Yorkshire S10 3GD Tel: 0114 230 3008 Try these threads too: Chinese Food Delivery Sheffield Chinese Restaurants/Take Aways
  8. Tony Ruscoe

    Why are our children getting fatter?

    But are those kids fat? Maybe. Maybe not. It depends how often they go out and get exercise. (Don't forget, nobody's saying that all kids get less exercise now than they used to, it's just that many of them don't...)
  9. Tony Ruscoe

    Why are our children getting fatter?

    Absolutely! On the BBC this morning, they were trying to blame it on advertising aimed at kids. Well, I don't know many 3 year olds that go out and do the food shopping! I blame the parents too. I think that young kids in genereal are getting fatter because adults are getting lazier and - trying not to sound too sexist here - women (and men) have better things to do than stay at home making wholesome meals! People in general are working longer hours than ever before, which gives them less time to cook. This means kids get frozen meals, chicken nuggets, burgers, pizzas, etc... rather than some meat and 5 portions of fruit and veg a day. The older kids are staying in playing computer games, going on the Internet, drinking more booze and doing much less exercise than previous generations too. That's what I think.
  10. Tony Ruscoe

    East One noodle bar - West One

    Just thought I'd add that I visited East One for the first time last night and it was absolutely fantastic!!! I had #29 (Chaing Mai Noodles - Ramen noodles in spicy red curry & coconut broth, topped with prawns, chicken & bamboo shoot flavoured with lime leaves and juice). I was really dubious about having soup as a main course, but when I saw the size of the bowl I was pleasantly surprised!!! I'll definitely be going again! :thumbsup:
  11. Tony Ruscoe

    Cubana Restaurant

    If you mean the one on Trippets Lane, I've been. There were quite a few of us (I think it was 20 or so) so we had the set menu. The food was pretty good, but I was still a little bit hungry afterwards. I know that some people don't like tapas though, so it depends what your tastes are. I'd go again if someone else was organising a meal there, but it wouldn't be my first choice...
  12. Tony Ruscoe

    Romantic cosy restaurant in Sheffield?

    Go to BBs and you might see some SheffieldForum regulars, eh Caprise! I also recommend Trattoria Romana on Ecclesall Road.
  13. Tony Ruscoe

    Managed prostitution - a good thing?

    I think the idea of prostitution being licensed (like alchohol) isn't such a bad idea. That way, anyone wishing to open a brothel would need to obtain a license from the government - just as pubs landlords / restaurant owners have to do now.
  14. Tony Ruscoe

    Best Music Video Ever?

    For me, it's gotta be: Michael Jackson - Thriller Guns n' Roses - November Rain
  15. Tony Ruscoe

    Recycling in Broomhill

    There's bottle and paper recycling behind Crookesmoor House on Crookesmoor Road (just past the University's sports centre). It's a short walk, but I think it might be the nearest place. You could also enter your postcode on this site: http://www.onyxsheffield.co.uk/wfacts_sites.asp
  16. Tony Ruscoe

    Opinions on Tapton Estates

    Well... I rented a house on Crookesmoor Road through Tapton Estates with 3 friends in my 3rd year at university. I thought that they were really good. So good, in fact, that I'm now renting through them again now - 4 years later! Whilst at university, we got 2 bottles of wine off them for keeping the place clean and tidy, and we got all our deposits back in full!!! (Unlike many of my friends who went with private landlords.) Before we moved in, the house had quite a bit of work done to it and the builders hadn't really cleaned up. We told Tapton Estates and they got it thoroughly cleaned within a few days. Also, they've recently been very helpful and understand when we enquired about us extending our contract for a period of less than 12 months. (Many agents wouldn't even consider this as an option!) It's true what they say about them only being agents. If a house isn't in good condition, they can't just strike it off their books. Let's face it, most students are willing to live in complete shedholes, so if they struck it off their books, some other agent would just get it on his and he'd get the money. (They are running a business after all!) You'll find that all agents have poorly maintained properties on their books somewhere - so just make sure you view the property and think about it properly before you sign anything. (If you don't, you've only got yourself to blame.) Also, don't just assume that all the agents properties will be the same quality. Tell them that you were wanting somewhere a bit nicer and I'm sure they be honest with you! When you move into any property, be sure to tell the agent about anything you thing isn't up to scratch. We gave Tapton Estates 2 sides of A4 paper listing even the smallest of problems so they knew we had reported them (i.e. really small cracks in windows, scuffed wallpaper, etc...). If you do this, they can't charge you when you move out. Still, I can only go off my experiences. But since they're 4 years apart and I still don't have any complaints, I think I'm justified in saying you should have no problems with them providing you're a good tenant!!!
  17. Tony Ruscoe

    Believe the Truth!

    Has anyone else noticed that the city is being covered with posters, stickers, signs and graffiti all saying stuff like "Believe", "Believe the Truth", "The Truth Is Coming", "God is... [then loads of checkboxes]". Some of these are in very strange / original places too (like stapled to the tree supports in the gardens at the one:eleven / Wards Brewery develepment)! What the hell is that all about? Is it just some religious freak who's lost the plot or is it the work of a much larger cult organisation? Or is it a new band called "Believe" who are just trying to get publicity. (Needless to say, there's plenty people out there - myself included - who thought "Gouranga" was a band who'd taken the time out to fly post every bridge in the country !) Can anyone shed any light on this? Cheers.
  18. Tony Ruscoe

    TFT Monitors

    I'm trying to pluck up the courage to actually part with some of my hard earned cash and buy a TFT monitor. Has anyone on here had any good/bad experiences with them? Ideally I want a 17" but don't want to pay much more than £300. I see Dixons (Boo... Hiss...) has a "Proview" one for under £300 with built in speakers. Now, I'd say that since it's so cheap it's bound to be crap... but does anyone know any different? What's a good but reasonably priced brand for TFT monitors? Has anyone who's got / used one had any problems with dead pixels? This worries me a little as most warranties don't cover them. Thanks Sheffield Forum-ers!
  19. Tony Ruscoe

    Mortgage Advice for First Time Buyers

    See this thread: Can anyone recommend a good solicitor for conveyancing?
  20. Tony Ruscoe

    Jumbo Chinese Buffet

    It's called Jumbo. 0114 275 6044.
  21. Tony Ruscoe

    Stag Do - Where would YOU do it!

    We went to Birmingham for a mate of mine's and had a great time. Went paint balling during the day then went to the many pubs all down one stretch and eventually ended up in Spearmint Rhinos. All good fun!
  22. Tony Ruscoe

    Mortgage Advice for First Time Buyers

    I disagree. For me, it's not the cheapest one which we're going to go for. How helpful and professional the company is could really swing it for me. If I get some useless guy giving me the wrong advise, am I really going to get a mortgage off them? No. If I only get quotes online I wouldn't know anything about the people I'd have to deal with. It's just a personal opinion I guess. If the only thing you're bothered about is price, then stick to the maths and don't see anyone until you have to.
  23. Tony Ruscoe

    Mortgage Advice for First Time Buyers

    You just answered your own question. In order to find out how much they can lend you, they have to do a credit check.
  24. Tony Ruscoe

    BBC Celebdaq

    Threads merged then. I too got bored though...

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