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  1. Daven

    Winter Stomach bugs / Norovirus

    I always carry a packet of wipes and a small bottle of alcohol rub with me in my handbag. I've often been the butt of jokes but have swerved the dreaded NV for some time now. Shouldn't have said that........... tempting fate.......🤢
  2. Daven

    Winter Stomach bugs / Norovirus

    Norovirus does the rounds every winter. It's spread by droplet infection - spray from the vomit and faeces. Wash your hands well with soap and water if you are dealing with someone who has the illness. Beware of handrails and door handles in public areas as they are rife with germs of all kinds - especially as there are a surprising number of people who don't wash their hands after using the toilet. The illness is fast and furious and very unpleasant but is usually over and done with in a few days and it can make you feel very washed out for a while afterwards. If you or someone near to you has had the illness avoid visiting hospitals as it spreads quickly with patients on wards being in close proximity and often physically vulnerable.
  3. Daven

    Outdoor PE in cold weather

    I went to Bradfield School at Worrall - high up on Kirk Edge Road back in the 70's We were out doing sport in all weathers on the field and when the weather was really cold we were sent out across the fields on a cross country run while the teacher kept warm inside. I'm not saying that was right but I'm still alive to tell the tale. On the subject of shower and changing facilities - if this is the case, how can schools insist on phys ed. if they don't provide these ? We were trawled off to Stocksbridge baths which were inside but don't think the water was much warmer !
  4. I feel the poster is referring to Claremont Road which runs down one side of RHH - not Claremont Hospital
  5. Daven

    N r bardwell

    My lovely late Dad used to travel across town to go to Bardwells for 'just the thing' he was looking for. ? And he always got it !
  6. I think you will find that the police force was started BECAUSE of crime and the lower classes specifically.
  7. This ^^^^ The first and most logical solution.
  8. What has he been chsrged with ?
  9. Daven

    [A to Z] I haven't ever..

    Given Padders a hug x
  10. Daven

    [A to Z] I haven't ever..

    Entertained someone famous in my home
  11. Just watched it in its entirety. VERY moving. The very old black and white and jerky footage we are all used to seeing is changed into colour footage which could have been filmed yesterday. Very clever and very real.
  12. Good stuff. Glad you have had your flu jab as have I. I hope that this years infection rate isn't as bad as is predicted. Looking at the strain the NHS is under even now with acute admissions I fear that a 'bad 'flu year' may well push it beyond the point of no return. As the OP stated - 'don't die of ignorance'
  13. I really am trying to resist in stating the obvious here:rolleyes:

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