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  1. there is a andrew hogg in deepcar would be in his late 50's
  2. george the 4th was the pub,i had some good times there as well.i was on the committee of crosside club
  3. kenrey steel stockholders at deepcar..also b& q do do a few
  4. 70's what an era i can remember going to school on my raleigh chopper, going down town saturday my mum worked at hagenbachs on haymarket chips,sausage and beans,maces pet shop,abc cinema sat. morning,yamaha fs1e when i was 16..pippy's pertula oil,marples,wapentake,penthouse,rag week rafts on the river don.. redgates toy shop, lewis leathers,bay city rollers,having a jumper with stars on! my dad having a vauxhall viva yep i could go on too lol
  5. i can remember it been like 2 schools 1st,2nd,3rd years at halifax rd side and 4th, 5th and 6th forms at wordsworth side! i can remember some of the teachers mr crowe,mr wragg, mr flemming..i can remember the ticket machine where you got tickets for your dinner!
  6. i was there about that time i left in 77
  7. i can remember ian drury saying something to me about it as he went to school with me,spent a lot of time in the malton when i was a kid,cheers retep for the info
  8. did'nt they have one of the pubs on parkwood springs before the malton
  9. i can remember an ian drury lived in one of the pubs,i can also remember there was a well on the bowling green..
  10. phase 2 work will go ahead as planned during the school holidays and manchester road will be closed from midnight on sunday 22 july until sunday 2 september at 5pm ---------- Post added 20-07-2018 at 23:04 ---------- closed at deepcar to water treatment plant
  11. my niece's birthday do,they all going into town for a meal hope they get
  12. i left my sisters at birdwell about 4.45 did'nt think it was that bad the further i got to home,deepcar (stocksbridge) the worse it got
  13. got another letter today from the good people at yorkshire water! phase 1 from monday 19 march they will start to lay the new sewer they'll have two sets of temporary traffic lights along manchester rd.they'll be between our existing treatment works and our new one being built next to ewden clean water treatment works.these lights will move as we progress and will be in place 24 hours a day,7 days a week however,they will be removed every other weekend .......phase 2 we'll need to close manchester rd. for 6 weeks during the school holidays the road will close from saturday 21 july to sunday 2 september.. ---------- Post added 16-03-2018 at 21:57 ---------- whilst the road is closed a clearly signposted diversion will be in place via vaughton hill,a616 stocksbridge bypass,a61 penistone rd,halifax rd,lepping lane,middlewood rd. phase 3.....following the summer holidays, we'll re open the road and return to two way traffic lights until the new pipe is fully installed. we expect to complete the work by christmas!!!!!
  14. the houses are being built by bloor homes on the former brickworks site at deepcar
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