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Moving to Spain but worried about terrorism

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Hi all :wave:


I`m due to move to Spain (Vigo) in a week or 2 after securing a job as an English teacher. Life has been tough for us here over the years and I was looking forward to the move and the fresh start.


However, after the tragic recent events in Tunisia, I`m getting increasingly worried about how safe we may be once we are there. Plus our safety travelling down there as we are going through France on the coach because I will not fly!


Then I read articles and posts on Facebook about how Isis has vowed to take back Spain. This has only added to my worries and really considering staying put.



I read somewhere that the crisis in Calais and Channel Tunnel could well be much more than just refugees but in fact Isis militants posing as such to get in the country. This is just speculation but it has also made me think....what if there is some truth to it?


What would you do? Would you go in my position or stay put?


Any advice or thoughts on the situation would be much appreciated.

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You read the Daily Mail too much, it'll be safe as anything.


Actually I avoid the Daily Mail at all costs :hihi:


I`m such a nervous person anyway in regards to terrorism. I have been known to get of the bus in a area I don't know because a person has been onboard that doesn't seem 100% trustworthy and wait for the next!


Sounds silly but I don't trust anyone these days when I`m out and



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If I could....... I'd definitely go.


Thank you. That helps.

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Spain is as safe as the UK. I would not worry about it. I am off to Cairo for work soon, now thats a place to worry about, but i know whats its like and should be fine!


Thanks :thumbsup:


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If it was true and Isis tried taking over Spain....

What are their chances of achieving that?

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