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  1. 4000 staff at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals have received their 'flu jabs in the last 3 days ! Well done everyone ! I think you need to change your GP. That's disgusting.
  2. Daven

    A-Z of Sheffield

    Xray dept at NGH Sorry - actually, it's called diagnostic imaging now 😮
  3. I've had mine - free as I am 'front line' staff. Painless and I worked a 10 hour shift afterwards. Flu has started early this year - several colleagues have had it before the 'flu jab was available at work. Please get yours now !
  4. A job where I can use my nursing registration, knitting and my genealogy skills. Answers on a postcard.........
  5. Feeder -Buck Rogers 'Anyone who sees her, forgets the Mona Lisa'
  6. Where do live now mate ? Just seen - Wales. Oh well........🙄
  7. All hospital wards are essentially mixed sex wards but have different bays for male and female unless it is an acute/ critical care area where males and females are together in the same space for obvious reasons. From my own experience very few people would, when asked, care that they were in a mixed sex environment.
  8. I would be very interested in your reason for believing this to be the case. This happens on a regular basis.
  9. Are you sure of the spelling ? Gillian or Jillian ?
  10. The physical scars will fade quickly - not so the mental ones.
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