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Well done my boy!

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Thanks all. Hes still buzzing about it the down side being its cost me 40 quid for a well done prezzie lol


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Well done Timehs lad, and to my eldest, she got 4 b's, 2 c's and 2 d's

In my day I only got c's and d's lol


Well done to your eldest too mate :)

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Well done to your lad and everyone who has got their results today.

I bet you are bursting with pride !

What are his plans now Timeh ?


Thanks mate, Bursting with pride is right. Hes had a terrible time at school one way or another and to get 6 pass grades is more than i could have hoped. Its not stretching it to say hes an inspiration to me. Hes got a place a college working with cars and hes so excited and in the future ill have a mechanic on tap so im pretty excited too haha :)


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cheers fella


Youre welcome :)

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