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  1. can't wait for a beer in my local get my motorbike out and go for a long ride the "farmyard party" going in shops without a mask
  2. janet lives with one of the lads i know been with him quite a few years,she was married before that to someone else i know, she got 2 kids! well they probably 30's.. her other halfs both bikers,i still see howard and a few lads that went in magnet, little geoff, hawkeye, jacko, i nearly forgot my brother steve (ori)
  3. i spent a bit of time on dryden when i was a lad,had a few mates that lived on there i can remember jack went on the back of his bike a few times.. i still see janet..
  4. i lived down parkwood springs/neepsend til i was about 11 we had a tin bath which was kept at the top of the cellar steps, when we had a bath it was put in front room in front of the coal fire my mum and dad filled it with saucepans of water which where boiled on the oven,i can remember my parents getting in it first then us kids you had to be careful touching the side nearest the fire cos it was hot, the toilet was outside across the yard down a little alley was about a block of 4 at night time if we wanted a pee was a bucket top of stairs..later on we moved up to shirecliffe inside toilet and a bath with taps..luxury
  5. i too went to hillfoot school can't remember wearing a school uniform think we just went in what we had,i later went to chaucer we had to wear a uniform there i can remember my mum taking me somewhere in castle market to get it..i'm a bit younger than you,but i still remember getting in a tin bath in front of fire and outside toilet we lived on parkwood rd which ran across top of farfield rd and hoyland rd only took me 5 mins to walk to school
  6. it ain't half hot mum.. i can just see you walking on the waterside to hillfoot school lol
  7. lewis leathers probably the new shop at the bottom left,your right! can't remember the other one probably before my time.i had a few british bikes but the jap stuff was everywhere and cheap..not so cheap now tho if only we knew..think its strange! how some motorcyles have odd names you do get some odd looks when some one asks you what you got or ride,its a good job i have 'nt got a fat boy or intruder lol
  8. was just reading back through this thread...the mz 150 i picked up about 15 years ago at newark auto jumble i bought it just to put it in garden,had to paint it army green tho...with this lockdown its one of the things i've missed.i liked redgates and beaties the model shop i can remember buying airfix planes and those little tins of paint..lewis leathers on the moor i still got a leather jacket with tassles! just thinking what else i got ,a brass plate off hms ark royal got that in 70's some wrist watches,dandy, beano and other books of interest, i'm still into motorcycles and got a kawasaki meanstreak i could go on..........
  9. these days i seem to collect anything that takes my eye from frogs(not real ones lol) to 50p coins,model motorcycles,t shirts,myth & magic,i could say motorcycles seeing as i've owned about 250, sheds full of junk that will come in handy one day well that's what i keep telling myself i even have a mz as a garden feature don't ask
  10. when i was at school i collected a bit of allsorts,comics,got into motorcycles so collected bike mags brochures had them stuck on my bedroom walls.collected a bit of military stuff bullets, shells, i found a german helmet on parkwood springs which i still got! ..coins and i'm still collecting stuff to this day
  11. there is a andrew hogg in deepcar would be in his late 50's
  12. george the 4th was the pub,i had some good times there as well.i was on the committee of crosside club
  13. kenrey steel stockholders at deepcar..also b& q do do a few
  14. 70's what an era i can remember going to school on my raleigh chopper, going down town saturday my mum worked at hagenbachs on haymarket chips,sausage and beans,maces pet shop,abc cinema sat. morning,yamaha fs1e when i was 16..pippy's pertula oil,marples,wapentake,penthouse,rag week rafts on the river don.. redgates toy shop, lewis leathers,bay city rollers,having a jumper with stars on! my dad having a vauxhall viva yep i could go on too lol
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