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Police Boxes.

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On 25/04/2024 at 10:32, Padders said:

Who remembers the old police boxes?

Back in the old days there was no mobile phones giving the public the ability to swamp police control rooms with hundreds of calls...

There was a common sense approach to policing, the public didn't report petty non crimes like getting fat on social media...

A copper walked the beat, and was visible, he didn't have to shoot from one job to another like a yo-yo.

He didn't have to write up every single incident on a Computer to cover his backside.

Parents didn't call 999 because their 12 year old kid was "Kicking Off" coppers didn't spend fifty percent of their time dealing with mental health emergencies, or acting as a secondary ambulance.

Bring back the old police boxes.

Indeed, better times..

One outside my old school 1977!


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