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  1. 22 Leyburn Road has been a mosque for many years .
  2. misspedantic

    George Cunningham

    I am unsure about how much or little help it will be to you however there is a Facebook page titled " George Cunningham a very fine gentleman" that is run by his niece Pamela.
  3. misspedantic

    Cross Scythes Totley

    Just been in there. Lovely fish platter and Barnsley Bitter guest beer. We enjoyed it.
  4. While watching famous chef James Martin prepare a meal for a couple of celebrities , one of the celebrities remarked the fish didn't smell. Martin replied fresh fish doesn't smell. Having been a fan of supporting proper markets ,I have recently noticed the fish quality has sometimes been variable when bought from Sheffield market and the fish and the fish stalls reek. I haven't noticed that same pungent odour from the main supermarket fish counters. What's your experience and maybe comments and advice from any fishmongers.
  5. misspedantic

    Filming in Chelsea Park 2/2/18

    The Virtues. Most of it was filmed last year. Channel 4 Shane Meadows film starring Stephen Graham.
  6. misspedantic

    Cricket bat advice

    if you have found a club to play for they should be having or starting practice nets anytime now. Go along and ask to borrow bats from the existing players or there may be club bats to try. It will give you an idea about what suits you best.
  7. misspedantic

    Fitzwilliam street sheffield

    Gregory and Dench were on Fitzwilliam St. Not sure if it's the right location on there.There is a photo on picture Sheffield.
  8. Any advice welcome re speeds. I usually get between 15 and 20Mbps on my latop via wi-fi. The router and modem are in my loft. My supplier currently boasts a supposed supply of 70Mbps . I appreciate I will not get this via wi-fi. Virgin have emailed that they are upgrading me to 100Mbps . The email also suggests a Netgear Powerline adapter to increase the download speed. Has anyone any experience of powerline 1000+ wifi ?
  9. Any recommendation for a landscape gardener please?
  10. Banner Cross Garage , Murray Road S11. We recently used them to replace a radiator flex on our car. 2 other " motor mechanics" had declined to do the job due to the rust. Banner Cross did a great job .
  11. misspedantic

    Endowment Mortgage payback time

    If the shortfall is £ 30k it must have been a substantial mortgage to have been taken out 25 years ago. There is no tax advantage in endowment mortgages. LAPR Life assurance premium relief was abolished years ago which was a distinct benefit when there was tax relief on the endowment premiums. I trust the life company had sent the couple warning letters of the impending shortfall.
  12. Would love to live there. One problem may be there is a cricket pitch bang opposite so I hope the windows are reinforced as I have seen several balls knocked straight over that wall. It mattered little when the place was derelict .
  13. misspedantic

    Android streaming boxes

    Currently using an Asus notebook and have downloaded Kodi. Wifi download speed is between 10 and 20 mbps. Sick and tired of buffering. I have read that some of latest streaming boxes are using android 6 soon to be 7. I am considering a streaming box ; advice welcome on HD quality and buffering with newer boxes. I have read several reviews and most rate the nvidia box as best but I have no interest in gaming only sport tv and film.
  14. Timer on this double oven intermittently buzzes or disappears during which time the main oven will not work. Fagor now gone out of business so are there any electricians can advise me if it is possible to bypass or eliminate the timer/ clock mechanism. I have seen a replacement timer on line for £ 146.91 excluding fitting .
  15. misspedantic

    Hadfield Electrical Abbeydale Road

    Phone line down. Look at their facebook page. There is a mobile number.

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