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  1. thanks for that, i am driving down there tomorrow, so i will make sure i'm not speeding!
  2. Manchester airport have been charging for quite a while. for dropping off and picking up. made dropping off people easier now though. but most airports do it, Leeds Bradford charge as well and they have been doing it longer than Manchester.
  3. thanks for that, will have a look at there website now!
  4. Scouts are normally sensible as well. but i think teaching people to use them properly and safely is very important and can cut crime and people being idiots with them
  5. do we have a link to this website? i am curious as to what they actually look like? As a collector, I own various historical weapons from ww1 and ww2 and some more modern ones. Are the the blunt type for display only Knuckle dusters are illegal but can be legally owned
  6. do you get your old passport back as well?
  7. Its a weird one as lots of hotels in Dubai have bars in them and serve alcohol. I know you cannot be drunk in public so that might of been the problem? Also i have been to Saudi Arabia and they serve alcohol on flights there as well, but will stop serving once in Saudi airspace
  8. 6 hours a day is nothing, but then again for a 9 year old could be quite bad. on the other hand my parents wouldn't let me play for 6 hours a day on games. But since i am older now and can do what i want i have done like 21 hours before only stooping for food and bathroom breaks.
  9. its illegal to use the blue flashing lights on the road though if you are not in the emergency services
  10. for some bizarre unknown reason i want to know what you did when you quit!
  11. will they leave the stumps? or remove them? if they remove them will they plant new trees? just wondering is all
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