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  1. Daven

    What is a luxury to you?

    A day off work and being able to not wake up with the alarm. Staying in my PJ's all day if I feel like it and watching Midsommer Murders on the box.
  2. Daven

    Most boring film you’ve ever seen.

    The most boring film I ever saw........ Star Wars - the first one. The first and last time I ever fell asleep in the cinema.
  3. Daven

    Bochum Parkway speed limit

    https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@53.3308091,-1.4542367,3a,75y,283.32h,75.96t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1slnqDMOu5ABhi1832-f4KPw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en&authuser=0 This was attached to post 7 - keep up mate.
  4. Daven

    Bochum Parkway speed limit

    Not to mention the safety issues already discussed
  5. Dear God - have you even passed your test ? Time to retake it or do a speed awareness course.You clearly don't have a clue
  6. Daven

    The old Northern General Hospital

    I worked nights on the old wards on the Vickers corridor for many years. I could write a book about the 'odd' things that happened on occasions during the night. I can recall being told about one particular ward where all the pots being stored in a cupboard in the kitchen ended up on the floor in the middle of the night. I believed that the ward had to be exorcised - mainly because staff refused to work on there I can't say I'm a big believer in such things and always try to find a logical reason why something had happened - but sometimes there just wasn't a reason........
  7. Daven

    Labyrinthitis type bug going around?

    To the OP - if you have a unquenchable thirst, dizziness and blurred vision this may be a sign of diabetes. You should see your GP ASAP for a check. Regards.
  8. Daven

    Has Hendersons Relish changed?

    Hendos every time for me - Lee and Perrin's has a fishy aftertaste - very unpleasant 😥
  9. They were often mounted on the kitchen ceiling so that all your clothes smelled of what had been cooked the day before.
  10. Daven

    Hate campaign against a library

    The librarians jobs were going anyway and the libraries were set to close. These volunteers work in the libraries of their own free will and in their own time to stop the libraries closing. What exactly is your point ?
  11. I put small items on the rads but larger items on a clothes horse in the spare room with a dehumidifier next to it. Close the door and they dry in no time. In the summer months I love to hang my washing on the line outside - watching it blowing in the breeze is very therapeutic. Yes - I know I'm strange !
  12. Daven

    Christmas wreaths

    I am looking for a small one for my lovely Mums plot - first Christmas without her. Can anyone help me ?
  13. Daven

    Hate campaign against a library

    Clearly someone with enough time on their hands to volunteer themselves if they feel so strongly about it. Older folk aren't all sweet things - like the elderly man who called someone I know an 'ignorant t**t' in Aldi yesterday evening ! - delightful.
  14. The same can be said for absolutely every Post Office at this time of the year Merry Christmas !

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