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  1. As with all medical matters - speak to the doctor or surgeon who will be dealing with your care. Don't listen to colleagues, neighbours or friends as every case is different. There won't be a question that they haven't been asked before and they will be happy to explain everything to you - including the risks so they can obtain informed consent. As has been suggested, make a list of everything you want to ask before the consultation. Good luck.
  2. When my lovely Mum was alive and living with Alzheimers disease she had a Continuing Health Care Assessment. Although she couldn't talk, walk, feed or dress herself and needed constant care for all her physical needs she didn't qualify for any health authority funding. We were told that because she was in her 80's, her physical and mental state was caused by the aging process she didn't qualify for any money from them. Health cared funded from the cradle to the grave ? Hefferdust ! We went through the appeal process which was very long and difficult to navigate. We were made to attend a meeting at the building on Prince of Wales Road - 2 of us and around 12 'health care professionals' around a table. It was very stressful and a complete waste of time. The next letter we received after the meeting referred my Mum as 'deceased' which caused us even more distress. Mum has since passed away but the process takes so long - almost as if deliberately so with the hope the applicant will pass away or the family can't handle the upset and stress of it all and give up. Good luck to anyone who has to go through this process. Protecting inheritance has to be dealt with many years in advance well before those who have the assets health starts to fall - likely as not this will be far too late. My advice would be for anyone who has property or significant funds to seek legal advice as soon as they can to ensure that their assets aren't forced to be used to fund care which may be needed very unexpectedly.
  3. As has been stated above, the infection from an acute episode has to be treated and the body has to recover before elective surgery can be considered. If surgery happens too quickly the patient is at risk of sepsis which is a very serious and sometimes fatal condition. The surgeons are right to wait - albeit inconvenient for the patient. They will not be able to give a definite date for surgery as every patient is different and safety for the patient has to be the main consideration.
  4. My apologies. Do you live near Tophouse ?
  5. Good job you're not at 'top 'o hill Pat - you would get blown away !
  6. https://personal.help.royalmail.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5156/~/ive-received-someone-elses-mail It seems as though the postmans advice was correct
  7. It's bound to be 🙄 The clock is stopped to change the chimes to festive ones and apparently ' the money it costs could have been spent on social care' - how ? The clocks chimes aren't changed to festive ones and the Council is accused of not contributing to the festivities in the City Centre. Can't win can they ?
  8. They shouldn't have been given the option. GP's don't provide a good service working regular hours Mon - Fri.
  9. I have been a fan of Gavin and Stacey for many years and looked forward to this new episode. I wasn't disappointed. Still the same humour and I laughed out loud on more than one occasion. The acting is very clever and goes over many peoples heads. The silences and the 'looks' were genius. British humour is unique but has moved on from the predictable humour of Steptoe and Son and Porridge. Some people just 'don't get it' and that's a shame. Just my opinion of course.
  10. Not a deal different to any other UK city really. No underpass or flyover (thank God) - but Sheffield does have a ring road .
  11. The difficulty in getting an appointment to see a GP really is disgusting. Having to jump through hoops to even get to [speak to a health care professional on the phone means that many people just give up and don't see anyone which can have serious implications OR they pitch up at A&E. You can't blame people for seeking help from anywhere when they are desperate for help and advice. As has already been said - it's not a new concept provides a very poor service imo. Pattricia - don't believe everything you read in the Daily Fail .
  12. As an answer to the OP - is our NHS safe ? In the hands of those who work within it most definitely yes. In the hands of this Government - most definitely NOT.
  13. I had a heavy cold 6 weeks ago and I'm still coughing post viral.
  14. St. James Retail Park is very accessible for many by foot - it's not exactly in the middle of nowhere. This is more to do with Christmas approaching and everyone deciding to do their Christmas shopping on the same few days before Christmas. On a regular day at any other time of the year the traffic around that area is acceptable with a little patience and good manners.
  15. NHS advice has been to get vaccinated against 'flu and yet still there are those who either can't be bothered or don't think it will happen to them. Flu is real and can be life threatening. At the very least it will make you feel very unwell and make you bedridden for days. There have been many cases of pneumonia related 'flu - these folk have needed admitting to hospital and a fair number haven't survived and not all of them elderly people. Get your jab !
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