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Electric oven , hard wired or plug

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Or it’s a old wirelex board from the 1970s with fuse wire ....when we had one plug socket per room ...

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Posted (edited)
8 hours ago, Top Cats Hat said:

Not in my house it doesn't, all mains rings are protected at 16 amps. The only 32 amp supplies are to the electric shower and to my garage for power tools.


I definitely wouldn't put an 2.4 kW cooker on a 16 amp downstairs ring with a 1.8 kW deep fat frier. Switch on a 3 kW electric kettle or a toaster and you could be somewhere between 25 and 30 amps.

A ring final circuit should be protected by a 32A MCB or 30A fuse. As already mentioned, yours are likely to be radial circuits.


Best practice is to put fixed appliances over 2kW on dedicated circuits. So the suggestion to replace the cooker outlet with a socket is a good one, if you can terminate the 6mm cable into a socket.

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