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  1. MRSA isn't found just in hospitals - it's to be found everywhere and is brought in by patients and relatives. Just as a heads up with regards to Norovirus - be aware of shopping trolley handles, escalator and staircase handrails and door handles. Not everyone washes their hands after using the toilet and Norovirus spreads very easily from person to person in these ways. Alcohol gels are of no use - soap and water are the best tools to reduce the risk. Also - cases of influenza are on the increase and hospitals are admitting more people with flu related pneumonia. Hospitals are now preparing for another surge over Christmas and into January. It's not too late to get your 'flu jab if you haven't had it already. Stay well guys.
  2. The so called 'risks' of the vaccination pale into insignificance when you consider the possible complications of measles. It's not just a rash - it can cause ear infection, laryngitis, pneumonia and croup, and at the extreme end of the complications (although rare) meningitis, encepahalitis, blindness and even death. Why would you put your child at risk of any of the above - however mild. Can anyone tell me ?
  3. They put on a good show every year - each star is sponsored by a local business. I see them in a morning around 6am on my way to work and they really cheer me up.
  4. Yes he should - absolutely - why ever not. He has admitted he did wrong, he has been tried and found not guilty. Everyone needs to move on - you included mate. It has all been said before - many, many times. Going round and round in circles isn't healthy for anyone.
  5. I'm sure we don't know - care to enlighten us ?
  6. No it doesn't need to be looked at again. Enough time, money and emotion has been spent on this terrible disaster. All the information is available for you to read. All avenues of discussion have been visited and visited again - many, many times. It really is time now to put all of this awfulness to bed. Time for the families of those poor folk who died to get on with their lives. Time for those who have been to hell and back with the justice system and the witch hunts to finally be able to get on with their lives. Time for everyone to never forget and always remember the lessons that have been learned.
  7. SCH hospital didn't want to be part of STH all those years ago. If they contributed in some way to the running of this very useful service then their staff could travel free too.
  8. I totally agree. It really is now time for all of this to be put to bed. Of course I feel nothing but sympathy for those who died but enough is enough now after all these years. Let them rest in peace now.
  9. Very small if you use the same one year on year.
  10. Pavements are for feet not wheels unless they are attached to a pram or wheelchair
  11. Or maybe there had been an incident requiring a police presence.
  12. Hi. As the title states - can anyone recommend a local dressmaker/seamstress who can do alterations to wedding and bridesmaids dresses please ? Thanks in advance.
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