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  1. I did ask for ADVICE and you did offer it so many thanks to you and you never know a remap could just be the thing it needs Our old MK4 Astra GSI was remapped and had a sports exaust ect... It flew!
  2. Great, thanks for that information. We have been told today that is could possibly be the MAP sensor. The same as a MAF sensor but our car doesn't have one of those. We have bought a MAP and a Lambda sensor and praying to god that it fixes things. We are getting them put in tomorrow. My husband says he really wants to try and fix this car first before buying another. He knows the risks and he knows it may not work but we have got to try. Another thing that was suggested was that the timing was out after the new timing chain was fitted (missing a tooth) or something like that, so that is also getting looked at tomorrow. My mother didn't raise a quitter, I shall fix this car! ---------- Post added 30-01-2016 at 15:37 ---------- Well I wouldn't dream about speaking to someone like that! But then again I guess my "not a proper job" taught me to have more manners than some
  3. I find this very rude! First of all, I have a "proper" professional career. I think a 2 year university degree in media makeup for film, theatre and special effects is far from your average working behind a shop counter! 2nd, This is my husband`s car. ( he is a Courier) He posted the first few posts using my account as he does not have his own. 3rd, We bought it from the car dealers in Grenoside for 695. Far from a Facebook 300 quid un! And lastly, We had a mint new car, lovely home, and a good life before moving to Spain only to be scammed....but that's another story. We came back with nothing, homeless and sleeping in tents. It was bloody hard work building ourselves up from scratch again after all that we lost last year so please before you speak.....think! You don't know anything about us.
  4. I meant the speedometer ---------- Post added 30-01-2016 at 02:17 ---------- Many thanks x
  5. oh dear....that is what I was dreading to hear. If I cut my losses I will lose my job and I cant afford to buy another car ---------- Post added 29-01-2016 at 23:24 ---------- Does anyone know where the MAF sensor can be found? I cant find it anywhere! Seems a Maf gone bad may be the cause of "some" of the problems?
  6. I shall try that in the morning when its light. Thanks very much for your time.
  7. Hi. I seriously need some advise regarding my car. I have spent so much on it and it seems to be getting worse despite that! No garages seem to know either, they might as well just shrug their shoulders. Without my car I cant work so if anyone can help I would be ever so grateful. If you bare with me I will explain from the start....its quite long winded. I bought a Astra sri 53 plate 2.2 petrol. It seemed to be holding back when I put the foot down, kind of like a delay in power. A few days later my car went wrong seriously and long story short It needed a new timing chain. Got the timing chain done but the delay when I put foot down was still there and then the car problems just got more and more, worse and worse! Here is a list of what my poorly car is up to now. slow on acceleration petrol consumption down drinks a lot of oil it judders and shakes sometimes like its going to cut out mid drive MPH gauge jumping all over the place! coolant light on engine management light on ABS light on Abs kicks in when stopping at junctions almost like a skid Rough idle at times, not always We have been told everything from throttle body sensor to incorrect timing of the chain we had fitted. We have tried the pedal test, paperclip test and OBDII diagnostic. It throws up these faults P1514 airflow to TP high P0378 Timing preference P0778 pressure control solenoid b electrical If anyone can help no matter if you are not sure, I would be ever so grateful. I`m going mad here with it all.
  8. How many people would splash out £9000 to travel to the USA of all places knowing full well they have a criminal record and are fully aware how tight their border control is! I had a police caution in my teenage years for something silly and because of that im scared of booking a dream holiday in America in case I`m refused entry! They have only got themselves to blame and only went to the press to play the discriminated muslim card.
  9. Thanks everyone. Good to know and puts my mind at ease a lot.
  10. Thank you everyone for your input. I will go because to be honest there`s nothing left in England for me and it might be the best decision I have ever made. If it turns out now to be I will just come home! As for terrorism...yes its true that I`m petrified but I suppose I cant lock myself away for fear of them. I think its time I grew up and stopped being nervous about everything and start living. I have wasted so much time already. Many thanks people!!
  11. Well that's good to know! I have been imagining all sorts. Massive groups of Isis militants swarming up the coast declaring war and taking over the country!!! Think I have been watching too much Sparticus
  12. Thanks ---------- Post added 09-07-2015 at 10:29 ---------- If it was true and Isis tried taking over Spain.... What are their chances of achieving that?
  13. Actually I avoid the Daily Mail at all costs I`m such a nervous person anyway in regards to terrorism. I have been known to get of the bus in a area I don't know because a person has been onboard that doesn't seem 100% trustworthy and wait for the next! Sounds silly but I don't trust anyone these days when I`m out and about. ---------- Post added 09-07-2015 at 10:11 ---------- Thank you. That helps.
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