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  1. I am a Registered Nurse. I work in the largest hospital in Sheffield. I would love to be able to lockdown at home with my loved ones. But I will be going to work every day and doing my job to the best of my ability. It was my choice 42 years ago to be a nurse but I never expected this situation. I don't expect special treatment - just an appreciation of what all health care professionals will be risking by doing their job every day over the next few months. Not just nurses and doctors but lab techs, porters, domestic and catering staff and clerical workers. No one knows how ill they will be when they get this virus - and most people WILL get this virus as nobody has immunity. It's just a matter of when. Please do as you are asked and STAY AT HOME. It really isn't such a hardship is it ? I won't be posting again Best wishes to you all.
  2. I don't think any of the tips will be open now
  3. It depends what your work is I guess.
  4. Seeing a young couple with a small child in a queue in Tesco - why would anyone who loves their child put them at risk at a time like this ? And it was during the hour designated for NHS staff so they really should know better.
  5. This is a very informative video - not meant to scare but inform
  6. Just goes to show that some people are incredibly stupid. It will be closed soon but too late for many.
  7. But the one thing you WON'T give him is coronavirus. It's tough love and very upsetting but it's really got to happen. It's not forever. Take care everyone.
  8. Watch the YouTube piece ( post 927) on the 'Coronavirus' thread and then think again.
  9. If you haven't already listened to this then do. It should be broadcasted on TV I don't want to alarm anyone further but sometimes shock tactics are the only way ........
  10. As for the absolute idiots who thought it would be a good time to go off to the East Coast to stay in their static caravans ! Beggars belief. Although I guess it takes the pressure off Sheffield hospitals
  11. Lovely post. I so wish my lovely Mum was still with us - cherish her and tell her how much you love her. That is the best gift you can give her. Best wishes to you all.
  12. Having spent a good few hours in a private hospital locally today with a close relative, I would say that the facility would make an amazing Coronavirus isolation unit. Separate rooms with ensuite facilities. and a small ICU with ventilators . Exactly what is required.
  13. Coronavirus is a virus not a bacteria so they are useless The average surgical mask will it be effective for around 15 minutes - after that they become a virus magnet
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