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Scc Wanting Xmas Centre Ideas

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reading the star about SCC wanting ideas to get folk into the city centre,my idea would to be create a big xmas tree maze all lit up with directs of course and floor marked for safety,ideal for familys and maybe a santas post box on the way out,the shops could have adverts in between the trees or a free mini funfair if thats allowed not sure,or a shop window number idea,where you collect tickets from each shop,bet the forum can offer loads of ideas,covid 19 safe though.

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SCC are leaving it a tad late to be organising this? In the west country town I live in, the street lights are up and the big tree in Wellington Square in situ. I visited Sheffield 2019 Christmas time and I was most impressed of the area around Barkers Pool/Fargate.

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After 2 prompts, and some lockdown alcohol, I've decided to have a go.  Please don't be too cruel!


OK - this one would take a collaboration between drama students, that Sheffield First freeview channel that seems to have nothing on whenever I switch to it, the Council, volunteers with vans, and either a large empty building or a construction site.  It would be broadcast on Sheffield First as a series, with repeats at different times for different audiences.


Here goes.  People (or children perhaps?) are trying to build a giant Xmas Tree while keeping safe.  The Covids are trying to infect people and stop them working.  Everybody are wearing masks and washing hands frequently, which chases the Covids off.  Occasionally, somebody is silly, forgets, and taken away and put in hospital by the Covids (but recovers, obviously).  Day after day the tree gets built, slowly.  (Perhaps the  scaffolding from Chapel Walk could be used!).


Where do the Council come in?  Well, their Garden Waste service has been suspended, so they could donate green bags and collectors could collect said garden waste.  The bags are green, so could be the greenery of the tree.  After the series is over and the tree is taken down, the garden waste could be sold for compost as the Council has been doing, or used in parks etc., maybe even auctioned off and sold to Allotment Societies etc. 


Add in celebrity appearances (with them donating money of course!), and it could even be a money maker for charities at this festive+cold period!


Ad to it by all means, laugh at it, but if you pan it, try come up with an alternative!



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17 hours ago, bassett one said:

YES its true and they want the public to send in ideas,it was in the star the other night,tried to send my idea,but it seemed the wrong email address

Absolute Genius , they can say they have consulted and at the same time ensure no one disagrees with them

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