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  1. I don't think any of the tips will be open now
  2. Seeing a young couple with a small child in a queue in Tesco - why would anyone who loves their child put them at risk at a time like this ? And it was during the hour designated for NHS staff so they really should know better.
  3. Just goes to show that some people are incredibly stupid. It will be closed soon but too late for many.
  4. Watch the YouTube piece ( post 927) on the 'Coronavirus' thread and then think again.
  5. Lovely post. I so wish my lovely Mum was still with us - cherish her and tell her how much you love her. That is the best gift you can give her. Best wishes to you all.
  6. Having spent a good few hours in a private hospital locally today with a close relative, I would say that the facility would make an amazing Coronavirus isolation unit. Separate rooms with ensuite facilities. and a small ICU with ventilators . Exactly what is required.
  7. End of an era for this sadly
  8. Thanks for that. Wonder if it's been stolen and not reported ? Might be someones pride and joy ? Plan to put a sign on the windscreen on my way to work in the morning asking passersby for information
  9. I know - I found it all very embarrassing tbh. Whatever happened to 'keep calm and carry on' ? Cases are confirmed but they will all recover most likely and they probably won't be that ill.
  10. There has been a dark coloured 3 door Vauxhall Corsa reg YN02 ZSG parked on the verge at the side of Abbey Lane just above the Ecclesall Wood saw mill entrance now for well over 2 weeks. I have tried reporting it to the police by 101 but have been kept on hold for over 15 minutes. I have tried SYP website but this isn't very user friendly. Does anyone know who it might belong to ?
  11. The Olympic games 2020 is at risk too.
  12. It's the 'look at me, look at me' brigade who think that because they drive a big car they are more important than anyone else. I drive one of the smallest cars available and LOVE it. And do you know what ? It gets me from A to B perfectly adequately and safely every time WITHOUT causing problems or any inconvenience to anyone else. AND I never park on the pavement !
  13. Selfish, thoughtless, pointless. Maybe they aren't able to park snuggly to the kerb and need retraining ?
  14. How do you know this - curious.
  15. Who are 'we' exactly ? Nothing has been obliterated - it's called progress and change - it happens - get over it and drag yourself into the 21st century. Jeez
  16. Do you really 'thinks' that much though ?
  17. Having the courage to open up and acknowledging that you need help has been a massive step forwards for you mate. I genuinely wish you all the best on your journey . SF really can be a good place to be !
  18. But often occasions towards south Brolly
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