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  1. Anyone who saw a programme based upon thye life of Savile would have learned just how devious he was and it seems that he was under suspicion in the late 50`s .From then till the time of his death it looks like he was hidden in plain sight.So much so he kept court with the likes of Thatcher ( who knighted him)and was well in with the Royal family.There apparently was other occasions where Savile escaped prosecution based on the lack of information.It was only after Saviles death in 2011 that a witness came forward with damning infomation.The attack made upon Starmer used the same propaganda that is constantly used by the likes of Johnson and regurgitated by supporters.It is yet another conspiracy theory that has been officially kicked into touch but ignored in order to make a political point.It seems strange that in our alleged democracy where the likes of Ian Blackford is told to leave Parliament for calling Johnson a liar , and yet Johnson the habitual liar is never called out for making such defamatory lies. We live in strange times!
  2. In the early 70`s we came over rom Rotherham to see his free concert in Weston Park.About six years ago my partner and I saw him at the Shiny Sheff.After he had finished I went over for a chat and a drink.I explained where I had first seen him where he thanked me for going then and still seeing him again so many years later.I always remember seeing Bill Wyman( ex Rolling Stones) a couple of years ago who stood at the front and paid tribute to Frank for his music and how he looked after his family rather than chasing fame .Of course the place errupted.Moving to Sheffield was made all that better for seeing him play once more .RIP A real Sheffield legend
  3. The garden will be dug within a week ,then I will nip to the farm for his best manure which is what I really intended to do this year then see what next years growth or lack of would determine if it was to be grassed for the future.Thanks once more for the assistance
  4. Thankd for the advice.I think I will give it another load of well rotted local manure and dig some in and then let some just rot on the surface.I have never had a garden like this to be honest,it really is hard work second guessing what to do next.Oh well back to the drawing board and thanks again for echoing what I felt all along.
  5. I have lived in Rivelin for several years and intended to grow crops which I have done on and of for many years.However the problem that I have is the size of the crops that I have grown. My problem is the onions,carrots and parsnips just have no roots and the actual vedgetable is probably no more than an inch diameter. The onions are slightly bigger than when they were first plantedCourgettes that usually grow fine have done nothing .I have checked the soil and it is neutral.Two years ago I heavily covered the garden with good mannure.I also grow various fruits ( berries and white.red/ blackcurrants) gooseberry,strawberry,blueberry which all seem to do well.But this years I decided to buy baby plants instead of growing from seed.But all crops basically just failed.Any suggestion what I could try would be appreciated.
  6. The guy is playing everyone from constituents,to all Sheffield to the political system. The cynics on this forum thought that when he stated that he was to resign ,it was belated just to keep on the gravy train. He has no intention of leaving due to ill health.Not for the first time has he completed a letter outlining his health issues at which point very little is heard from him as people seem to give him space .He is very clever in employing such delaying tactics to ensure a maximum pay day . His delay in leaving must now prove that this is totally down to maximum financial gain. His family must be so proud of their son and the way that he has , and continues to conduct himself.
  7. He confirmed that he openly lied to his constituents about the extent of his illness.There seems to be very little in the way that he suffered from such illness prior to being elected.If that was the case I would suggest that there is a case against him for taking on a position not giving the extent of his disabilities knowing full well that he would be able to discharge his duties. This all came about just a few months of him taking the position when it was disclosed about comments that he had made in another lifetime.He stated that it was due to the company that he kept and being at a time when it was more acceptable making such mysogenistic comments. Now he maintains that he disclosed to a member of staff that he loved her. But now says this was due to being in a bad place.Yet again he promises to make apologies to her and her family and yet again his apologies to his constituents.As per usual there is a reason or excuse for his actions which he was willing to share with everyone. I am sure that if he has done nothing illegal ,there has to be capability for undertaking his duties which could be persued.Had he undertook this form of action within a local company ,I am sure that his employment would not have lasted 6 months. and quite rightly so.
  8. I must agree totally. I hate any form of bullying but from what Jared has portrayed there is absolutely nothing to suggest that he has been bullied.But he has taken time out to apportion blame for his failure as an MP and for his deteriorating health. He states he had no help,but the question has to be did he ask for any?? Yet again he will be taking more time out to recover from an illness that he will never recover from whilst he is an MP. I feel that his parents have failed him on the run up to his election,and they continue to fail him. Had he been my son I would have been pushing him to resign rather than see his illness play havoc with his life with the potential of having a catastrophic result. Jared,forget about collecting your salary.Pack in now and allow someone to look after the constituents that you have so far failed to help.If you continue as MP for Hallam till the next election.Then it is quite clear that the salary that you are getting under false pretences has a greater influence on you than being able to maintain your own sanity. Come on Jared ,resign and show where your priorities are.............
  9. Well today I spotted my neighbour at the corner of Tofts Lane where it joins Rivelin Valley Road and he was looking at the damage to the Road sign that was ripped from its posts ,and both posts well and truly out of the ground.I am unable to establish the type of vehicle or even which way it was travelling.Over the last two months on different days there has been a big increase in bikes and cars hitting this bend and using it as a slingshot effect for vehicles coming up as well as going down. I will be surprised if we go the entire summer without a fatality .I just hope that the speeding vehicle is the only one affected by any fatality if it happens.
  10. Personally I think the cash should have been given .Afterall had the government of the day completed the task that they are paid for and elected to do then perhaps this scenario would not have happened.
  11. In the scheme of things,an influx of cash to avoid the loss of part of our steel industry is a very small price to pay.Especially in light of the cash lost by the government investing cash in Brexit leave/stay,or even worse Chris Grayling and Prison Service,Ferries and Railways cash that has been lost due to his incompetence.
  12. Over the Easter weekend we will be holding a Craft,Gift and Holistic event at The Mercure Hotel,Catcliffe. Great quality craft with no duplications.If this proves a success we will try booking later in the year .Hopefully it will be all that is good in Showcasing products from this area.All this and Holistic exhibitors as well and NO ADMISSION CHARGE. 10am to 4.30pm.
  13. Once I get onto Rivelin Valley Road at Malin Bridge I usually check how soon a car catches me up after turning off Holme Lane onto RVR,its usually just seconds. Whilst writing this on a Saturday afternoon in the confines of my lounge ,one motor bike and one car has just come out of the bend where Tofts Lane joins RVR that sounded very much like the speed limit had been exceeded by a large amount. From the sound of the bike coming off the bend and breaking at the next bend took about 5 seconds. The Farm plant and Artics that use this road will very soon get busier which always fills me with dread when the weather is good.
  14. "the crime of betraying one's country, especially by attempting to kill or overthrow the sovereign or governmen" I may not be legally trained,but having a quick look at the meaning ,this is just one of the many that I have come across aand I think there is something in it.On other meaning that I have seen it seems that the death penalty is no longer an option,but guilty is LIFE.
  15. In 2015 three 15 years old schoolgirls left this country to join ISIS. One of them is now dead, one apparently was still alive a few weeks ago and this heavily pregnant young lady believes its in the best interest of her baby to come back to the UK.The recording clearly stated that she had seen the decapitated heads in a bin which did not faze her and in my opinion her voice never faltered,no remorse ,nothing. She stated that she had nothing to do with this or anything similar.Obviously sympathy would have dissolved totally had she said she had been involved in any killings . I daresay that she has done what she was told that she had to do over the last few years,she has continued to have babies and now ISIS are on the run the UK looks a good option.Nah,leave her where she is.She made a decision regardless of her age and she got it wrong .Bringing her back would be a costly liability
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