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  1. Apparently Harry's wife is pregnant. He will be 69 when the child is born, she will be 51. She had to go to Cyprus for IVF treatment. They must be crackers. An 11 year old kid with a 62 year old mum and an 80 year old dad? There's a reason why you have kids when you're young, as they will find out!
  2. Thatcher did have more about her though. May? The attributes awarded to her by her supporters - durability, refusal to be swayed etc - you could just as easily give to a bag of wet sand. She's a mystery.
  3. Anybody can use the NHS; just turn up at A and E. Yes indeedy. Sweden and Germany both have generous benefits; which is why they are so popular with benefits tourists.
  4. If he wants to go on driving Prince Philip should be given one of those old blue three wheel invalid carriages rather than a Range Rover. He might be a bit more cautious about pulling out in front of people then.
  5. Well I hope they are using imperial spanners for the kidney operations, that's all. Theresa May. I'm not being insulting, but is she all there? There is something about her inability to change course or to respond to external stimuli (being rubbished by the entire world) that is mind bogglingly odd.
  6. The team's not good enough. It was a miracle they stayed up last year, i don't think they willdo it this year. They could have the best manager in the world and he'd struggle with that squad.
  7. Nice to see Look North carrying an extended piece on possible food shortages in the event of a No Deal Brexit last night. On the same day that a government minister was "accidentally" photographed with a piece of paper saying "No deal no food". You'd almost think it was concerted. How dirty can you get though? You know how people go crackers shopping if the shops are shut for even one day, what's that story going to do? Especially when they repeat it, as i'm sure they will. They may protest that they are only warning people not to panic buy, whilst at the same time ensuring that they will panic buy. Disgraceful.
  8. Is this a commercial decision to raise the status of football in the US? It isn't a footballing decision for sure. He was dropped from the national team because old father time had caught up with him, as it does with everyone. Also on TV they said that the FA had "been in touch with Rooney's representatives for the last year".Really?
  9. Why do you think they seem to be so disliked? And is there anywhere in the world that regards them in a more favourable light? Serious questions.
  10. The right to bear arms should not extend to psychopaths or members of a supremacist cult.
  11. Eighth in the league, beaten by West Ham and according to Chris Sutton, playing long ball football like Wimbledon in the 80's. Pogba wants to go and has fallen out with Mourinho. Despite spending shedloads of money their defence still looks wobbly. Where do they go from here?
  12. People may try to influence events (like President Obama openly did with Brexit), but how do you prove that attempting to influence something actually did influence it? It's impossible to prove. The Russians "influencing Brexit" seems particularly ridiculous to me. Older people on the Brexit Riviera of the east coast generally use Facebook for posting pictures of their grandchildren or contacting old friends; the idea that they were avidly hoovering up Russian propaganda? I don't think so.
  13. Speaking to someone who works in mental health, they said that it is not uncommon for someone suffering from some form of psychosis to run away as far as they can, which may explain why someone from Isleworth in Middlesex turns up in the middle of Barnsley. Just speculation I know, but it sounds about right.
  14. So what is the real story? It really does appear like some random mentalist going crackers with a knife rather than a terrorist attack.
  15. It is not "an act of war against our country". If the Russians did try and kill Skripal it is the Russian government trying to knock off a double agent, maybe because they thought he was up to his old tricks. And that is if it was them.
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