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  1. misspedantic

    Caesars Wicker. Previous building use?

    The AEU working Mens Club was somewhere on Stanley St.
  2. misspedantic

    Looking for a decent Care Home

    Having had experience of 3 elderly relatives living in various care homes over the past few years I would agree with Annie Bynnol's comments. Thankfully 2 of the homes where our relatives lived are now closed. We were happy with the care given to my mum at Cotleigh Care Home. I also wish you good luck in your search .
  3. misspedantic

    new football ground at meadowhead

    Re previous comments from Sport Billy and Slacker I if there is a paid groundsman there , why has the cricket wicket become so poor and is now reliant on volunteers to prepare it? It suggests he is either idle or rubbish. There seems to be an assumption that should Sheffield FC's application proceed it will benefit the cricket section . True there will be a groundsman for the football pitch but will the cricket wicket be looked after. If a G4 artificial football pitch is laid ,( as has been suggested) the maintenance will be entirely different from that of a cricket strip.
  4. misspedantic

    new football ground at meadowhead

    Apology for how I worded previous comment I meant the football pitch element of the Coach and Horses and not the Coach and Horses pub. But then again it's a bit of prime land so if the price was right then Thornbridge Brewery or who ever owns it might sell. If Sheffield FC does move its ground there will be a dramatic turnover loss for the brewery.
  5. misspedantic

    new football ground at meadowhead

    I think it great that Sheffield FC might return to Sheffield. The club has had a few homes over the years and hopefully will find a long term base. Planning has yet to be approved and I wonder if the club will own the whole or part of the sports field. Will the club wish to include its own bar as one of Sheffield FC's 4 directors also owns Thornbridge Brewery? Plans are afoot to sell the existing Coach and Horses site for housing. I wonder if the move to Meadowhead proves to be not so successful or at a later date a more central site becomes available might Sheffield FC want to move again and sell and stick some more houses there of course subject to planning permission. Just saying ; I realise this would never happen. Just food for thought.
  6. misspedantic

    new football ground at meadowhead

    Methinks Sheffield FC is doing a bit of lobbying to show there are already ties with the Transport ground. I think Greenhill Juniors act as a feeder side for Sheffield FC youth teams . Some of the Greenhill junior teams play or did play there.
  7. misspedantic

    new football ground at meadowhead

    Sheffield FC is a limited company. Newspaper reports suggested the sale of the original rules would be used to help fund a return to Sheffield.
  8. misspedantic

    new football ground at meadowhead

    With a return to Sheffield the club would expect crowds to increase. Even if they remain the same the car parks at the front and rear are usually full and the overspill parks a fair old distance up Bowshaw. Sheffield FC are doing very well this season and may well be promoted which again should lead to higher crowds. I think local residents will be definitely affected by parking problems on match days and nights. Looking at an aerial pic of that area there appears to be a deal of fields south of Bochum Parkway that could be used rather than see another local sports ground disappear from use of amateur clubs.
  9. 22 Leyburn Road has been a mosque for many years .
  10. misspedantic

    George Cunningham

    I am unsure about how much or little help it will be to you however there is a Facebook page titled " George Cunningham a very fine gentleman" that is run by his niece Pamela.
  11. misspedantic

    Cross Scythes Totley

    Just been in there. Lovely fish platter and Barnsley Bitter guest beer. We enjoyed it.
  12. While watching famous chef James Martin prepare a meal for a couple of celebrities , one of the celebrities remarked the fish didn't smell. Martin replied fresh fish doesn't smell. Having been a fan of supporting proper markets ,I have recently noticed the fish quality has sometimes been variable when bought from Sheffield market and the fish and the fish stalls reek. I haven't noticed that same pungent odour from the main supermarket fish counters. What's your experience and maybe comments and advice from any fishmongers.
  13. misspedantic

    Filming in Chelsea Park 2/2/18

    The Virtues. Most of it was filmed last year. Channel 4 Shane Meadows film starring Stephen Graham.
  14. misspedantic

    Cricket bat advice

    if you have found a club to play for they should be having or starting practice nets anytime now. Go along and ask to borrow bats from the existing players or there may be club bats to try. It will give you an idea about what suits you best.
  15. misspedantic

    Fitzwilliam street sheffield

    Gregory and Dench were on Fitzwilliam St. Not sure if it's the right location on there.There is a photo on picture Sheffield.

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