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  1. Maybe the recent release of pythons in Graves Park is part of the rat eradication programme.
  2. That's great news that Catherine is in charge there and will sort it out. She managed to eradicate the playing of cricket in Graves Park . She simply appeared and told the cricket team to take their stuff and don't come back.
  3. Ask the purchaser to pay for the refurbishment he or she requests before the work is carried out.
  4. Well , well, well. I do not claim to be clairvoyant but one of the current owners of Cobnar Cottage only went and asked the players of a recent cricket game on the pitch opposite to bat facing in the opposite direction from their house for the whole of the game. Apparently at one recent game the house was peppered by half a dozen cricket balls. Who could imagine that would happen when you buy a house bang opposite a cricket pitch !!!!!!!!
  5. I have a relative who is looking for a small plot or a share of land to keep a single figure number of beehives. Suggestions are welcome please.
  6. Any recommendations for someone who could move a stone pillar , remove part of a stone wall , to widen a drive by around 18inches .
  7. Sheffield FC has started a go fund me page to raise money to buy back the original rules of football. Sheffield FC sold these rules for £ 891,000 I think in 2011. Is Sheffield FC a charity or is it a business? What do the good folk of Sheffield think ?
  8. I would echo the words of bungleboy69. Greystones is a lovely area. Greystones school is good . I would check but my kids went to High Storrs senior school from there. Looking on rightmove you may need to stretch your budget as most properties in that range are terraced and run down to Encliffe Park. Many owners in that area have more than one car and as a result owners often have to find a parking spot on a different street. Recently house prices in Sheffield have gone far in excess of advertised asking prices. I wish you good luck in your search and trust you will join many people who have relocated from the South who love it here. One thing you may not have picked up on is the top end of Greystones is hilly so if you aren't fit now , you will be.
  9. Any recommendations for suppliers of a dairy free birthday cake in sheffield please.
  10. Thanks for that RiffRaff. They most resemble lilies . I will replant and will hopefully watch them blossom .
  11. While repotting and clearing out some old pots I have found 3 bulbs. They are yellow and shaped like pineapple and about the size of a ping-pong ball. Can anyone give me any idea what they might be? Thanks in advance .
  12. Called to Asda at Handsworth , Check out lady informed me that last Saturday one customer bought as many toilet rolls as he could and then proceeded to sell them on in the car park as there were none left in the store. M.y thought was why let people buy that many.
  13. Stuart Fells 07969 436801. He is good and a proper gardener and landscaper.
  14. It is not the bay top nor is it condensation. I am looking for a tradesman recommendation from the helpful people on this forum.
  15. My upstairs bay is letting in water . I cannot identify if it's coming in through the rendering or if the old UPVC windows are faulty and maybe the seals are past their best.. Any advice on tradesmen welcome please.
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